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    PAX AUS 2019

    I'll definitely be there for the three days :)
  2. God I feel old ... but I'll be there :)
  3. Gharphield

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    This has been so interesting reading what you've all been up to :)
  4. Gharphield

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Well done. I've seen you popup from time to time on twitters talking to old mate Jimmy Swimy Love that guy :) really enjoy working with him!
  5. Gharphield

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Hello again everyone! Man it's been a long time, and like so many of you I've been busy as heck (in a good way usually). So in 10 years ago I had recently moved to Canberra to really / properly start my Career in IT. I'm still here now and after moving from various places to other places and specialising as a SQL Server DBA, I can honestly say it was one of the best moves I'd ever done. Work / Career is going quite well and I absolutely love it here :) I'd also moved down with my then Girlfriend, now Wife. We have two beautiful children together, the latest addition is only 9 months old and boy is she a handful! Being a Father was one of the main reasons I stood down from Modding on Atomic. I loved doing that job but I realised it needed special attention and I knew my time would be split between that and being a good Daddy. I have no regretted that decision either and I left on, what I felt, was a good note. Outside of work I really started following my hobby in gaming Journalism. I've had articles on various sites (Kotaku, Atomicmpc, Blackpanel) but I've mainly stuck with the crew at Player2.net.au - It's great to work along side other passionate people who just love the whole scene. I get to write about eSports regularly and most recently I finally pulled my finger out and did my first video review / overview for a show I had an idea for. For a first attempt it turned out just as I'd hoped, of course there are many things to fix up and make better for the next ones naturally, feel free to check it out here: But most importantly, I still keep in touch with so many Atomicans. Atomic has and always will hold a special place in my heart and I take it for granted sometimes, just how impact it's had on me socially and in life. I know the wonder years are behind us, but it's still here ... and that's what's most important :) Good work on bringing this to my attention guys, and a big special hello to Twinny ;) keep being you Sir! - Gharph and already I seem to have messed up the format here ... ergh well done me
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    Roll Call!

    I honestly can't remember the first time I made an account ... I think it was at the end of V1 ... seems SOOOOOOOOOOO long ago now!
  8. Gharphield

    RIP Chopper Read

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing too actually ... I wonder how Tom is going now days.
  9. Gharphield

    what country will start ww3?

    Prof Chaos
  10. Foods it's true we all call you special, but more like this: Foods you're "special" you know that. ... we think you're a bit retarded is what we meant.
  11. Gharphield

    bobthemonkey's house burns down

    Oh shit :(
  12. Gharphield

    Yet another school shooting in the US

    So you think the best idea is to give more people guns? or the 'right' people guns? I'm all in favour of the second one.
  13. Gharphield

    Yet another school shooting in the US

    I think I get what you're saying Leo, but from my point of view, the availability of guns in the US is a huge problem, and tight gun control (like what we have in Australia) is but one step in the right direction. Further funding into mental health care would also be another big step. More guns isn't the answer, but then again who takes the NRA seriously? According to them its video games...
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    An anti-vaxxer by any other name is still a looney.

    Did I mention I, my wife, my son all got a free Whooping cough vaccine shot when we became parents? Also so did her parents and my parents. Also my work gave me a free flu vaccine shot ... I'm actually having a hard time trying to remember the last time I paid to have a vaccine shot.
  15. Gharphield

    An anti-vaxxer by any other name is still a looney.

    To be fair to Director, I think he's coming from the "its all a money making scheme".
  16. Gharphield

    An anti-vaxxer by any other name is still a looney.

    Many more people in the world D, what matters if what they're backing it up with. If it's CRAP science, or resorting to other 'studies' done which have been proven to be full of shit. I agree with B) though, you're 100% right, its fact or fiction to me, and when things have the backing to prove that they are fact, I tend to go that way.
  17. Gharphield

    An anti-vaxxer by any other name is still a looney.

    ChrisG: I think what HLass is getting at, is that (and I'll use an exaggerated example here to push this point), you can get 1 person claiming 'Sun can cause cancer' however he backs this up with lot of evidence, peer reviewed papers and years of research. Then you get 1 other person going "no it doesn't clouds do!" and they back it up by saying clouds exist in all countries that these people have cancer. None is peer reviewed, it lacks any evidence and the person has put maybe a month of his time into it. Freedom of information is a good thing but you can't give weight to information that has no credit, its stupid and dangerous. Hlass is point out to Director (I think) that Director is ignoring and writing off all this other evidence in favour of something that has been proven to be bullshit. Yet he'll believe whatever he wants to believe. Goes to show that you can show 1000 people a picture of a Cat and there will always be one person to say "nah its a ferret!"
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    What a year ... lots of changes and change can be good but naturally with Atomic having its last issue, it can also be sad. Have a great break Dave :)
  19. Gharphield

    What do you for exercise?

    Jits and Kyokushin, nothing more fun that fighting people whilst also getting a work out ;)
  20. Gharphield

    Israel Vs Gaza

    You know if two sides want to wipe each other out, that's all fair in love and war (but still sucks), it's when innocent people who despite whatever personal bias they have, get hurt or killed in the process. So here I am hoping, blindly, that these people aren't affected here. Let's be honest though this is a long time coming. It would be like if North and South Korea went to war tomorrow, wouldn't surprise anyone. Also fajw ... please don't man ... just don't.
  21. Gharphield

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    Have taken a couple of weeks away from the forums and come back to this horrible news :( Spamz0r was an old skooler and will no doubt be missed by many people. My sincere condolences to friends and families. It warms my heart to hear that Atomic was like a home to him though. RIP.
  22. Gharphield

    Lord Blackadder puts intolerance in its place.

    Actual examples would be better rather than this '1 man rant' which I'm seeing now (with no direct examples). D showed me something which is of interest and somewhat relevant to this discussion (even though its quite different): http://freespeech.ipa.org.au/ Regardless of how you look at it, free speech and what's legal will ALWAYS be a grey area and a slippery slope. So this whole "its only a matter of time" and stuff like that, does nothing more than tell me you don't have an example and that you're just afraid of the boogey man.
  23. Gharphield

    Lord Blackadder puts intolerance in its place.

    I, naturally, agree with Mr Bean right there, who wouldn't? It's logical and well thought out and IMO makes perfect sense. So I welcome that movement and hope they succeed. But D please note this, we aren't UK and we aren't USA. It's nice to get behind things like this and point them out, but they aren't happening here, and it's wrong to just automatically assume it will just because another country does. You'd be very surprised at how protected we, Australians, are under our Government.
  24. Well Xnatex it would be lovely to let these people move to Australia, start a new life and live peacefully, maybe have a job and a life that doesn't result living in fear every day .. oh wait sorry we hate boat people here, best to just let them stay there then rather than jumping on a boat, coming to Australia and destroying our mone... country.
  25. Gharphield

    Top Neurosurgeon Spent Six Days In Heaven-during-a-coma

    I was thinking "well what does he have to gain from this" then I read that his book is coming out ... yep.