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  1. stadl

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Not the first time to have a former pollie - Andrew Peacock (former Lib leader) was President of Boeing Australia in the past. Several parts to the company in Australia. The commercial stuff with Qantas etc is run pretty separately from the Defence/Military gear, as it reaches back to different divisions of the US parent. Boeing Defence Australia do the defence systems work, including military platforms. BDA is one of the 6-7 major defence prime* contractors in Australia that generally lead the large air/land/sea projects. BDA is mostly air and some land (at least until ADF tag everything as 'Joint'). The big primes have not historically always been the biggest contractors. ADF pushes a lot of money through domestic services and asset management organisations. The buildings, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, security guards etc all costs a fair chunk of cash same as any large government department. It's only the last few years of recapitalisation of the military with lots of new platforms that the the primes have moved up the $s leader boards again.
  2. stadl

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I work in an engineering industry where projects/contracts run between a few months and many years. Leave options for 1-2 weeks are usually easy to fit in between milestones, or just rely on the team doing fine without you there for a couple of weeks. Big leave options happen when a project ends, the next project is delayed, or doesn't start immediately after the last - and you have enough warning to sort out a decent holiday. In the past I have taken holiday leave for 7 weeks and 14 weeks at a time - each of those was at the end of being full time on a major project that was 2-5 years. These days in a more senior role, I am across multiple projects that overlap and never a full down time, so there is never those sorts of easy gaps, so I make long weekends and occasionally try and work in a 1-2 week break, if you can find that between the critical parts of 4-5 different projects. The company has a forced shutdown for 2 weeks over Christmas-NY and for the last few years I have been able to take that without needing to work through part of it. Not a great time for travel holidays, but it gets stuff done around the house, and is stress free. IMO 2 weeks is too short for a holiday that involves serious travel - the % of time and $s spent travelling to get there and back, and I don't do holidays where i head somewhere I have been before and sit by the pool for 10 days relaxing. Also it takes nearly 2 weeks away to stop waking up thinking 'how great is it i don't have to go to work today', only then do you really get into holiday mode and dive into the experience.
  3. stadl

    Let the Fire works Begin !!

    I don't really get the 'its insensitive' argument that some people have. That's people being offended on behalf of others, and they were probably people who were already anti-fireworks because of pets, public spending or whatever their personal reason for always being a killjoy, they just feel that it's a chance to try and get people onboard by linking their pet hate to a current tragedy. The cash was spent months ago and the event has been booked and planned. cancel it now, and that is wasted, and some people's lose work and income dependent on it going ahead (food stalls, security workers etc) If the area has a fire ban on the day, then by all means, cancel it as a safety concern, but to assume that because some people are having a bad time, everyone must be deprived, is poor form.
  4. stadl

    Trump: The third POTUS ever to be Impeached

    Hardly a given. Next comes the 'trial' requiring a 2/3 majority to convict - A trial with 100 jurors that are partisan elected politicians, and 53% are from the same party as Trump. He isn't going any where in a hurry, and if the biased court acquits him, he'll possibly strengthen his base voters turnout next year.
  5. stadl

    Go Greta, go !!

    I think that is the important thing, and I hope it works. I know it needs to be done, I procrastinate, and wish it could be solved some other way, but I really know that just like paying taxes, saving money, checkups with the doctor/dentist, and being sun smart - Things need to be done, they will hurt or be a PITA - but it's for my own good. My lifestyle will suffer - in ways that compared to the consequences of no action are quite a fair trade - in order to accomplish important things not just for the greater good, but for my good as well in the long term.
  6. stadl

