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  1. The people I knew who use that rule of thumb, applied it to what they received - If they went through any agency or placement that was additional to what they saw. It may be one of those industry culture things. In engineering some people contract through agencies, but a lot of contractors go direct to the employers on short term work. I know a few people who grouped together to form a shell companies that are basically contractor coops and they manage the ABN and billing processes that some employers desire, but don't exist to take a serious profit, as the shell company is owned by the people they place.
  2. I work in Software/Systems Engineering rather than IT - Similar in some respects vastly different in others - especially it seems in terms of the corporate cultures. I had always figured I would work contract at some time. Just never really happened - instead I've been working for the same company for 20 years now (hmm, checking the date... I actually won't hit that milestone for another 1.5 hours) I've worked with contractors that come do their 8 hours/day diligently yet detached and contractors that are indistinguishable from employed staff in terms of participation, unpaid overtime etc and dedication to the success and outcomes. i don't know if it still stands, but the rule of thumb in the past was typically to have an hourly rate equal to local base full-time employed annual salary/1000 - in order to cater for lost super, leave, and down time between contracts. So someone who would work for a salary of $100k/year would contract at $100/hour - or $800/day. Not sure if that is still the case, but it would be easy to see the rates you are talking about being achievable for many senior or executive roles. That was the rate for a short term contract 1-2 year fixed term contracts are normal full time rate.
  3. stadl

    Do own many things that others wouldn't?

    Most of my gear is mass produced store bought stuff with little identity, and attempting to change that. I have a number of more defined items that were bought but are hand made and/or customised. Some of my furniture was made by me (or my dad), and I am progressively replacing all the mass produced photo prints around the house with originals paintings or personal photos.
  4. No Probs. Let me know if you need a had with anything when you get here.
  5. stadl

    Any car gurus around?

    A couple of thoughts... Some immobilisers work by killing the electric fuel pump. The alarm/immobiliser might need to learn the codes and sync up with the remote. Sometimes it can take 30-60 minutes to with the car unlocked and then a self-correction mode kicks in - they assume a thief will not wait around the car that long. Otherwise some of the euros have complicated code relearn procedures in the manual to sync the key and car - it might need to have the key in the ignition - if it still has one of those. If it was starting and then cutting out, I would also suggest looking at drive by wire throttle calibration - my Subaru when the battery is flat/disconnected for more than 30 minutes, loses the cal tables, and need to be retrained or it stalls unrelentingly.
  6. Hey Chris, Sorry to hear it's been a bad time, but hope the optimism and good luck kicks in and things start improving. The health things are sort of things you end up having to accept and take the hit, but when people dick you around, it's hard to believe in the world sometimes. Happy to catch up for a beer and chat when you arrive in Adelaide - assuming I can get to spend a few weeks at home myself (between work travel to Amberley, Darwin, Knoxville and Redondo Beach).
  7. stadl

    Where does everybody live these days?

    I'm one of those excessively migratory people. In the 17 years I have been on atomic, I have moved house - 2.5km from where I was living in, and while I still work for the same company, but they moved office - 500m.
  8. stadl

    Life gallops on

    Welcome back. And a nice story about generations, even those passing but leaving another 4 generations to remember them.
  9. stadl

    Amazon Blocks Australia

    Given most of my amazon purchases were for things not available in Australia, and that their AU store has a poor range relatively speaking, I can't see myself using my amazon account much these days. I wonder if amazon will survive in Australia after this decision - they had the capacity to be THE portal for bringing a globe of independent retailers to Australian customers with a integrated and trusted payment and shipping system. They could have made their way of collecting GST the benchmark for many people, and between them and ebay had a duopoly. But they've decided they want to get the other 'Australia Tax' as a profit.
  10. stadl


    At work I park under peppercorn trees. While they make a mess of the car, the nice bit is on a wet day, the spicy smell of peppercorns and broken leaves that land in the air vent intake above the bonnet - like having air freshener in the car every drive home. Bad smells - walking past hairdressers and nail salons in the local westfield.
  11. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Definitely a conspiracy. That and they don't make glasses like they used to. My new pair of single focal glasses only work for distance, All the pairs of single focal glasses I bought when I was younger never had this problem :P On a more legit view, I think it is the move from printed to moulded or etched etched text. Rather than fine text printed on things in a contrasting colour, they now either mould it from the plastic, or they etch it, so the text is just the same colour in matte on gloss..
  12. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Had an opportunity to get a second hand commercial grade cable machine for home strength training.
  13. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Sony XZ1 Moonlight Blue - Looks nice, although calling it blue is an overstatement, it's a tinge off grey, and less bold than I would have liked (coming from a red/orange phone) A significant step up in size from my Z3 compact - beyond what would be expected by 4.6" vs 5.2" screen size specifications.
  14. Professional sport is no longer a 'sport', it's an entertainment industry. When playing sport is a job, your job is being an entertainer. The people paying for it don't do it as a charity, they want something from it: winners, close games, short games, long games, controversy, TV ratings, whatever. And they will use influence to engineer rules and a game that meets those goals. And then, all the money becomes about not playing the sport, but spectating, marketing, commentary etc. Even marking a sporting lifestyle is as much about marketing the beer and chips you consume at home on the couch while watching the sport. After a while it all becomes wrestling.
  15. stadl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Well, after about 13 years, the NAD AV receiver finally failed - dead DSP board, and parts not available. So a trip to the shop and a new Anthem MRX-520 to replace it. Very nice sound, and a quite fancy room calibration system which requires a laptop to crunch the numbers using a calibrated microphone, and upload parameters back to the unit. It even produced a 16 page report full of graphs - and who doesn't like those :) On specs, the power is down a bit when all channels driven (the NAD was a high current beast with a Toroidal transformer that on its own weighed more than most modern amplifiers) so still contemplating adding another power amp to the system to drive the fronts and lighten the load on it. For the quality of the unit and price, it's really not wasted if it just gets used as a processor/preamp, but time will tell - I'm actually impressed with the amplification, but it will need a few heavy movies (eg Interstellar) to be sure. It's probably loud enough, but flat out it doesn't make you run from the room, and the NAD playing ACDC could do that and still have a few more numbers on the volume control. But during trials at home, I noticed one of the Subwoofers had decided to die, so any power amp purchase will be have to wait until I find out the damage on getting the sub repaired.