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  1. estate

    a wee blast from 2006...

    Now there's something I've haven't seen for a while! Good to see your name here Mac :)
  2. estate

    What of Atomic?

    Wow. Very sorry to read this thread. Thank you to Ben, Ash, Logan and Dave for being such great custodians of a unique and brilliant brand, and community. And thank you to atomic - I remember posting on here as a 17 year old and my parents telling me "it'll never get you a job". It didn't, it got me a career. Ben, thank you for starting it all. Dave, thanks for keeping what you have. You must have been an unstoppable force because you were certainly up against an immovable object.
  3. estate

    Riots in London

    It's been pretty interesting here in London the past few days. Tuesday morning on the way to work was pretty special: a well-known party shop in Clapham Junction had been torched and there was broken glass all over the streets. Police had shut the road down. It was very weird seeing a very busy street completely blocked off and a large fire truck parked in the centre of the street. What made it weirder was that afternoon. I work in the West End (for the old-timers here who know me - I am no longer a Haymarket employee), and at about 3:30pm the office was informed by police that some rioters were congregating in the area. There were riot police on Oxford St and they had shut Oxford Circus tube, one of the busiest stations. On that advice management shut the office and sent everyone home so as to avoid any problems leaving later in the evening. That shift from normality actually unnerved a few people around the office, and as it turned out, it was an overly-cautious thing to do. Nothing of substance happened in London on Tuesday night. I live relatively close-in, and it was eery walking around outside that night. I went out for a brief walk around 9:30pm, and there was nobody on the streets - cars or pedestrians. I saw three van-loads of riot police kitted up and ready to leave in case anywhere kicked off. I suspect they sat still the entire night, thankfully. It felt very odd - almost like I was breaking some sort of unofficial curfew by being out of the house!! Anyway, it's a lot calmer now and everything has returned to normal, at least in London. You can see that British response in the same way we heard about (obviously on a much smaller scale) after the 7/7 bombings. Keep calm, and carry on. Coming home from work this evening, you wouldn't really know it was so different only 24 hours before.
  4. estate

    Who the hell does maths at 3am?

    Actually, the 3*$9=$27 includes the $2 kept by the buyer. So 3*$9 = $27 = $25 (cake) + $2 (kept by the buyer). /waves
  5. estate

    Tony Abbot is the next PM of Australia

    Why, oh why, couldn't they have just stuck with Turnbull? Yes, yes, if he had prevailed against Abbott then Rudd would never have shelved ETS and Rudd's popularity would therefore have likely stayed high and he'd probably have led Labour to victory. But Abbott is just so backward on everything not related to the economy, and when he does talk about economic policy, he's just plain uninspiring. I don't like many of Gillard's policies, but at least her social policies are pretty sound. The day the Liberals take an economically responsible social progessive (*cough* Turnbull) to an election is the day I will savour doing a moonwalk on Wilson Tuckey's political grave.
  6. estate

    The Famous Atomic Forum Ranks

    /bump From memory I think I actually set the ranks up in the new forum system while V3 was still in testing. I do vaguely remember the Collosus rank being "wrong" but for the life of me I can't remember why. Maybe we were playing a joke on our fellow maths geeks and it took you, what, two years(?) to get it!? ;-)
  7. estate

    Ben's final speech as Editor

    So are Labs looking a little better these days? Justin cleaned up a heck of a lot when he first walked in the door, but the sheer quantity of graphics card boxes and 22" screens always made it hard to look organised, even though it was (5 year old boxes of CDs excluded). Hi to all, especially the old-timers. Great to see these names again. :) /hits post to see if I'm still a God or back to Super now...
  8. estate

    Atomic's Christmas Honours

    Congrats all! If I may single a couple out: especially Garph and Catmosphere, thoroughly deserved!
  9. Sounds like it was a good night! For those who went, have you tried Braza in Leichhardt? I've been to Churrasco once but Braza a dozen or more. I was a bit disappointed by Churasco in comparison. Less room, harder seats, and the meat's not quite as good, although the pineapple is amazing at both places. Anyway, if you haven't been, I'd highly recommend Braza for next time. /waves :)
  10. estate

    So long...

    Well done mate. You've been a great mod - I remember many times reading your posts in the modcave and thinking "ah, I didn't think of it like that!" A great contributor to atomic.
  11. estate

    Mods ahoy

    Congrats guys. Three great additions to the team. Enjoy it!
  12. estate

    Computer/home theatre speaker setup

    Thanks for the link SS. i had a read through and it seems whilst the cheap receivers can do HDMI switching (that is, switch between different video sources on one display) they don't actually remove the audio signal from the HDMI and decode it. They just send it on it's merry way again, which unfortunately doesn't help me because my Dell 24 doesn't produce any sound. Receivers that decode HDMI audio seem to cost a minimum of about $700 RRP, $550 street price. Hopefully there's a way to extract HDMI audio without using a receiver... If I do get a receiver that can push 100W or more per channel, could I just keep the volume down and the speakers would be fine? I don't really listen to anything at anything like max volume, so shouldn't I be ok?
  13. I'm trying to figure out what I can do about my speaker setup. I currently use stereo analogue out to a receiver and a pair of decent speakers. But the receiver and speakers are borrowed from family and I need to return them soon. I used to have a set of Logitech Z680s but unfortunately the control unit and subwoofer died which means all I have left are five satellites and some cables. I'd like to return to a proper surround sound setup. From my understanding of how this all works, I could go out and buy a $500 receiver with HDMI pass through that lets me output sound and video via HDMI, push the sound out through my five satellites (plus a new sub if I want to buy one) and push the video signal on to my Dell 24. It would also give me the option of using the whole shebang for my lounge room and a HD TV in the future if/when I buy one. But the thing is that means I have to spend $500 (at least) on a receiver. Is it possible to take the HDMI output and pass the sound to my current five satellites and the video signal to my 24" without buying an expensive receiver? (I use a laptop, not a PC, and it lacks optical or co-ax digital out). I'm no audiophile so I don't need ultra-high quality, and I would guess the Z680 speakers are good but not that good for quality anyway - wouldn't a receiver just be overkill for those speakers?
  14. estate

    Farewell, mi amigos

    Thanks all, and to David for the kind words. Modding here has been great fun, and has taught me an awful lot too - it's a very rewarding experience. Hopefully I gave back to atomic as a mod as much as I took out of it. Thanks to the other mods, past and present, for your thoughts and advice over the last couple of years. Especially Mac Dude, who has always been a brilliant mod - thanks mate. I'm sure the new mods, whoever you choose, will be an excellent addition to the team.