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  1. blackmancer

    run in with a game hacker, traced my ip

    yeah knowing me in real life isn't an option. I live in a small town of about 5000 ppl. I don't disclose my location on facebook, steam etc. I keep my online life seperate from my real life as much as possible and he divulged this in such a short amount of time I doubt the search option, but it could be possible all the same. when I do a whois search on my own IP all I get is a location in brisbane, I assume my ISP gateway, but I live in NQ. just annoys me because I'd like to burn his house down - thats a joke btw.
  2. I don't want to take up too much of your time, just a simple explanation, you don't have to give exact directions, but I was playing DayZ with 3 other mates and we had a hacker kill us all. He had some beef with me for some reason and proceeded to divulge my hometown to everyone on the server. What I don't understand is how did he do that in light on the fact when I use a trace from an ip tracing website it can only tell me Brisbane, even though he found out I live in North Queensland and even the town I'm in. How did he accomplish this? I can't really find anything useful on the net so I thought I'd ask you guys, because I reckon someone here would know. Thanks in advance, btw the guys name was Zeus something, Zeus Commander I think, on a BHr server, incase anyone knows him. Mancer
  3. did you do a fresh install on HIS HDD?
  4. blackmancer

    4 way multi gpu test bench

    If you want the best numbers I'd have to say x79. and an i7 3930K minumum. why would you only go quad core?? tbpo any setup over dual cards is just tossing off money into a toilet bowl. but hey its your toilet bowl.
  5. Do you have a computer monitor? I'd say it sounds normal. During bootup the video card doesn't display a res of 1080, thats why its cut off. A monitor would handle the lower res. As to why it was OK on the previous cards? NFI
  6. blackmancer

    CCC Settings

    lmao, aww dude I went through the same thing just recently. got a p/c 7950pcs+ thought my card was buggered, clocked it to 950 thinking, it'd be sweet, but my scores got worse. kept overclocking, underclocking, voltage increasing/decreasing. until i hit that slider to 20 it was a dud card imo. went from 5000ish 3d11marks to 10000. felt so n00b, not like i haven't overclocked a card before...
  7. blackmancer

    DVI/VGA Outputs on 6970 and Tv (problem)

    I'd double check the resolution setting for the tv in CCC/Windows Display, also check the refresh while you're there - 50/60Hz
  8. blackmancer

    SSD ideas

    get 2 x Intel 520 120G drives and RAID0 them. you'll cream your pants. one of the fastest drive out there and 5yr warranty to boot, its Intel so you know quality is good.
  9. Hi, an odd thing I notice with a secondary HDD I have plugged in. It seems it is required to spin up so I can open Opera and while playing BFBC2 I notice when I join a server I get a slight pause in the game while my secondary HDD spins up. Got no idea why access to a data drive is required to do these things, there's no pagefile etc on it. Its kinda annoying really, but hey its probably some Microsoft thing so I shouldn't be surprised. Suggestions? I don't think anyone will have an idea though.
  10. blackmancer

    DVI/VGA Outputs on 6970 and Tv (problem)

    yeah I'd say setting the primary display is what you're after (while they are both plugged in). within display properties in control panel, not in CCC.
  11. blackmancer

    Computer Store Comparison - online and physical

    LOL last famous words of someone who got jacked EDIT: +1 for PCCG. so speedy and efficient, great prices, only once was i disappointed a game controller i bought that had "ships in 24hr" on it was actually out of stock, not cool. but otherwise np
  12. blackmancer


    +1 for titties :P thank you for the explanation
  13. blackmancer


    Just rejoining the forums after a long hiatus and noticed the "quark" next to my name. Could someone explain this as I couldn't see anything about it in the Forum FAQ and search didn't seem to throw up anything useful. cheers [Edit= OK, now it says Atomican] but if anyone feels like explaining it, plz do] and on a slighty related issue. In my profile it tells me I joined up 10 Sep 08, but I was a member even before the millenium tocked over?? what's with that? mancer
  14. blackmancer

    Back to the Crysis

    I found this mod for Crysis and Warhead. Freakin mad!!!!! Video Download http://www.crymod.com/filebase.php?fileid=4147&lim=0 AWESOMENESSSSSSSS!!!!