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    How do you clean your sensor?

    Thanks for all of the advice. I ended up deciding to give it a go. The methods that I choose to use (after the blower) were a sensor brush and then progress to wet cleaning using Sensor Swabs and eclipse. I found that the brush didn't really work that well and I did drag a little bit of lubricant across the sensor (which I was easily able to clean up using 2 sensor swabs). The swabs worked well and I ended up removing all of the original dust spots save 1 spot, however I reviewed my earliest photos and it is actually apparent in them so I'm guessing that its either a manufacturing defect or well engrained dirt either way it’s on the side of the image and not a major concern for me (I'd never noticed it before). On my first go it ended up taking me 4 swabs. I found that after I'd used 1, I was able to dummy practice with it out camera on a different surface to perfect my technique a little bit before moving on to using the others. I found that the swabs didn't dry as quickly as everyone had lead me to believe (I used 2 or 3 drops per swab)...again once I had used the first one I was able to examine this out of the camera. I found overall the job was a little more complicated than the simple swipe one side to the other and back again that some of the videos make out, but not to much worse and I think reading a few reviews of when things had gone wrong for others told me not to panic if things did go a little astray (streaking with the brush). I think that the DIY option was right for me and my camera and I'm happy with the result but I can see that its definitely not suitable for everyone and can appreciate why people recommend sending it to the service centre (I think on first experience it would have definitely been the option to go for cost wise and stress wise, but I hope that as I gain experience the situation will reverse for me). For reference here are the resources that I ended up finding, but its definitely not for the faint hearted: http://www.cleaningdigitalcameras.com/ http://www.sensorinspection.com/manualmethod.html http://www.bythom.com/cleaning.htm http://www.howtogeek.com/162413/how-to-che...as-dslr-sensor/ http://www.prime-junta.net/pont/How_to/a_B...sor.html?page=1 http://photosol.com/videos/# http://photographylife.com/how-to-wet-clea...-than-5-minutes http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2012/05/...ensor-cleaning/ http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/visible-dust.shtml http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/default.asp?newsID=3008 http://www.luminous-landscape.com/forum/in...p?topic=21263.0 http://andyhutchinson.com.au/adventures-in-sensor-cleaning/ http://www.dust-aid.com/Curt_Fargo.html Yarrago PS Sorry for bumping such and old thread, but thought you might be interested to hear my experience. (It took me a while to get the cleaning supplies since they are so expensive in Australia I found them much cheaper to order them from overseas).
  2. I've got dirt/dust on my sensor. So far I've tried blowing it out using an air pump, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference and so am looking at trying some more advanced techniques to get rid of the dirt/dust. I've googled around for a bit to try to find the best technique for cleaning it. It seems that there are a lot of methods and a lot of tools for the job, but I thought I'd try to find some real advice on here before I choose which method and tools to try. Thanks for the advice. Yarrago
  3. Yarrago

    Genisis X's photos

    Lovely work there as always GenisisX. Yarrago
  4. Yarrago

    basketballfreak6's photos

    Lovely photo there and a nice picture to start the year! Yarrago
  5. Yarrago

    Looking for an SLR..

    Any of your friends interested in selling their paperweights basketballfreak6? Yarrago
  6. Fantastic! Nothing else can do that justice, nice find there Genisis X. Yarrago
  7. Yarrago

    adicolor's photo

    I agree the biggest issue was the alignment, then the thing (finger?) in the top right corner. I like your wider shot though, I find basketballfreak6's a little to tight for my liking. But that's just obviously just my personal opinion. Yarrago
  8. Yarrago

    Wedding Photographers

    Sorry I've been so slack with this thread, I've been busy with a few other things. Are there any questions I should be asking photographers to make sure I don't get a douche. I've been looking at some sample shots and I'm really confused as to how to pick someone from the crowd. How do I know that I'm picking someone that is going to perform on the day and doesn't just have a catalogue of best of one offs? As for the RAW question, I really just want to keep the option open for others to edit in the years to come. At this stage we are probably only looking at getting a small collection of prints, but would possibly like some options down the track for more and different prints. What I'm after is someone who is going to do a great job capturing the day and leave us with options down the track. Yarrago
  9. Yarrago

    Some recent naturey snaps

    Yeah cool. I've heard people in other contexts say that polarisers cut through the glare, but it wasn't until your comment and then having a better look at those to photos that I really started to notice the difference. I think I see what you mean where you can see down though the water to the pebbles below in the polarised shot but not in the other because of the diffuse reflection. This is something that I have observed myself (only ever having a P&S) but not really understanding why my photos didn't have the punch of being there, I always it was to do with the dynamic range of the camera not being able to match that of the eye. Thanks again. Yarrago
  10. Yarrago

    Some recent naturey snaps

    Nice work as always Athiril. Newbie question, which of 3 / 4 was closer to the original colour (i.e. the lighting as seen by your eye on the day)? [Disclaimer: I've never messed around with polarisers on cameras hence maybe a silly qn.] Yarrago
  11. Yarrago

    Fun with Macro Diopter

    Yeah not bad at all. Also nice write-up for anyone considering whether this technique is worth while. Yarrago
  12. Yarrago

    Wedding Photographers

    Thanks! Yarrago
  13. Yarrago

    Wedding Photographers

    So I'm getting married next year and I'm currently looking out for a photographer. What I'm really looking out for is someone that will capture the day rather than someone that is going to give me a whole heap of prints / books etc. What I'm really interested in is a disk with all of the digital photos, printing can be done later (sure hopefully we will get some nice prints at the time, but what I want is to be able to use the photos years down the track too). I've done a bit of asking around and it seems to be reasonable to find someone to give you a disk with original rez JPEG's but the copyright and RAW files are much harder to find. Am I asking to much to want the copyright and RAW? After reading the following I thought it was going to be all but impossible (but I have found 1 or 2): Rusty Russell: Professional Photographers and Licensing: Copyright Sucks What should I be looking out for, and what questions should I be asking? Any tips information or otherwise will be useful regardless of how small, because I'm really out of my depth on this one. As always thanks for any and all help :) Yarrago
  14. Yarrago

    Real or Computer animation?

    I know this is a bit off topic for in here, but I came across this similar demo just the other week. Its basically a DIY version of the above, all be it in a somewhat more limited style. http://www.chromeexperiments.com/detail/balldroppings/?f= Yarrago