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    The curtain closes.

    I knew I made some enemies when I use to frequent these forums, and now those arse kissers are mods. Seeing as one of those arse kissers (The Tick) has "officially" warned me that I will be banned via PM, I might as well get this shit over with. So go ahead big guy, ban away. I ain't been here since 2004 anywayz, so your threat of banning me means fuck all really. I won't be crying over this place that's for sure. The net is huge (thank God) Its funny but I have kept in touch with quite a few (banned) ex-atomicans over the years, and there definitely seems to be a pattern. I remember the PMs I'd get from folks who would agree with me on whatever we was discussing/arguing about at the time. But I found it surprising how many of those same folk ended up banned eventually .... Its all so conformist here now. Like minded views, and if you should go against the popular viewpoint your ganged up on by all the little followers throwing their two bobs in for brownie points. When Ben Mansil ran this place it was AWESOME! Don't get me wrong, we had our battles. Oh boy you have no idea the battles I had with Ben :) You might not know this but after ALL that transpired between me and Ben over the years he never once threatened to ban me. My respect and memories of that man are 100% good. He was simply amazing. He'd PM me ....AGAIN! :P and it was never threats, never name calling unlike the PM I just received, he was always controlled, always gave me this sense of bigheartedness and deep down he liked the diversity this place HAD. I do believe he saved my arse from being banned on may occasions. I'll never forget the day Ben PM'd me telling me some big shot from Intel read one of my posts and loved it so much he wanted my home address to send me some gifts for making his day. I think Ben was more shocked than me :P Sure I wasn't the arse kisser most turn out to be. The conformist who plays by the rules. Sure I went against the grain and threw the proverbial spanner in the works. It was never pretty, I gave as good as I got. Name calling, outright mayhem sometimes, but always entertaining and always fun. Well not to the anal retentive it aint fun, actually that shit REALLY gets on their goat. They'd prefer a perfect little world where everyone is a nice little obedient robot. God forbid you ever break the rules, oh no, that shit is frowned upon and will have you banned! What a complete toss. To me anywayz that is how you KILL a place like this. Well not kill as in dead, because ultimately you end up with a little club of all the same folk. Fucking boring if you ask me. I remember when this place would literally go ALL NIGHT! Anyone remember those days? You could log on at 4.am and still find heaps of people here shooting the shit. It was awesome. And yes HIGHLY addictive. Now though so much has changed. And not for the best imho. To those who love it here I guess they've found their own little nirvana, but I remember a much better time. I ain't going to be threatened by a banning of my account because I go against the grain and upset some fucking tosser. You want your own little conformist nirvana you've got it. Might as well ban my arse now and get it over with because I will never stop being me. I am not a conformist. If the rules say stop, I say go, if the rules say fast, I say slow. That's my style. Personally life on a daily basis is so overruled its really quite saddening. Every year more laws, more rules, I gotta be honest for someone like me its bloody ridiculous. But to the conformist robot, the more rules the better I guess. Have society nice and predictable, obediently all towing the line like the good little robots we want. I come online to reek mayhem. You say up, I say down, you say straight, I say round. If that means in my style of things I call you a fag, big fucking deal. Call me one back if it makes you feel any better, but it won't will it? What makes you feel better is forced obedience through threats of banning. That's how you make everyone the same. I see that shit getting bigger and bigger everyday out there in the world. Fun ain't it? I've never threatened to ban anyone (yes I mod elsewhere) and its true, some people OMFG! do they know how to push the right buttons ...but I would never think of pushing THAT button on them. Funnily enough I can spot the conformist there too. The PMs never stop coming from "certain" types because such'n'such is going against the rules. My response is always the same "Just like in real life, you will meet people who piss you off, ignore what they post or confront them about it. You always have the option of leaving if it gets too much and you can't stop yourself reading their posts" Some leave, most don't. But we pretty much (just like in life) let it sort itself out. So I guess this trouble maker is moving on. Not because I'm bored, far from it, in just the little bit I've been back I've managed to get involved in some good topics and had some (slightly) heated exchanges with folk, who I think would be fantastic to do so with in real life. But I really have been presented with two options, obey the rules, or be banned. I choose to be banned. I know me, I won't conform and I certainly will be banned eventually anyway. Unfortunately that's how this place is these days. Have fun ... YA FAGS! :P
  2. So, more of the same, Timbane? Same rubbish opinion, with faked science to back it up? It's basically propaganda, and runs the same econazi bullshit you love to believe. "Oh, it IS be the sun!", problem is that here in the make believe world of doom and gloom, we can measure through numerous trick and lies, the contribution the sun makes. And lets just say no matter what you believe I will always believe that stratospheric cooling isn't a good indicator of a sun heating up the Earth, because I'm an econazi who will defend my beliefs. Of course, you don't really care, because for you evidence is something that proves the world is going to end if we don't tax everyone, nothing more. And anything that shows the opposite, is part of a vast conspiracy run by the econazis earning the big bucks from climate science. You'd think after your last amazing spiel of bullshit , you'd be a bit more careful about what you say, but you've already pointed out that you are happy to rail against anyone who doesn't believe, but not to spend five minutes fact-checking the fake science you use to back your arguments up.
  3. GL0Be

    HD7000 rumors

    REALLY loving this 7970 :) Got it water cooled and temps are sweet! Right now according to Sapphire TRIXX its sitting at a comfortable 32c which is bloody awesome. Haven't benched anything yet, been up all night (came home late Sunday morning, or is that early?) anywayz looking forward to playing with this card. For now, I'm super happy with how cool it operates.
  4. Just home from a wonderful weekend away :) Firstly PM sent to the games player. Comes into a thread, has a go at me, THEN says lets get back on topic, I have a go back and 48 hours? HAHAHAHAHA Found a ripper article for the econazis to read: How green zealots are destroying the planet Pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly.
  5. GL0Be

    Funeral attire.

