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  1. tantryl

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Strikeforce: Dirge is on tomorrow. There's a sad future KO reel headliner of Cormier; HW tournament winner vs Dion Staring; some guy who's never fought for Strikeforce but was available and managed to last 2.5 rounds against Little Nog who was 40lbs lighter than him at the time about 4 years ago. That said, I'd consider putting money on Ed Herman against Jacare - he's paying 3:1 odds and Herman is no pushover. His only legit losses in the last 5 years are to Belcher and Maia. I'd still favour Jacare; he's quicker on the feet and has an excellent defensive ground game and could probably sweep Herman if Herman took him down. But if Herman can trap Jacare against the cage and dirty box and play a shifting levels game (taking him down, letting him get back up then pushing him against the fence, repeat) he could take this one. I'd consider betting against Barnett as he seemed to have some kind of medical issue right before heading to the fight city. If only his opponent wasn't... some other guy that was available. Who hasn't fought in 2.5 years. And has never fought a recognisable name. Ever. But if he can stop Barnett taking him down and Barnett's medical issue slowing him down might help him do that, I wouldn't be shocked if he kicked Barnett's head off... that's a lie. I'd be shocked. Barnett would have to come out there a wreck of a man to lose to this guy. Which, again, he may do. He's not on Zuffa's good side and with Strikeforce going away it's his last chance to show he's worth hiring. So he might walk out there like death warmed up. At 7:1 odds, maybe take a risk on Nandor? If you think Barnett has the black plague, go for it.
  2. tantryl

    2013 Oscar nominations

    Great book and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Ditto. And it's perfect Oscar material. Only an epic WWII/holocaust film would be a more obvious choice.
  3. tantryl

    2013 Oscar nominations

    I've seen none of the "best" films, but Life of Pi will win. Magically beautiful yet tragically poignant? Yeah, that'll do.
  4. tantryl

    Say Goodbye to Productivity -- THE SEQUEL

    I put a cardboard tube on one of my cat's heads last night. She had no idea what to do, so she literally froze in this position for about 20 seconds until I felt bad and took it off.
  5. tantryl

    Crossfitting Atomicans?

    I can't get too down on a bro for using bro. I'm sure I originally used "dude" ironically... then it gradually become nonironical.
  6. tantryl

    the price of my eletricity

    It's ridiculous that this true statement was buried under "practical" advice.
  7. tantryl

    Say Goodbye to Productivity -- THE SEQUEL

    He's chewing his siblings ear!!! Daaaaawwwwww!
  8. tantryl

    Eric Idle sings on Harmontown

    I trimmed it out for ma peeps:
  9. tantryl

    Crossfitting Atomicans?

    Hah. Horse addiction. Aaaaahhhhh.
  10. tantryl

    what will be the best movie of 2013

    Oopsie doodle.
  11. Dan Harmon, comedic creator/writer/producer (Community), has been doing a podcast for about half a year and a live show that the podcast is a recording of for quite a while before that. This podcast will likely to appeal to atomic. It's a nerdy, funny guy spilling his narcissistic guts while slightly (or very) drunk. Early on they start a live D&D campaign DMd by a random dude in the audience (who, miraculously, is pretty damn good). They mostly be funny and only barely play the game while playing, so it doesn't get boring. In almost every episode he freestyle raps about fucking yo momma. In the more recent eps he's been trying to freestyle rap about other things, but lacks the ability to not bring it back around to fuckin' yo momma. Eric Idle schools him. http://harmontown.com/podcast/23 For Dan's attempt at non-rude rap and Eric's appearance start up at 3:43 ish. After Eric's gone he doesn't pop back up. But Patton Oswalt does a good 10-15 minute stretch and Ryan Stiles joins in on the D&D game. NOT for those who don't like rude and crude. Lots of swearing. Lots of gross. Lots of sex stuff.
  12. tantryl

    Crossfitting Atomicans?

    Given my options on what word to use, I'm gonna switch to horse. Mostly because it makes the sentence way funnier. Horse addiction. Heh.
  13. It's an interesting coincidence... but you'd think it'd be a far more widespread problem than a single death if the movie were to blame and terrorist organisations and their sympathisers were cracking down on UN vaccination agents.
  14. tantryl

    time to quit smokin

    Switch to snus for tobacco and budder up for weed. Problem... minimised. *EDIT* Big Steve From England teaches you of Snus: