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  1. PhR33X

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Just a quickie... The 'Online Users' is showing each 'Guest' currently on the site as a separate user. So I see a list of 25 or so separate Guests and a handful of logged-in users. Is this the preferred view for this page?
  2. PhR33X

    Should I get one?

    This router looks ummm..... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Linksys-N300-Wireless-Router-with-ADSL2-Modem-/182286541753?hash=item2a711fe3b9:g:gugAAOSwAuZX39Bk And this guy is selling them too... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Linksys-N300-Wireless-Router-with-ADSL2-Modem-/142123624597?hash=item21173a6895:g:AtQAAOSwCGVX~fO7 Is this some new modding craze you kids are doing?
  3. PhR33X

    Blast from the past up for sale on Facebook

    Yep. Link, please.
  4. PhR33X

    What's on your mind?

    Twinair and chrisg, It was speculated by the doctor that my long-term hypertension had contributed to it. In fact, that's how the doctor discovered it. I only called in to the doctor on Friday to get more prescriptions for the hypertension. She did my BP and noticed my heart rate was pretty high. She asked questions about my thyroid function and I was like "I dunno?". So she sent me for a bunch of blood tests the next morning, for thyroid stuff but she also added a fasting glucose test. She then called me late Friday afternoon to say that my glucose level was 17 which is apparently pretty damn high. She said it looks like you're diabetic. She sent the pathologist a request for a bunch more tests, which I had on Monday morning. Yesterday afternoon she confirmed the diagnosis. One of those blood tests included HbA1c, which is something to do with how the glucose is bonding to red-blood cells. This test shows whether the diabetes has been around for long enough that other options for treatment are no longer available. The tests showed that my hemoglobin A1c was off-the-charts. I knew I had been sick for over three months - possibly longer and combined with levels of other stuff - I am now required to take two types of insulin twice a day (injection) and another medication which helps the insulin to do its thing. I also need to get back in shape, lose about 15 kilos both through exercise and eating healthier foods. I am told that I will need to remain on insulin pretty much forever, though.
  5. PhR33X

    What's on your mind?

    Coming to terms with being an insulin-dependent diabetic...
  6. PhR33X

    Audio book suggestions wanted for 11,000km drive

    Not an audiobook - but I am a big fan of the "Stuff You Should Know" podcasts - a spin-off from the How Stuff Works There are literally hundreds of them - on some of the most obscure topics. Mostly around 45mins each. These guys are very easy to listen to, despite the depth and detail of the information they give. Each podcast has a two or three ads, read by the hosts, but they are short and don't detract from the content. Examples podcasts include: Can NASA predict natural disasters? How Revisionist History Works How Werewolves Work Your limb is torn off – now what? How the Deep Web Works How the Placebo Effect Works How Sign Language Works 8 Reasons Why Your Body Is So Gross How Terraforming Will Work How the Spanish Inquisition Worked How Amnesia Works How Dissociative Identity Disorder Works How the Human Microbiome Project Works Is there a dark side of the moon? What are microexpressions? How Weather Modification Works Why do men have nipples? Is Stockholm Syndrome real? What is exploding head syndrome? How Chaos Theory Changed the Universe How Motion Sickness Works True stories of survival cannibalism! How Zero Population Growth Works How Slinky Works What’s the deal with blood types? How Desalination Works http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/ Just get yourself an app like http://www.aharadio.com/ that lets you stream all their podcasts (plus a butt-load of other podcast content). I'm sure there's other apps that let you download the podcasts to your local device as well. Cheers
  7. PhR33X

    Maksym is a Dad!

    For those of ye olde days of Atomic, I am really happy to announce that Maksym has just become a father to a beautiful baby boy! At 11pm on 12/06/2016, baby Arlo was born. YAY! I'm sure it wont be long before he get his fingers on his first keyboard.
  8. PhR33X

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Yep - all good now :) Cheers
  9. PhR33X

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    ok... Since 2006 Moved away from the security industry and into Vocational Education and Training. I now work for the Australian Institute of Fitness as their quality and compliance manager Travelled to the US for a second time - specifically New York then Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Also holidayed in Bali twice and Phuket twice, Set up a training school in Manila, Phillipines, to deliver Certificate III in Telecommunication so that skilled workers could come to Australia on 457 visas, and be part of the NBN rollout Completed a Diploma of Management and Diploma of Business Administration and am now into my second unit of an MBA Established a successful beauty salon (which was run into to the ground by my ex-wife) Separated and Divorced Performed in Spamalot and Jesus Christ Superstar Sold a house and handed over another to my daughter and ex-wife. Had two heart attacks and surgery to remove a tumour. Returned to the Blue Mountains and now living in the town I grew up in Ended up on the Board of Directors for a not-for-profit organisation, eventually Chairman. Rebuilt my relationships with my Father and my sister Fell in love and moved in with someone from my childhood Wow - ten years is a looooong time...
  10. PhR33X

    Computer says no!

