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  1. theflyingswan


    http://lego.gizmodo.com/its-official-lego-...-min-1450747132 . .. ...
  2. theflyingswan

    F1 talk about the real races

    TheF1Tweeter: New strategy from Red Bull. Vettel rejoins behind Webber. CUE VERGNE. *Vergne takes Webber out, Vettel through past Webber* Gave me a chuckle. . .. ...
  3. theflyingswan

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    No pic but tickets to LFC v Melbourne Victory at MCG in July. sweeeet. . .. ...
  4. theflyingswan

    Movie Posters

    http://www.allposters.com.au/-st/Movie-posters_c101_.htm . .. ...
  5. theflyingswan

    The big day

    Yep,likewise had to reset,all good now. . .. ...
  6. theflyingswan

    it has to be obama

    Romneys Grand Final moment... 0_o . .. ...
  7. theflyingswan


    mindboggling... . .. ...
  8. theflyingswan

    Hard rubbish rescue of win!

    Awesome score . .. ...
  9. theflyingswan

    Chief, were gonna have to use the cone of silence

    Here's my fave reddit pic currently. :P . .. ...
  10. theflyingswan

    last night in the bedroom

    So I was at a nice restaurant with the wife last night and she spotted a bloke drunk as fuck and she just kept staring at him and shaking her head.. I said "do you know him love? " "yeah" she says,"It's my ex boyfriend,apparently he really hit the booze after we split up 10 years ago,hasn't been sober since...." "fuck me" I say.."Who would have thought someone could celebrate for so long" . .. ...
  11. theflyingswan

    2 x 2 = 3

    I only just noticed there was a new version of Total Recall coming out too.. . .. ...
  12. theflyingswan

    Another Atomic Story Thread!

    I post an unboxing video on youtube from inside the box... . .. ...
  13. theflyingswan

    Michael Bay to rape the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Unsurprisingly they have dropped "Teenage Mutant" from the title and calling it just "Ninja Turtles" now... . .. ...
  14. theflyingswan

    Ethical dilemma BETA PORN

    If nobody wants them and they can't be recycled then your out of luck,just bin them and move on ffs. Or find a betamax player and have a look at them,anything decent on there you can fap away happy in the knowledge that you are saving the planet by not sending them to landfill. . .. ...
  15. theflyingswan

    Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    I have had a Herman Miller Sayle chair for quite a while,it is awesome. HM know chairs :D . .. ...