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  1. drago13666

    Roll Call!

    I remember the times when topics wouldn't stay on the front page for more than a couple of hours. Now tumble weeds pass faster *sigh*
  2. Thats ok because its an anatomical picture, you have shown what is under the skin. Although if someone in the picture had been doing an oil change, that would have been a COMPLETELY different thing.
  3. drago13666

    How come chicks can take half your stuff?

    Ahahaha I would argue the issues with marriage are the reason that defacto relationship laws are getting stronger. (Gay marriage isn't legal but gay defacto is) People are going to live together - simple economics, there is no way in hell that society could support every adult person living in a house by themselves Unless you honestly expect people to live with their parents or share houses which is plain ridiculous Also sex doesn't play into it - I don't know the exact wording of the law but i would be surprised if it said that you must be having sex to be considered de-facto.
  4. drago13666

    Bloke (or chick) now not either

    How about we make gender based on which ever public bathroom you would use.
  5. drago13666

    A Poll of Thoughts and Opinions

    I find uni's give you the piece of paper that you need to get a job, tafe's give you the knowledge on how to do the job.
  6. OK so given the conditions of solitary confinement and they did say cat not kitten, the chances are pretty good that the cat woudl die and then you would be devistated. Given my savings after ten years of not spending a dime I'd be pretty well off I dont' think I'd need the 10 mill. Half the sentence (15 points) - the sooner i'm out the better, I'm not prepared to waste my life in SC Telephone (2 credits) - technically they didn't say how long the phone call is - I would like one 168 hour phone call a week please unlimited access to books (12 credits) - think outside the box - get a whole bunch of those craft books that come with tools, with unlimited books i'm sure i could figure out all sorts of things. with only one credit left there isn't much else to choose from FAst food - Woo!
  7. drago13666

    How many views..?

    hrmm not many for me, and i have a ratio of about 3 posts per view. I didn't realise i had posted so much I think alot of it would have been from the mafia games though
  8. drago13666

    Darknet, Clearnet - Is paranoia running rampant

    Yeah there are plenty of creepy big brother companies out there. Like when i first opened Google now after updating and resetting my tablet and it was asking me if I wanted to go to work or my favorite bar, listing both by name and address. I recognise that it would have picked up some data from my phone (same gmail accoun't) but I have never searched for these places by address or entered the name of either place into my phone.
  9. drago13666

    I'll pay that :)

    I don't like companies data mining like the way they do but I know that its going to happen and there really isn't alot people can do to stop it, but that doesn't make it any less creepy big brother-esque,
  10. And maybe if the male mannequins did we might actually start getting pants which a reasonable crotch. I think its a great idea, especially to show off sheer fabrics
  11. drago13666

    picking insurance

    I don't know why anyone would want to insure ants anyway.
  12. Maybe you need to spoil your cats and do this http://www.boredpanda.com/overhead-cat-pla...ooms-goldtatze/
  13. drago13666

    Global Warming

    I always just remember what my geography teacher told me in year 10. When you get global warming happening and the icecaps start to melt you are going to start seeing more rain and snow because there is going to be more water in the air.
  14. drago13666

    Don't trust atoms

    Now I'm dissapointed. I thought robzy made up all his jokes, copying bad jokes just makes them even less funny. Snorg tees sells that joke on t-shirts