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  1. silhouette

    For our fallen brethren

    =( Damn. RIP Twinny will be missed
  2. silhouette

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Thanks Flouncy, Atomicmpc has been a most awesome rollercoaster ride Plenty of memories! Borrowed forklift: Pants pants ice cream pants *throws around the confetti*
  3. silhouette

    Which email service do you use?

    yahoo mail. Been using it for what feels like a bazillion years that all my main stuff still goes from there.
  4. silhouette

    What Are You Cooking?

    Kangaroo and Broccoli, straight on the frying pan.
  5. silhouette

    Come back you bastards.

    Thanks AD :D *throws around the confetti*
  6. silhouette

    Roll Call!

    sil sil prae prae is it time to login to irc as well bahahaha
  7. silhouette

    Come back you bastards.

    Old but not gone :P Good stuff hulks!
  8. silhouette


    I'm on chrome and OSX, youtube isn't autoplaying. What page are you looking robzy?
  9. silhouette

    Roll Call!

    Yep, a 10 year + Atomican here also. Wow.
  10. silhouette

    The Atomic Wedding of the Decade [telegram wall]

    No, Didn't head out that way, mostly around the City I Didn't! My Bad :S So here it is now *confetti*
  11. silhouette


    Wow. It has been ages. Hello!! :D
  12. Possibly, the weekend was quite the eye-opener XD
  13. Wow, I recognise some of the names in here. Hi there :)
  14. silhouette

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Thanks for organising Nich XD And Happy Birthday Caelum :P
  15. silhouette

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Sounds like fun, should be there ^_^