  11. **MORE SPOILERS** One of the issues that plays on Batman's mind is that despite all his technology and weaponry and combat skills - he is a mortal, flesh and blood human. The metahumans that he learns of are 'apparently' not and possess superhuman strength and abilities that Bruce Wayne could ever only try to mimic. The Batman vs Superman movie explores this a little, when Bruce Wayne becomes aware that these potential superheroes exist - but are all currently unaware of each other. Essentially this movie is the setup for the whole Justice League thing that will follow. It creates the motivation that Batman needed to seek out the metahumans and get the League off the ground. In his mind, he is responsible for what he believes to be the death of Superman and now with people like Lex Luthor, which Batman witness first-hand of being capable of so much death and destruction, on a apocalyptic scale still walking the planet, he wants/needs to fill the void that the loss of Superman has created - since Superman seemed to be the only one (himself and Wonder Woman included) who could destroy the Doomsday monster.
  12. PhR33X

    After many years, I'm back! :-)

    *Waves* Hey buddy!
  13. I thought visually it was stunning. I did enjoy Ben Affleck's performance. BUT.... (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE PLAYING ALONG AT HOME) . . . . . . . I was really disappointed at Batman's instant change of heart, when he realised that their mother's had the same first name. In a matter of seconds, he completely reversed his decision to kill Superman - despite all the anguish and hatred toward Superman that had consumed him to that point. It was such a trivial reason to not go ahead with his incredibly well thought out and meticulously prepared plan, at literally the last second. That's when I got cranky with the movie, meaning that the emotion that I was supposed to feel during Superman's funeral was lost. In fact the whole previous "Oh no! Superman was killed by the nuclear bomb! Oh...wait...no he wasn't." and "Oh no! Lois drowned! Oh wait ... no she didn't!" made me doubt that Superman was actually dead in the end and knowing that this was essentially a prequel to the Justice League movies meant he couldn't really be dead anyway - so why the unnecessarily long funeral (well actually two of them) and the whole 'mourning' piece, which we knew in our hearts were redundant? The last 2 seconds of the movie confirming my suspicion. Cranky again. Some parts dragged on (needlessly) while other parts that needed more attention were clearly rushed. I did like the sneak peak at The Flash, Aqua Man and Cyborg. I also appreciate that some of the 'Wow-that-was-random' moments, like the Flash appearing as a time-traveller to warn Batman that Lois was the key to fixing everything, are touch points on plot developments in the subsequent Justice league movie(s). What happened to Superman's x-ray vision? So many times he could/should have used it but he didn't. Why do we have to keep seeing how Bruce Wayne became Batman? We all know the story arc? Why re-hash it in every.single.Batman.franchise? Yawn. I noticed the obvious reference to Robin and the inference that he was killed previously by the Joker. There is also the growing speculation that he became the Joker. Is Jared Leto's Joker in the coming Suicide Squad movie (which I hear actually includes scenes with Ben Affleck's Batman) actually Robin gone mad? Alfred was ridiculous, being essentially relegated to Batman's technical support guy - not someone who emotionally challenges and mentors him (like Michael Caine's version in the previous Batman films). A great cinematic experience, but disjointed or inconsistent plot development and sometimes cheesy script. Is the movie a serious dark and brooding take on Batman and Superman, or a cheesy goofball version? I think it's trying to be the former so when it lapses into the later it can be a little jarring and spoils the immersion in this whole version of DC universe. Oh and Amy Adams in the bathtub...
  14. PhR33X

    Who do you think you are?

    My only real interest in genealogy is it helps to find living relatives that had been lost over the years, living relatives who had no idea that you existed or you didn't know existed, who can share stories about your parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles that you had never heard of, or had long forgotten. Sometimes those stories have real meaning and relevance to your life today. When you go a couple of generations up your tree, you can come back down to your generation on another branch and cousins, second cousins etc. start to appear. Then, through the power of social media, you can even attempt to make contact. And, in my case, discover an unexpected connection to a disgraced politician of recent times...