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  1. Lord_Huggington

    Planet Side 2

    I have played the beta a bit, but they only just released an Oceanic server. I think on final release it will be soaking up a lot of my time.
  2. Lord_Huggington

    Guild Wars 2

    Seriously considering giving this one a whirl, but I find MMO's a tad shallow if I dont have a good group of people to play with.
  3. Lord_Huggington

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    Anyone want to meet on a teamspeak or vent server? This game seems a lot more compelling with friends.
  4. Lord_Huggington

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    My ingame name is Hug. I have been having a lot of trouble finding friendlies to team up with.
  5. Lord_Huggington

    The Walking Dead

    I am a big fan of the show, however I think you will enjoy the game whichever camp you are in. Its 25 bucks for 5 episodes, pretty damn good value.
  6. Lord_Huggington

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Battlelog is wonderful in my opinion. Its Origin that is shit.
  7. Lord_Huggington

    Rage or Skyrim

    Both look great, but skyrim is my pick
  8. Lord_Huggington

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I am playing and enjoying it, but I cant wait for vehicles. Add me on Origin if you like: Hug_of_Death
  9. Lord_Huggington

    L.A. Noire

    Finished this one without trouble. I found it very compelling and it had a pretty interesting over arching storyline and I felt it did a very interesting portrayal of the views of life and society back in post WW2 California. Couldn't put it down to be honest.
  10. Lord_Huggington

    "Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation

    Loving the first 3 episodes of this show. I actually watched episode 2 and 3 each twice as I enjoyed them so much. I have never done that with a tv series before, at least not within the same week. The intro to the show is awesome too, it is very creative while giving you a good idea of the massive scope of this foreign world. Sean Bean fits this role perfectly.
  11. Lord_Huggington

    [PC]Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo

    I managed to FIX the error I was having with it saying connection error, please check your network etc. It came down to the fact I had another connection in my network adapters section which it was somehow defaulting to (it was a 3g connection in my case). Deleting it made the problem go away. Only took me 3 days to figure it out. I cant believe no one on any of the forums I looked at had tried this.
  12. Lord_Huggington

    Bloody Good Time

    Been loving this game, I was sad to hear Outerlight is struggling to survive and the royalties of this game are the only chance they will survive. At less than $5USD per unit it seems unlikely unless they get a lot of sales. I highly recommend picking this up if you are even slightly interested.
  13. Lord_Huggington

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Nex you can see the full tech tree in the main menu if you go into the stats sections (its somewhere there)
  14. Lord_Huggington

    Alan Wake PC Officially cancelled

    The title of this thread makes me angry every time I sweep through the forums. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!
  15. Lord_Huggington

    Alan Wake PC Officially cancelled

    I could have said this along with Heavy Rain were my two most anticipated PC Games, but now heavy rain is PS3 only and this is XB360. I am quite disgusted.