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  1. stadl

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    According to google, Victorville is a disused USAF base that is now used a a logistics airport, with a aircraft storage lot (and a car storage lot), for mothballed aircraft and standby fleets. Doesn't appear to be a boneyard as much as a parking lot for ex-fleets aircraft - I don't expect they do much cannibalising there. Probably quite handy as a medium term parking place - can't have them filling up valuable real estate at major/regional airports.
  2. stadl

    Terror attack in NZ

    While he is a homicidal person expressing extreme racial hatred, I'd also call it terrorism. He may not be a member of a 'terrorist organisation' or even a 'lone wolf' inspired by one of them. He had a manifesto (not interested in reading it, or about it), as a political message that needed to be expressed through killing. He sent it to politicians and media outlets, that's pretty clearly terrorism in my mind. I get disappointed that the 'Terrorism' also gets thrown around a lot for fringe issues, acts of minor public nuisance, boycots and rallies, it gets belittled and sometimes even passed off as 'that T word' , Such cases are incomparable with this event.
  3. stadl

    just had a cool thought

    I remember reading 5-10 years ago that Rolls Royce had implemented a GPS/mapping aware cruise control and throttle system to assist with driving through the alps etc. It's intent was to know about upcoming hills (up or down) to ensure the right gear was selected early and allow it to smoothly maintain speed - you can't have a rolls lurch as you downshift to get more torque as you start climbing a hill of course.
  4. stadl

    Trust issues not helping me move on.

    Mate, that's a pretty bad run of luck with relationships, and hope it helped to write about it. I'm probably the last person to give relationship advice, but I would say that there's no fixed answers, and you have be comfortable with your choices, so if something is scaring the shit out of you, it's not something you have to force yourself to do. You say 'waiting for it to go pear shaped' is unfair to you and her. I imagine it's no fairer for either of you if you move in together and you're not ready for it. Relationships shouldn't have a script unless you both want it - Its up to you and her if there's any set milestones that should happen, and if there is a schedule.
  5. stadl

    Happy Invasion Day

    How about then instead of celebrating the date the constitution came in to effect, we celebrate the date it was passed into law. July 9th. Maybe not the best weather for BBQs and cricket, but good time of the year for a lamb roast!
  6. stadl

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    The future is here now! But from the recipe that sounds awesome - I prefer the more savoury ham and bacon to the sweet/honey styles, so I'm assuming the coffee would be good like that. Although I'm not sure I have the confidence to try making it myself, without a smoker - it's likely i'd under do it, or dry it out.
  7. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    2008 Lotus Elise SC - it has the Toyota 2ZZ engine with lotus factory supercharger integrated into the intake manifold.
  8. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Really not worried about the economy dropping a little, the car was already very cheap on fuel for a fun car. Performance wise I'm happy if it's no improvement, and it's got the same air-path as the original, just inside the side intake vent (mid-mount engine), so bonnet/fan setup wouldn't change it. With the original snorkel fitted to the old filter box, the original probably was very effective, but the mounting structure meant that it got beaten up every-time you needed to change the filter, and post factor the seal between the snorkel and the filter box was always iffy, so the long term practicality of the snorkel wasn't great. Many people elected to remove it for simplicity and to make changing the filter easier. I'll trust that SSC did their design well enough that it's at worst performance neutral.
  9. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Intake upgrade to replace the factory air filter assembly. Removed this: and replaced it with this: Not really about performance improvement, but I think it weights about .5kg less, and now the time to change an air filter should be about 45 minutes rather than 2+ hours, and require less disturbance of parts. oh, and now you can really hear the supercharger scream, the sound really pops around 3k under throttle, and the whine grows to a howl at 6k, and 8k is insane.
  10. stadl

    Are we ready for war?

    Probably 5 years ago, I would have said it could not happen even though the power of the US/Europe was in decline and China was clearly growing and confident. Nationalism was somewhat fringe and it seemed that communication and information globalisation had largely overcome ideology. I know the pendulum swings and there are cycles of left vs right, but the long term trend has been progressive for generations (slavery, racism, sexism, sexuality, religion etc, are all better in most parts of the world now than they were 100 years ago). But something has happened in the last 5 years, that has allowed ideology to ignore logic and globally available information on both sides. evidence can be dismissed as fake news, and communities seem polarised. In 2010 I could not have expected a right wing government in any western country to simply state hate as fact - instead they needed to discuss, convince, manipulate and deceive in order to allow their populace to support some actions. now those actions are just taken and people told everybody supports this, the objections are fake. Consider 2001-2003 and the political effort expended for going into Iraq for the WMDs. Now considered by most as dodgy intel, but the diplomatic efforts though UN etc, to justify that action took a long time, built on previous conflict that the US considered unresolved from the 90s. During the same decade, 2001-2010 Australia's Immigration policy - Only 5 years after Pauline Hanson was ridiculed for her maiden speech,, and her position though inconceivable to the majority, 2001-2010 demonstrated a transition to make her position basically government policy and the majority accepted it, it flows one way, then ebs back with objections from others. But in 2019, you don't worry about dragging public opinion along for the ride, you have your team, and on ideological grounds (even if you're not sure what the foundations of that ideology are) you yell something out, and declare everything that conflicts with it false.... Russia didn't have anything to do with US elections! Everyone in the UK wants to stay in the EU! Everyone wants drug dealers in the Philippines shot! Only a few old christian fogies are holding us back from gay marriage! The fuckers will probably drag us all to war if it means they can make a buck or stay in power - AND these days they won't even give us the courtesy of calling it rain when they piss on our graves. But I plan to be optimistic, because I'd rather view the world through a positive attitude, and make my bit of it nicer thanks ?
  11. stadl

