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    GPU for "Cheap quad" build.

    if we want movies spend the bucks on a larger monitor or nice speakers.
  2. dorsal fin

    Summer days and GPU heat

    Nukejockey, thanks man that program is the best diagnostic ive ever seen. the linpac was fine my cpu made it to 65, room temp is 37 so thats not too surprising. here is the winner though... ran the GPU occt and after the one minute idle when the 3d rendered screen pops up instant shutdown. and that happened at cpu 43 gpu 49 sys 46. the card is stuffed. good news, that you can build an intermediate rig with stock cooling and it should be fine on australian summer days. Bad news, at least 4 weeks wait on the warranty, so its a passive 7600gt till then.
  3. dorsal fin

    Summer days and GPU heat

    downloaded evga precision, so i can monitor and underclock the card, also up the fan speed (which is othwise locked to 40) i barely beat 72 degrees and its mostly around 67 under load. this card should perfom beutifully under these teps. it seems the problem is a little more sinister. I put the 9600gt back in and its really stable, so it must be the card. I think it might be worth doing a return on this card. I work retail and hate repair/ return customers, but today it might be me. thanks for the suggestions guys.
  4. Hey wondering if you lovely chaps and lassies can gimme a second opinion here. I run a simple rig with stock cooling: E8400 GA ep35-ds3l 4 gb 800 mhz ram inno3d gtx260 http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/Review/127528,...-overclock.aspx one hard drive wd 640gb all in an antec case with an earthwattes 430 now lately my pc has been cutting out, doing the shutdown and restart while im playing my 3d games, tropico 3, fallout 3, etw etc anything. Do we think its the GPU overheating? its idling at 50 degrees on the desktop, and when i look at the cpu and sys temps i see 38 and 43 respectively. i got the arctic silver out and redid the cpu sink and all seems sweet, i got through all of summer last year with a 9600gt in the same rig and had no probs. but what the doozie is here this problem is getting worse. i can barely play a game for more than 5 min? any chance the heat sink has come away on my gfx card? bad capacitor perhaps? i already looked the mobo over and that looks fine. or could my psu be waining? thnks in advance for any help.
  5. dorsal fin

    A good gaming mouse...?

    Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll settle for the Microsoft, just cos MSY are offering them for a good price, and am getting one on account of one game really (normally i play strategy). Anyway off to the shops...
  6. dorsal fin

    A good gaming mouse...?

    ye me and my bro have already planned a trip to msy tomorrow morning... my real concern is though how accurate the aim is. you say you turn down your dpi for shooters, what im confused about is how do i know which mouse will be smooth and move as per the pixels on the screen and no the large blocks it decides to move by... I'm assuming the sidewinder will perform well then. msy also have a gigabyte m6880 a 1600 dpi laser mouse for only 18 bucks... would that be too much a risk will i get crap for that price?
  7. dorsal fin

    A good gaming mouse...?

    Hi guys, I have been scouring the internet for reviews and explanations of gaming mice and i have not found any simple descriptions of what aims better! I just took advantage of steams half price cod 5 and i am getting really shitty about the fact that my aim jumps... i try and aim up a headshot and the pointer will skip to the other sie of the head. and this is the minimal increment the mouse will move at... My assumption is that getting a higher dpi mouse will solve this, am i correct? and I know a higher dpi is a good thing but is it worth going past 1600 dpi, because i run nearly everything at 1680 by 1050 i have read somewhere that the resolution should be lower than the dpi. So can anyone reccomend something good for the 50 or 60 dollar range?