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11th April,2000

Dear Sir,


Based on the recommendation made to me by a reputable official of the commercial sector of the South African Chamber of Commerce who guaranteed me of your reliability and trustworthiness in business dealings,


I wish to entrust a large amount with you believing that it will be of our mutual benefit; this has to be highly confidential. If I may introduce myself, I am Dr Ben Oguejiofor of the Nigerian Army. I was the former Director of Projects and engineering in the Nigerian Army; I retired recently after the handing over to a democratically elected government in Nigeria. I wish to crave your indulgence in this business relationship that I will like to establish with you.


During my 33 years in service and as the Director of Projects in Nigeria, I was able to award some contracts to some foreign contractors. In the process of the award of the contracts the invoice values were inflated to reflect twice the amounts involved in the actual execution of the awarded contracts; the contractors have since completed the projects and the actual contract amount duly paid to them.


These contracts were carried out on behalf of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Kaduna Refinery in 1992, NNPC awarded a contract to PETRO-TECH. NIG. LTD. ; CONTRACT NO. : NNPC/EPR/PED/001/1-44 RE 94DT for the supply of 200,000 monax axial erection of system optimizations and commission conveyors for the Kaduna Refinery Complex. The Project has been commissioned since August 1996 and the Contractors have been paid their full contract fees. It is the U$D 45.1 MILLION over-invoiced sum that we want to remit. Now the Project Engineer in collaboration with the Chief Accountant of the Corporation together with other officials of the NNPC have been able to process the over-invoiced amount for payment (NNPC/FAX/888/514-8). Therefore, it is in our effort to get this money paid into a foreign account, company/ private bank account. To this effect, I am therefore asking for your co-operation to remit this sum of U$D 45.1 million into your private/company's account.


We have unanimously resolved to compensate you with 30% (thirty percent) of the total amount involved for your assistance, while I and my associates take 60% (sixty percent) of the total amount which of course will be released to us by you after the transaction is completed and 10% (ten percent) will be mapped out to cover envisaged expenses by both parties in the course of processing the documents for the transaction. For reasons bordering on confidentiality every message you are sending should go to my phone/fax line in Miami, the number to call in Miami is 1 - 305 675 - 0185 . I need this transaction done with every sense of urgency that it requires and I believe hearing from you today will enable me arrange the transfer to your account.


While I expect an immediate confirmation of your interest in addition with your account details as well as fax and telephone numbers which are to be sent to me by fax, I urge of urgency and confidentiality that it deserves and keep this transaction between you and I alone. I am looking forward hearing from you on my direct Tel/fax : 1 - 305 6-275 - 0185 in Miami, U.S.A where I'm on vacation for three weeks for now orall here for confirmation 234-1-5457466lagos





Dr Ben Oguejiofor.