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  1. PhR33X

    Atomic Farewell Video Project

    My video contains almost no traces of nekkidness.
  2. PhR33X

    i see dead people

    Max Von Sydow. 10 April 1929 - 8 March 2020 Probably best remembered as Father Merrin from the Exorcist and/or the Three Eyed Rave from the Game of Thrones.
  3. PhR33X

    What's on your mind?

    Re Coronavirus: Beer jokes aside, a world that managed to YouTube itself into a 21st century measles revival does not get to talk shit about any particular country's dietary or health practices.
  4. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Shit - forgotten all about this. Agadoo - Black Lace.
  5. PhR33X


    Seti@home is now 20 years and 2 months old. I think I joined the SETI fun in around 2001 and was active for 4 or 5 years. then switched to folding@home. The Atomic community more generally seemed to drift away from it in around 2012, however SETI itself is still very much alive and well. Does anyone here still do SETI or are you folding proteins, or are you doing some other distributing computing? The whole bitcoin mining thing was interesting for a bit, but I never participated. I am going back to SETI. My new future wife is pretty chuffed about that.
  6. PhR33X

    What a joke

    Maybe rather than simple reading and writing - we teach kids to become more effective communicators. Teach them the art of reasoned debate. Teach them how to engage in critical thinking and self-reflection. Those skills will prove most valuable as they mature and become functioning, contributing adults in society rather than hostile activists for bullshit causes, lost in a world of claptrap PC ideology, that only deepens their hatred for those of differing views.
  7. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Shake Your Tail Feather - Ray Charles
  8. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Lol. Was it the clues?
  9. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    It's not easy. He needed a hand to perform this.
  10. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? - Revolting Cocks. Hahah!
  11. PhR33X

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Technically you're both right. "Hurt" is performed by Nine Inch Nails (as well as Johnny Cash's arguably better rendition, of course), but Trent Reznor is credited as the artist who wrote and produced it - and frequently performs it as a solo artist. Sacrificial Newt got there first.