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  1. phenomenal187

    anyone got a undelete tool to recommend?

  2. phenomenal187

    anyone got a undelete tool to recommend?

    personal files and theyre on a standard drive. only ssd is the boot drive and im aware that recovery is a bit harder on those.
  3. phenomenal187

    anyone got a undelete tool to recommend?

    So i lent my laptop to my brother and it came back with a bunch of files missing. I checked out a couple of recovery tools a while back for something similar but not as important, and they failed miserably. can anyone recommend something that will do the job i require of it with no hassles? either freeware or something i just have to pay a couple bucks for, im not too fussed, with that said im not made of money either. last time i tried, i remember using recuva, which seems to be the tool of choice for a lot of people and it didnt work at all, so not that one
  4. phenomenal187

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I just want something that warns me that the manifolds are gonna crack, a la f&f 1 https://youtu.be/c6lKJwfUlk4?t=107
  5. phenomenal187

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    wouldnt touch one of those matey, dont you worry
  6. phenomenal187

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    VZ became ELM standard from what i know
  7. phenomenal187

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    /me buys a boatload of em
  8. phenomenal187

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    To make Holdens from VR onwards, v6 and 8, talk to my computer.
  9. phenomenal187

    laptop home screen jumping

    imgur is exceptional
  10. phenomenal187

    New Gaming System

    So people know, I've been hanging around, just not logged in. I have some good news! THIS THING IS EPIC!!! I havent had a single problem with it, goes great guns. I upgraded my TV to 1080 when I moved again (long story) and if anything it performs better at 1080 than 720. I say not a single problem... One minor niggle, I suppose. The ASUS GPU Tweak software doesn't load when Windows does, which leads to higher gfx temps due to its stupid silent running shit... Bit scary the few times I've forgotten to kick it on before I start GTAV. Anyway Chuurs
  11. phenomenal187

    laptop home screen jumping

    You try whacking it?
  12. phenomenal187

    new pc build looking at cooling

    I've just done a build with an i5 6600K, I'm just using a coolermaster Hyper D92 (no water) $53 and I can't hear it unless I stick my head in the case. Seems to work great. Dunno, something to think about
  13. phenomenal187

    WMA on Android

    DO NOT USE BETA VLC. I used a beta version a couple years ago it torched my phone lol. Now using the std VLC for droid and it works wonders. About your problem though - wouldnt it just be easier to reencode your files? Something like Audacity, but with batch runs.
  14. phenomenal187

    This Census

    Ok. You're weird. Thanks!
  15. phenomenal187

    This Census

    Unfortunately, you aren't asking ME, you're asking the phenomenal 187... With that said, if you WERE asking me, I could lie. Either way. Either say I don't when I do or say I do when I don't. Which is about the level of honesty our government shows us, the public...