    Mobile phones and drivers

    Will try and find an interesting article from about a month ago. (Was in the local dead tree edition, so might be hard to find) Someone did a study of a bunch of injury/fatality accidents from the last year or two where 'distraction' was a significant factor, and out of about 50 accidents 4 were mobile phone related, and only 1 was related to someone illegally using their phone/texting, the other 3 were legally using hands free. Distracted by kids in the back seat were about double the phone related total. Arguing with the front seat passenger, personal grooming, reading maps, changing the radio* were all in the 3-5 category Daydreaming/thinking about work/whatever made for a crappy day was about half the cause. The study indicated that phones were not that different to many other distractions - so it seems the persecution of it is out of whack with the impact it causes (although we all seem to have stories about near misses or minor accidents caused by someone) However while some things (like emotional distraction and people) are difficult to address, phone handling is pretty easy, so I don't really have a problem with applying pressure to the things that can be practically policed - far better than wasting effort on creating unenforcable laws. * 'Infotainment systems' in modern cars are shite for ergonomics of use while driving compared to care sound systems of old. Touch screens with nil haptic feedback or points of references require your eyes to leave the road and focus on soft buttons and dynamic displays are poor. Voice recognition and steering wheel controls help a lot, but they only cover 80% of interactions - for the rest, it's pretty dangerous to consider operating the infotainment system while the car is in motion.
  7. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    If you have content on SACD in particular which uses a 1 bit 1.5MHz DSD encoding that needs a special DAC. The good SACD players will have that DAC while the receivers, external DACS and cheaper players converted to PCM before playing back through a lower sample rate 16/24/32bit DAC (10-15 years ago, that process may have noticeably changed the content - these days, the conversion and PCM DACs sound fine) While DSD format can be passed across HDMI between the player and receiver, many receivers lack the software/hardware to decode the DSD content so that would be a case for needing the analogue inputs. Thankfully my receiver can decode the formats through HDMI so all is good While SACD is a virtually a dead format for new content, I have a few old favourites - Yes I have Floyd's DSOTM but a particular favourite, is a recording of Bach recorded in a German cathedral that has 4 networked pipe organs - recorded in 4.0 as one organ per channel (they even give you the cathedral floor plan in case you want to rearrange your speakers)
  8. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Never had a HTPC, never will. I have been using computers daily for over 35 years (25 years as a professional engineer) still use computers for some of my hobbies. Music and movies need appliances and no software updates, patches, security concerns, any device that won't let me enjoy media without first applying updates is an anaethema I do have an nvidia shield for netflix youtube etc and barely tolerate that it wants to update every few months (but nearly ditched it in the first week when it wanted to download updates twice) I know I sound like a grumpy bastard, but I have grown to a love-hate relationship with tech. I could happily live in a remote shed and spend my days building things with my hands - provided there was 100M+ fibre-to-the-shed and a Hifi/HT system with a big-arse screen #retirementplans.
  9. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    For the work/headphones use case, I'm not willing to commit any more money, even if I know it will sound better. In the HT environment... the quality improvement would be nice, but I'm not ripping all the content, so it will still be coming off optical media (SACD/DVD-A/BD/CD). A DAC would also only be usable for stereo, and quite a bit of my favourite audio content is 4.0/5.0/5.1. and my new receiver doesn't have 5.1 analogue inputs only stereo. Previously I had a pre-HDMI NAD receiver and used the DACs built into the Oppo BDP95. Last year the NAD died and was unable to be repaired soI got an Anthem MRX520 While it added lots of features (HD formats, ARC, better bass management), it's one limitation for me was no 5.1 analogue input and I was worried the internal DACS would not compete with the older but very nice DACs '95 - but whatever they are (Anthem doesn't state a part only 'Premium 32 bit 768kHz') deliver a beautiful sound. If I decide to start streaming and/or digital storage play back (other than in the car), my plan would have been HDMI to the HT Rx, but your post has made me think that a USB DAC could be an alternative option - however no plans at this stage to remove optical media.
  10. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    PC based audio is not really a thing for me any more. These days it's convenient background buzz to cover the airconditioner at work etc. It's about as lo-fi as car hi-fi and the tunes are more important than the quality when it's just about distraction. I mostly listen to audio from optical media, and use either the player DACs (for the headphones at work) or the receiver DACs (for the Music/HT system at home)
  11. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Gawd no, don't get me interested in audio gear again, I can't afford it. Thankfully all of my audio gear at home and work is currently keeping me happy - The ATH-W5000 + M-Stage combo at work has been going solid for 8 years now. The last month has been crazy with more power tools, 4WD gear, and even a new TV - the bank balance is melted so no pennies left for audio gear - but doing my little bit for keeping the economy moving .
  12. stadl

    Anyone seen Cybes lately ?

    Hey mate, good to hear from you again, and best wishes with working things through.
  13. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    4WD goodies galore over the last month. 2019 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in a stylish dark blue (and some nice features like 360 degree camera system and heated seats.... mmmm warm bum). Recovery gear (straps, shackles, maxtrax, shovel, safety gear) New compressor 120AH AGM battery, box, and Redarc DC-DC Charger 12V oven (because pies, pasties, sausage rolls etc when it's cold out camping are awesome) Tools (because.... excuse to buy tools) Cables, fuses, connectors etc, to wire up the second battery system, and fit my radio. Coming weekends will need to be dry enough to get the cabling installed - Need to build a few mounting brackets, so that was an excuse to buy a small vice-mounted pan-brake folder - more tools! Then (off) road trip!
  14. It can be for any, but I'd be more likely to have it for dinner. Also if you think baked beans & melted cheese is good. Try it with picked jalapenos added - Yum.
  15. stadl

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Yes, the earth/ground is common to both the input and output of the filter. Remember at this stage, it's all still AC, so you have active, neutral and earth. After going through the filter, you still have active, neutral and earth, with 230V AC RMS between active and neutral - neither is connected to earth. But the filter will reduce noise between active<->earth and noise across neutral<->earth What this means, is that if you have an appliance that is never never connected to the mains wiring earth, these filters won't help as much - there is a small amount of filtering across active<->neutral. An earthed appliance does not just mean an appliance with a metal case connected to earth. The protective earth may be present in an internal chassis or PCB - so long as an earth is present, these filters will offer their designed protection. But the give away is that if there is no earth cable on the mains lead (it's a 2 pin/2 wire lead) then there must be no protective earth used in the circuit - which is quite safe for a double insulated device - and in that case, introducing an earth to the device would be dangerous. But using a earthed filter and not connecting the earth would be ok. Reminder, this is still working with dangerous voltages, and if you are not sure of what you are doing and your assembly skills, don't try this.