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  1. Demonic

    What of Atomic?

    Glad to hear the forums will stick around Damm right shame guys I've been with the community since Issue 1. Sad day for the community but you've got to do what works for the company. Looks forward to the 16 pages next year
  2. Demonic

    Sydney PC Clubs

    New ownership so it was abit messy well they tried to be organised and it just didnt work I liked the good old days when it was every man for himself reserve and guard your own seats ahaha Fragfest is also on this Saturday another good LAN think we ended up going to that Panthers Bronco's match at the last fragfest
  3. Demonic

    Sydney PC Clubs

    SGL is this weekend Cheeky come on for the old times
  4. Demonic

    SGL This Weekend

    Who coming along this weekend? www.sgl.org.au
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  6. Demonic

    Atomic M33t 12!

    Hows about Atomic M33t 12 is held in Feb 2012 in Hakuba? Bring your snowboards
  7. Demonic

    Marco Simoncelli dead

    The race was cancelled because the medical team were concentrating their efforts on trying to save Marco and therefore not available if another incident occurred. That just requires a pause of up to an hour or so for stabilisation before transport or pronouncement of death. Not baffling at all, it's a blasted commercial blood sport. That's a lot of cash up the spout. There've been plenty of deaths before without cancelling races. Usually they just put on a brief memorial time at the next race. No I don't watch racing, apart from it being boring i'm not a ghoul like so many that watch for the accidents. I'm not a ghoul, i'm glad the race was cancelled but I don't know any races that have continued after such a crash and examples or are you just trolling? RIP Marco, he was a fantastic rider and the racing world will miss him
  8. Yeah lots of new faces though but was great seeing Jugs, brought back some old memories ahaha, even the first time meeting you back at an SGL lol But yeah I'll try and pop out more been pretty slack with the old community to be honest
  9. Looks like i only got 2 hits last night head and ankle lol
  10. Great seeing some old faces tonight - Ben BTW Team Alpha FTW
  11. Demonic

    SSD's and RAIDs

    A quick update guys already had 1 drive fail due to the Firmware issue with the new sandforce controller. Although It has begun working again I will be trying the new firmware on both after I Ghost it Will tell you guys how the new Firmware goes I got about 2 weeks before a failure Will also get up a some Write Speed benches once the RAID is also formatted
  12. Demonic

    SSD's and RAIDs

    Went for the 120Gb's Glad to hear the lack of TRIM isn't a huge concern for me If I pick up a raid card and 2 more I'll post up some benchmarks 2GB/s anyone?
  13. Demonic

    Reccomend Router

    +1 Billion or some of those new entry level CISCO's are pretty goot
  14. Demonic

    Going to US next week - what should I buy?

    Pay cash, photocopy the receipts and email them to yourself, toss the originals. Toss the boxes etc they won't know any better Clothing is exempt, as it's deemed a necessity or something like that in my mind you could argue the same with a laptop or digital camera
  15. Demonic

    SSD's and RAIDs

    Yeah Paid $295 a pop Best $600 spent When i bought them I was thinking 750-900MB/s would be realistic but yeah getting over 1GB/s was a shock but a welcome one Would like to see how 4 go though lol darklife41 you interested in selling the RAID Controller?