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  1. BenFraser70

    After market hsf for xeon 603 for a server

    Oh yay. Clicked Add Reply, it didn't work and everything I typed was lost. I guess that'll teach me to use fast reply. Lol. Unless Dell has gone out of their way so that you can only use their own proprietary heatsinks, you should be able to use any old generic heatsink in there. I think socket 603 chips were compatible with socket 604 boards but not vice versa - so they might have the same mounting retention bracket for their heatsinks. Also, that dual core is probably just a single core with hyperthreading. If i remember correctly, socket 603 consisted of the early Foster, Prestonia and Gallatin chips which were based on the early Pentium 4's codenamed Willamette and Northwood. The xeons were limited to a 400mhz front side bus though. Shouldn't be difficult to find a 603/604 (if they're compatible) heatsink on ebay. Last I checked, the 4mb L3 cache Gallatin MP chips at ~3GHz were the best CPUs available for socket 603 and going for less than $50 on ebay too. Just double check compatibilities etc. on Google first before buying anything. EDIT: I just realised I responded to a nearly month-old thread. Sorry.
  2. BenFraser70

    No AGP/PCI locks on P3 overclock

    Hmm. It's currently at 15% overclock/out of spec (38mhz). Will data stored on USB removable media be prone to data corruption also? I think USB hangs off the PCI bus too.. Is there anything I can do other than frequent backups to protect myself?
  3. BenFraser70

    No AGP/PCI locks on P3 overclock

    Unfortunately this board doesn't provide me with locks or even dividers to keep them in spec.
  4. BenFraser70

    No AGP/PCI locks on P3 overclock

    OK I found my answer, the IDE ports run on the PCI bus so they run at the PCI bus speed during overclocking. Now I just have to look into the generally tolerated PCI clocks to not corrupt any hard drives.
  5. Thinking of overclocking a Pentium 3 considerably. I'm thinking of not using any PCI cards. Will an AGP graphics card cause problems? It it FSB 1/2 for 133 and fsb 2/3 for 100mhz? I think AGP is 66mhz stock? What about IDE ports? Worried about corrupting HDDs. Cheers
  6. Hi guys, Yahoo just axed Yahoo Kids and I'm just wondering what other fun websites there are for kids out there? I've got a step-daughter in grade 1 who's just learning to read so I don't think she can follow instructions like "Click here to play" yet - but basic click on a picture to start a game and then point and click or basic arrow key games might be alright for her. She liked minecraft on the xbox so now she's learning to play it on the computer - still getting used to the keyboard to move/mouse to look stuff. I remapped the movemen keys to the arrow keys rather than wsad for her. I created a desktop shortcut to ABC Kids but I'm just looking for other websites for her too. Cartoon sites might be good too. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks guys.
  7. BenFraser70

    Windows 7 style wallpaper slideshow for XP?

    Yeah I saw this one. I thought the 15 minutes minimum was a rather pathetic implementation by the developers. No fade transition means it doesn't meet either or my requirements, but thanks anyway :) Ahh yes, I remember these guys and their interesting applications. I might have a look around on their site, I'll just stop wasting time and install 7 for her if stardock doesn't have any offerings. Thanks guys.
  8. BenFraser70

    Win7 or Win8?

    http://www.classicshell.net/ We use classicshell at work in our terminal sessions on server 2012. Lets you choose between the 98/w2k start menu and XP/7 styles too.
  9. BenFraser70

    Programming in 1985

    Pure awesome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RobotWar Would love to sit down and try this one day. Might need a long weekend assuming a learning curve.
  10. BenFraser70

    New member - Ahoy!

    Sounds like Toowoomba ;)
  11. Hi guys, My step-daughter asked me if she could have her wallpaper fade to other wallpapers she chooses like mine does. Her machine is XP and mine is 7. I spent hours last night on Google looking for software to do this, but I didn't find any with the fade transition and some only let you set the wallpaper change interval in minutes, hours and at log on, not in seconds. Does anybody know of a free program I can install on her computer for her? If I have to I'll just install Windows 7 on it for her, but I'm reluctant due to system resources and my own resources (time). Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. BenFraser70

    List of hotfixes for a Windows OS/Covered by a service pack?

    I'll have a look at those options when I get a chance, Karlm. SP level isn't an issue for the moment. It seems pretty easy to bypass a lot of those checks anyway. Cheers guys
  13. BenFraser70

    Farewell to a Mod

    Thank you for everything you've done here at Atomic, iamthemaxx. Goodbye, sir.
  14. BenFraser70

    Programming in 1985

    This is an excellent point. Similar to video codecs balancing space and processing requirements. Generally a codec that takes up more space requires less processing power to decode and vice versa.
  15. BenFraser70

    New member - Ahoy!

    OCAU is what lured me away from here originally I believe. Got boring. It's too populated and meh for my liking nowadays. Returning to my roots :)