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  1. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Lost 2 drives out of about 40 in 25 odd years. One was part of a RAID5 array, so no concern there, the other was an 2.5" external USB drive that after about 4-5 years started struggling to read content. I think I lost a few worthless files - videos or music. After running RAID1 for a few years, then RAID5 for a decade the last PC was built without them. These days my total storage requirements are <5TB - While I have about 6-7 computers for different purposes, most of them don't really hold any data of value. Dropbox, and a budget NAS mean that the <1GB of documents and files that are important are easily managed. Extra copies on the NAS and an offsite USB HDD keep the photo collections from special events that do take up about 1TB, that I would prefer not to lose - but that's a post-event sync that's easy to cover off. The rest is able to be reaquired - I don't have any torrent collections to get precious about.- just a ripped CD collection, and some OS & apps to be installed. Yeah, it would take time and be annoying - but that MIGHT happen, where as stressing about data backup. As for my latest RL purchase... Decided to get into console gaming, so with the BF/CM sales: PS4 PRO, Playstation Plus, Spiderman Game, Destiny 2 pack, G29 steering wheel. Also some network gear. An extra network switch (so I can trunk VLANs from the rack to the office - The network now has 5 switches in total), and a GPS so I can run serial/1PPS NTP directly on my gateway and retire the separate Raspberry Pi Stratum 1 NTP server.
  2. stadl

    Did something just happen?

    Hi Doctor Nick Ben! Good to see you post again, and nice to hear the news that the forums will continue. It would be awesome if Atomic found a way to live again as some tech media product it the match is right. But should it stay just the forums, I still appreciate it as something a bit different from other online places.
  3. stadl

    Super to pay for our roads ?...

    Infrastructure investment - as in building roads/rail and then leasing/renting them back to government or users (tolls) in a public/private partnership is will understood. But its also a long game - like most GOOD ethical investing -rather than speculators jumping in and hoping for a capital gain and a get rich quick at other people's expense, this is the national scale equivalent of a mortgage. Never likely to be a stellar return in any given year , but a solid stable return over a long duration. That can make it a good match for superannuation - that's not an investment that people are cashing in next week - investing for a decade or more is viable when saving for your retirement. There's a balancing act though - super funds exist to maximise return for their investors -especially if the person has elected for a high growth/aggressive strategy. But it's probably a better outcome for those people who have relied on cash & govt bonds for their stable return to be pooled into a fund investing in infrastructure. My only other concern, would be imagine the chaos of the share market if all the big institutional investors leave it to just the day traders, hedge funds and brokers to speculate fast cycle on. Those companies boards & CEOs that can temper their stock price obsession now would be hard pressed when every invester is a shark. I guess that means they would end up just like politicians in a 24 hour news cycled with social media -they'll be bouncing around achieving SFA while generating lots of headlines.
  4. It wouldn't stop me going there if the food was ok. I also think the issue is overblown, and the pollies need to pull their neck in a bit. If business has been going down hill since someone drew attaention to the name on social media, then those customers really need to take a look at themselves - a shop they obviously liked and were happy to buy from, they sheepishly started ignoring because it was suddenly 'controversial' - A few might have not realised, and now decided they had a problem with it, but to make a difference, I'd expect there's a bunch of spineless sheep. But I still stand my my position that the name while poor form, but generally inoffensive - doesn't do anything to address domestic violence or even progress the discussion of domestic violence, so a questionable business decision. Back to the Avocado Discussion: I'm also in the 'definitely overrated' camp, Don't mind, in moderation, it in some situations and it's rarely worth the cost these days.
  5. But that's just it - it is a pun, and a pun is a pretty cheap/trivialising form of humour (and I love puns) Good business, and even good attempts to change the world rely on good communications. And good communications needs recognition that your words will not always be interpreted in the best light, or your personal way. You can't act in a self deprecating/dismissive manner then get disappointed that people play along, instead of divining your play on words is not intended to be light-hearted but have some deeper meaning. If it was in the context of a discussion on domestic violence, you can have a reasonable expectation of deeper analysis. When you put it out there in the context of naming a fish & chip shop, it's unrealistic to expect it is given critical thinking. It's part of the whole problem with Political Correctness. PC isn't a bad thing, but expectation that it must be constantly, and relentlessly applied/enforced/measured is focussing on a symptom not the cause, treating symptoms while it can feel good, doesn't in the long run correct the problem. I'm not offended by the name of the shop, I do feel it trivialises the issue, and I think in terms of effective action, it's an own goal. Any minimal awareness campaign gain potentially is less than the negative consequences of saturating the topic in an irrelevant context - risking a lat of audience to shut down - That has a real likelihood of diminishing the response that is appropriate when the topic should be discussed on its own merits. Some might say that is over analysing it - but by the same token - the proposal that the naming is important and needs to be explained means the store owner opened the door to deep analysis being a viable response, even if uncommon. A demonstration of where this has failed in the original owners intent, is we are not discussing how bad DV is - we are discussing the right to trivialise DV experiences or more accurately the right to publicly declare in any context one's DV experiences.
  6. While I agree with TMFP that it's probably bad idea commercially to use a name that needs explaining - it's not passing off/misrepresentation because it is clearly satirical so I can't see any reason for legal objection/blocking by the government organisations. On a community values issue, it can be an issue if the community feels it trivialises violence. While the owner might be ok with it, I would have expected them to have some empathy with others. The whole "Shining a light" argument is valid when you do so in a context/forum for serious discussion and intent to generate action or change views. Not a fan of it in this case. TLDR: IMO Legal, but poor form.
  7. Seems good - I didn't even realise I had left an atomic tab open in the background for several hours this morning. For the last month or so, Atomic browsing was limited to under a few minutes (and definitely not leaving it open in the background) - Any attempt to have the browser tab open for more than 30 seconds resulted in the fan running flat out, and battery life being poor.
  8. stadl

    What's on your mind?

    Don't under estimate the number of 60+ middle class suburban women, and the ease of buying a subscription for a mother's day gift And to be fair, with the 3-4 different titles, all for the same market getting passed around the circles of friends, they probably have more repeat readers of a publication per subscription than almost any other print media - so the advertising success might be better than you think.
  9. stadl

    Very unwell family

    Rough set of conditions there. Hope things work out ok. Yell out if you need help with anything - or just need a distraction for a bit.
  10. I'm with Chaos on this. When I first looked at that syllabus, I saw the date is 2003 and thought, this is guaranteed to be shit. But when you read it from the perspective of learning outcomes (I'm not a qualified trainer, but I have produced enough training packs to comprehend the value of understanding the LOs) it's not so bad. A little dated, hard to make compelling.exciting, but if you focus on the LOs rather than the 'Abouts' the syllabus is a reasonable framework. So you don't need to spend an eternity covering appletalk and IPX/SPX, but they need to know they existed in a timeline/evolution of networking technologies, reached their limits (for commercial or technical reasons) and got passed by. The fundamental architectures of networks, the building blocks - why is a switch better than a hub? why is a hub better than a switch? routing vs bridging etc. All good to know. Duplex/simplex modes, and it's always a good thing if there is 1 less person in the world who can't differentiate baud rate from bit rate - dialup modems might be dead, but radio codecs are not, nor is quantum computing. As for a project, I'd be tempted for build networks using different technolgies/architectures measure and assess - make it relevant, because the performance can be ping times/latency for gaming, or data transfer rates for streaming videos. Understand protocols - then transcode streaming music/video and examine the bandwidth.
  11. stadl

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Really not sure what that would do - That is a question for people with more brains than me.
  12. stadl

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Just consider the back of an envelope calculation for what the ToA difference is for a pair of antennas 30cm apart: 1 nanosecond - and that is for a signal in line with the antennas - so you are measuring angle by comparing differences between 0 and 1ns - needing you need to measure many times faster than 1ns - or downconvert in a phase matched way. Possible, just not simple or cheap
  13. stadl

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    ToA systems are non trivial. The correlation algorithm is a brute force of Multiply-Accumulates that's pretty easy to implement. The issue is what are you performing the analysis on? Raw RF or downconverterd/IF. There are SDRs around these days that will output the I&Q samples of the IF, so that is best. Sample time and rate are a balancing act - bigger sample set (increased by sampling faster or taking more samples - longer capture) will give more data for correlation to reinforce. But you ideally want the Rx and TX stationary during the measurement, so short capture time is desirable. A preference to higher sample rates if you can get there. The best outcome is from adding channels - but every channel is an antenna, phase calibrated feeder, high quality phase aligned receiver an ADC channel, more data bandwidth, and more processing - so more $s and more size/weight & power - TANSTAAFL Triangulation is not going to happen in the DF receiver. That is a higher level tracking function performed by the person or software that extracts multiple Lines of Bearing from different locations. The underlying DF technology is independent of the higher level tracking systems. I've worked on systems (as a hobbyist) combining doppler receivers and small beam antennas being swept. Include your GPS position on a map, and you have a simple but effective mobile vehicle mounted DF system. The 2D plane part is not really an issue. Yes, your Rx Antennas need to be in the same plane - but easily achievable. The Tx antenna, assuming a single antenna, won't make much difference, other than 3dB loss if it's alternate polarisation (horizontal vs vertical). It won't mess with the phase detection/ToA calcs that much.
  14. stadl

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Bearing accuracy will be dependent on a lot of things. The 2 most common ways of configuring/implementing that sort of approach are: 1. Switched antennas and a single receiver - look at 'Doppler RDF kits' for details - I've DFed with the equipment - and got solid bearings to around 10 or 20 deg with 4 antennas on a larger scale (approx λ apart) - But never looked much into the maths/implementation details to understand how it works. 2. Multiple receivers, with time of arrival calculations / beamforming. Antennas need to be rigid (wobble relative to each other = errors), phase matched/calibration on all cabling and synchronised receivers required. My dated and edge experience* was with acquiring the signal with ADCs and processing in the digital domain, but I believe there are also options for analogue mixing of the signals to get a blip. * worked as a software dev on a few Radar and DF systems, in the late 90s - not in signal processing subsystems, but needed to understand the basics of the physics, system design and software concepts. I'm not qualified to answer the details, but have a good generalist/systems engineering view of these sorts of systems to be able to identify the challenges based on past work with a bunch of people far smarter than me.
  15. stadl

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    If 35x20cm is too large, you're going to have a hard time with DF. A mangentic loop antemnna may get the size a little smaller, but best DFing is with the null, which is supposedly counter intuitive for beginners. Without knowing the usecase, I can't say of there are other technologies applicable to your task, that may not even need to use DFing technology.