    Sorry you lost a good mate, rare commodity these days. Black suit, black tie has always been the "norm" I guess. TBH I think what people are wearing is the last thing on peoples minds at a funeral.
  6. That response is about as sad as the pic in your avatar. How about playing the ball and not the man GL0Be or is doing that too "gay" for you? Yeah whatever tick your such a man huh.
  7. GL0Be

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    W00tburgers! Good weekend coming up :)
  8. GL0Be


    Perhaps it's the peado nature of the song and clip, does it make him sweat like a priest in a boys locker room ? I have no idea tbh why he hates it so much. All I know is it pisses him off whenever I get him to watch it. Oh the other thing too is the song stays in his head too, so the annoyance factor is brilliant :)
  9. ROFL you really get off on this shit dont ya?
  10. GL0Be

    Obama caught cheating

    Ellen is a lesbian. She never goes down. Ellen is not a lesbian. She's just sexually challenged.
  11. GL0Be

    Weird experience - post about it on Atomic

    Its sounds to me like the snake tailed soft nose woodpecker. Pretty rare creature too, would be worth a fortune if you caught it.
  12. GL0Be

    Sexual Abuse

    Sounds to me like the daughter is a victim of her mothers neurosis. How sad for both you and your partner. What I can't figure is WHY she is allowing something that happen to her mother effect her? Is she REALLY happy in her relationship with you? I mean is she REALLY happy with herself even? Sounds to me like she isn't. Personally from what you've said, I don't think she's ready to get married. Hell sex is such an important glue of a relationship and already not even married there's problems in the bedroom? You guys should be bonking each other senseless. If it was me, the whole thing would be on hold. I'm not talking about just the marriage, I'm talking about the entire relationship as far as being partners is concerned. You asked for advice/opinions and if it was ME in this situation I would call the whole thing off (as far as boyfriend/girlfriend goes) until she gets her head sorted out. Though that sounds harsh, I will add I'm not talking about walking away from her like "its your problem, you deal with it" I'm talking about just going back to friendship together. You both love each other, then slow the fuck down. If you love her, take away ALL the pressure of marriage, partnership, all the rest of it and just be her friend. It sounds like she's stressed out by tit all, and to add insult to injury, she's got a man to tend too. Tend to his needs, and by the sounds of it, she's having a shit of a time dealing with that. I would take that completely out of the picture by terminating the physical relationship entirely. Just go back to being friends. IF you are meant to be together, then nothing will stop you from getting married later on. If anything, it may even bring you closer together. You can work through this together, be her friend through it all. But to me anyway, I don't think she should be in a relationship at all with the problems you've described.
  13. I aint wound up mate, people will judge me from what I write on an internet forum like they know me, which is fine by me ;) Actually people keep posting up some wiki page about poes law in reply to my comments, whatever thats about? :P As for Mr Tim (I know everything) Bane ... Do you believe everything you read? Just because the Herald-Sun SAYS the article is about the aging grid, does that mean its fact. Look at it closely dude. Its the POWER COMPANIES saying that is why prices are rising. But is it? I mean is that just the excuse they are using to gouge more profit from the Australian public? Or maybe even gouge more profit because of new policy effecting their bottom line? Do you really believe the companies reasoning behind the price rises? Oh of coarse you do, my bad ....
  14. “Families earning more than $110k will feel the pain of the carbon tax,” warned the Herald-Sun, straightfaced. “Households face a $9.90 a week jump in the cost of living.” $9.90. Cry me the motherfucking Nile. WTF? That blog has got to be the biggest piece of bullshit I've read in a while. Fuck me has the world gone completely insane? Or is every fucker completely brainwashed by this global warming scam? Seeing as the above article uses the Herald-Sun as reference, taken from todays Herald-Sun: One might argue overall this amounts to a $1 dollar a week increase, but you'd be retarded thinking this aint just the fucking start of rising power costs. Good for me admitting it? Admitting what? That global warming is a scam? Yeah okay, I thought I made that clear from the start. It isn't JUST about the money either, or the tax. Like I made mention about the Nazis, I believe one of the biggest swindles is being pulled on the world and science is playing a huge roll in it. My God what is happening. Fucking sheep, surrounded by sheep. I been back here a week or something, and this place is dead set haven for the politically correct. Completely filled with like minded politically correct followers, anal retentive fuck heads. I don't give a shit what articles you pull out, what bullshit you read and think is fucking science fact. No really I don't. This isn't all about money, though I know for a fact it is about money to those who stand to scam it off the gullible sheeple. Too bad Gillard never had the guts to take this issue to the polls. Luckily (for now at least) most Australians, have sense enough to know a scam when they see one. But given the massive propaganda campaign, and the younger generation being brainwashed with this shit in school now, it looks like the world will head down this path. One thing I can look forward too I guess is the continual changes in weather patterns, heating periods, cooling periods and how paying MORE money has done absolutely fuck all. Oh and paying more money is only the start of this bullshit scam. But that's okay I guess, as long as we all conform together we can feel safe in numbers, all agreeing on the same things and feel a part of something. And yes this thread is GAY! Oooh noes! he said the gay word ...quick call the politically correct police!