    The most special people

    Those are some truly deserving Heroes and Superheroes! As for my upgrade, totally unexpected, and possibly the first time anyone has accused me of being able to say anything in so few words. but... if limited to 6: 'Thanks Ben, everyone and especially Mods'
  12. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I bought one of the early Sonic Impact super T amps (basically the budget version repackaged in an aluminium case). It was bought to drive an ancient set of bookshelf speakers hooked up to my keyboard, but one day I tried it in the HT system with the DC-Xs , and was very impressed with what $100 could deliver. 5-8 W was quite enough for most music - although I expect big movies would be wanting.
  13. Why must there be guilt? Why must there be blame apportioned? The lawyers have want you to focus on that so they can apportion payment of costs, rather than society accepting a tragedy and working to avoid it. Call it an act of god, or for those of us who are atheists, perhaps we can feel more at ease with a 'statistical anomaly' Risk management - understanding, assessing, planning and mitigating reduce the chances. There are a bunch of technologies and ethics people who believe that self driving cars will legally require a certification framework. If it's certified, no-one is to blame, and insurance companies have to accept that. Personally, I don't think they have thought throught the commertcial realities of that. People won't pay for the engineering rigor required for every car to be certified to those standards. On averages, I trust computers to drive cars much more than people. Under correct operating circumstances* they never get tired, distracted, drunk/drugged etc, and they have a good reaction time. They will still came across unpredictable configurations and potentially fail to act correctly resulting a a fatality, but I believe the road toll would be at least an order of magnitude lower, and the general productivity of society improved, so it's a net gain. *'correct operating circumstances' is the issue: software/systems that is hacked/cracked, willingly modded, malware etc. Lets face it, we barely can avoid the internet going to hell in a handbasket when it comes to cyber security. I don't trust the car industry to build a secure computing stack. And to be viable they would be locking the car computers and systems down to a level that would make Apple hardware and IOS look like open source nirvana. Build, supply, maintenance of cars, would end up similar to aircraft systems. Expect very slow changes, stifled innovation and excessive costs for all variants, and maintenance costs from licenced service personnel for regular alignment/calibration and safety checks - lets face it, we can't even use an extension lead these days without an electrician tagging it every year. Imaging the requirements for the radars and camera systems to be fitted to a car. It will only work when personal/individual transport is a service - You don't own the car, a company manages a fleet of self-driving ubers or equivalent. and every car is guaranteed to be tested, calibrated, and recertified. The the insurance companies and lawyers will find a way to work. Under that self-driving utopia motoring enthusiasts who want to drive their car will be limited to tracks. And then it all collapses when you realise that people still need to drive cars in country areas, off road, etc, and the model falls over. You can't practically implement both configurations with 80% automated, 20% human driven and expect to get 80% of the gains. And model would depend on achieving all of the gains to justify almost any of the effort. It needs the death of motoring as a hobby. That's 2-3 generations from now with riding in ubers with transport considered a service. Eliminating the joy of driving and replacing it with a utilitarian requirement, at which point you might be able to get to 99$ automated driving and achieve the goals. More-likely in that time (100 years) that you would eliminate personal transport by larger society changes. Lets face it we have only had cars being ubiquitious for 3-4 generations (<100 years) (wow that ended up being a long stream of conciousness)
  14. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Lost 2 drives out of about 40 in 25 odd years. One was part of a RAID5 array, so no concern there, the other was an 2.5" external USB drive that after about 4-5 years started struggling to read content. I think I lost a few worthless files - videos or music. After running RAID1 for a few years, then RAID5 for a decade the last PC was built without them. These days my total storage requirements are <5TB - While I have about 6-7 computers for different purposes, most of them don't really hold any data of value. Dropbox, and a budget NAS mean that the <1GB of documents and files that are important are easily managed. Extra copies on the NAS and an offsite USB HDD keep the photo collections from special events that do take up about 1TB, that I would prefer not to lose - but that's a post-event sync that's easy to cover off. The rest is able to be reaquired - I don't have any torrent collections to get precious about.- just a ripped CD collection, and some OS & apps to be installed. Yeah, it would take time and be annoying - but that MIGHT happen, where as stressing about data backup. As for my latest RL purchase... Decided to get into console gaming, so with the BF/CM sales: PS4 PRO, Playstation Plus, Spiderman Game, Destiny 2 pack, G29 steering wheel. Also some network gear. An extra network switch (so I can trunk VLANs from the rack to the office - The network now has 5 switches in total), and a GPS so I can run serial/1PPS NTP directly on my gateway and retire the separate Raspberry Pi Stratum 1 NTP server.
  15. stadl

    Did something just happen?

    Hi Doctor Nick Ben! Good to see you post again, and nice to hear the news that the forums will continue. It would be awesome if Atomic found a way to live again as some tech media product it the match is right. But should it stay just the forums, I still appreciate it as something a bit different from other online places.