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  1. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. Far too many legit complaints made to doctors by women are brushed aside as 'business as usual'. It's bogus, dude.
  2. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

    Zoloft (or the PBS equiv)
  3. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

    These meds I'm on for depression/anxiety have a bunch of...*cough*...side effects that relate to downstairs performance. The erectile dysfunction bit I've avoided. Absolutely *no* dimishing of sex-drive (as my browser history will clearly attest). But climaxing takes a fucking age...and I was never quick to begin with. So, there you go. Atomic over-sharing FTW!
  4. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

    Oh...*now* I understand what's going on. I always come last to these things. . . . . . Yup.
  5. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

    I am!? Finally! I'm still not sure what I'm with a chance of/for, but surely it's something nice? Surely?
  6. hectorbustnuts

    All I ever wanted was to be a mod

  7. hectorbustnuts

    What's on your mind?

    "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Mark Twain Lovely sentiment, but mostly horseshit. I loved drawing, and designing. I am a designer and illustrator. I no longer enjoy designing or drawing. It's a catch-22, man. I know there *are* people who love their work, but they're outliers. Few, and far between.
  8. hectorbustnuts

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Oh, man...I fucking *love* that Bandit! The tennis courts next door have an ontacar carpark, and I tear that bastard around there after work until the batteries die. I know it's essentially the Traxxas intro model, but it still gives me a kick every time I take it out!
  9. hectorbustnuts

    Well, well, fucking well.

    This post made me happy. Fuck you, Juggs. ❤
  10. hectorbustnuts

    For our fallen brethren

    Oh, jesus...fuck. I'm so sorry, Plebs. Heartbreaking news. He was always one of the good ones. Rest in peace, Twinny.
  11. hectorbustnuts

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Also, that Gundam kit looks the fucking tits, man! Mine are all in boxes, in the cupboard. Never went down the path of painting/stenciling them, so they're just the raw plastic, with stickers on. I know a few people that go all out on them, though. A mate of mine recently finished this gargantuan project.
  12. hectorbustnuts

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    I've got a mate who's getting his kids into gaming, but he's already got about a gazillion points in Orks and Space Marines. Can't think of anyone that really *needs* any minis, but like I say, if you genuinely want to clean house, I'll happily buy what you feel like offloading. I was painting my tiny, tiny Ork army yesterday (literally 11 boyz, and 5 Nobs). First time I've painted in *years*, and it felt gooooooooood. So, if you've got Orks or Tau, I could definitely bolster my ranks with them. I've kinda drifted from 40K proper, and slid into Kill Team. Smaller armies, smaller games...can get a few rounds in in a single arvo. I do miss a whole room full of terrain, and huge armies facing off...but I haven't got the time/money/patience for it.
  13. hectorbustnuts

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    @Khirareq Ha ha ha ha! I know this dance. You'll chuck it in, get rid of your minis...and you'll regret the move in six months, and start rebuilding your armies again from scratch. I know, because I've been there. If you're intent on getting rid of your stuff, I'll absolutely, happily take them off your hands (DM me here, or on FB), but yeah...be sure you want to get rid of them. I'm actually painting some minis for the first time in forever. Found a small pile of Orks in my box, and needed a change from Marines. Just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to paint another shoulder pad...
  14. hectorbustnuts

    It's time to spill your guts

    I had one alt. 'Raditaion', or some bollocks...rarely used it. I just want to know if Jeff Spicoli was an alt, or a real dude. Man, we had some fun evenings...