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  1. Hey guys, I have sorta been out of the computer scene for a few years... I think i sorta drifted out around Atomic Issue 25. Back then it was Duron Processors trying to crack 1Ghz. A simple multiplier fix and change the bus speed, and hey presto... throw a dozen fans in and all was good. Though did fry a 667mhz celeron when we cracked 1.1ghz... was like a $300 cpu back then too. Now i've decided to get back into things a bit, and have bought a new desktop. Havent had one in years. Here's my list of parts arriving in a few days: Case: NZXT Phantom Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H-WB CPU: Core i7 3770K LGA1155 Ivy Bridge Cooler: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme Kit Ram: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8Gb (2x4gb) HDD: 2x OCZ Vertex 4 128Gb (Will stripe Raid) PSU: Zalman 500W ZM500-HP V/C: Gigabyte GTX550 Basically, I didnt wanna go crazy on the budget, and wanted something i could make nice and quiet, or turn up and overclock. I hear the new CPUs (Ivy) dont respond too well to voltage increases? Also, i've never overclocked a Video Card before. And never RAM either (except changing the BUS speed back in the day). What sort of Clock speed could i expect out of this thing? 4.5ghz? 4.8? 5? I dont mind throwing another 2 fans on the radiator if it helps. Also, what other overclocks would you guys recommend? Is overclocking the video card worth while? what about ram? Any help would be absolutely awesome. Cheers, Sam
  2. Samson_1

    Beating the HDD Flood Pricing?

    I work for Harvey norman anyway, so i can mess around with a few. A price increase just came through for all the externals... so looks like they're going up as well now.. thankfully my store still has a few dozen that came in at the old price ($99 for 2tb)... Might dig out some of the old batches and grab em before they go up. I know some are only 5400rpm, but the hitachis i pulled from the verbatim drives are both 7200rpm.... might try and find some more. woo...
  3. Just wanting peoples opinions on this.. Maybe i'm missing something (most likely). But since the floods, the $$ of regular HDDs has shot up dramatically.... currently i'm looking at a Hitachi 2TB 7,200rpm going for $179. The same store has a Hitachi 2Tb External Drive going for $115. Or a Verbatim 2Tb USB3 going for $119. I've pulled apart 2 of my old 1Tb Verbatim USB Drive and inside both were 1Tb Hitachi SATAII 7,200rpm Drives. Economically its much cheaper for me to buy external drives and tear the HDDS out... I'm looking at getting 6x 2Tb Drives for a media Center (Raid 10 for redundancy + performance boost) so could save me potentially $384 across 6 of em... Just want to throw this out there and see if theres any massive reason i shouldnt do this. Do they use crap drives in external enclosures or the same stuff? If the same gear, why hasnt their pricing gone up accordingly? -Sam
  4. Just got home and checked... its actually a K-MEX PK-500 (500W)... Also took out one card to see if it fixed the power issue.... But still did it with one card in... so swapped the cards around and now its fine... So im pretty sure its a faulty card... back to umart i go...
  5. HAHAHA... just read a review they did on the 550W model... seems to be just as crap... Well I think i'll buy a new PSU regardless... Any suggestions??? Will need to be able to run the following system: Phenom X6 @4Ghz (big coolermaster air cooler with 2x 120mm fans) (currently only X4 @3.7) 16Gb Ram 2x HD5450's 4x Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm HDD in RAID 10 1x DVD-RW Without spending too much, any in particular good value for money? Modular would be nice but not essential. Edit: Would this one do? OCZ ModXstream Pro 600W modular PSU . $89 sounds okay... and has plenty of connectors and its modular... :)
  6. It didnt come with the case, but i think its still a cheapo... Huntkey springs to mind??? but i'll have to check.. And i know i can run two screens off 1 card, but i wanted to make sure this would work, etc... If one card is dodgy, why would both screens turn off at once? and same deal with artifacting? Cards got a bit of warmth in them but nothing crazy... The room this pc is in is quite cool all the time... so i dont think its heat... The only thing i would think is either power or motherboard... but if these things chewed a heap of power, would they not have pcie power connectors? Would getting a new PSU that had a 8pin (instead of 4) ATX power plug help at all? Is that power routed to the PCIe slots? or to the CPU?
  7. Righto... got these suckers in... Got one in the main PCIe slot... and my main monitor is hooked up via DVI to this... The second one is in the other PCIe (x16 running at x4)... and my second screen is hooked into this via VGA... The first boot i got nothing on the screens... they flickered a bit, but that was it. I shut it down and tried again... worked but screen was all blurry and had purple artifacting all over it... Installed the catalyst drivers and seemed to be okay... Restarted and then proceeded to continue with some Photoshop work. After about an hour, some artifacting came back and then both screens went blank... Computer was still running, just displays signal died... I shut it down for 10 minutes then restarted.... Worked fine for the rest of the night... Started it up to check netbank this morning and it just booted into a purple static screen.... didnt have time to fart around with it so turned it off and left for work... What could this be? I noticed these cards dont have PCIe power inputs or even fans... great for me (like a quiet pc), but this couldnt be artifacting from heat, because she was cold this morning... Could it be some sort of fking up with the motherboard? or drivers??? Is there anything special i need to do to get this working reliably? edit: One more bit of info... could it be power?? My motherboard has an 8 pin 12v connector, to which i've got a 4 pin plug connected. my psu doesnt have an 8 pin... My PSU is 550W, but i've got runnning, 4x 500gb hdd (RAID10), 1x DVD-rw, X2 555 (unlocked and 3.7Ghz), and these two GPUs.... thats all... however i worry that this might be a power issue...
  8. Fantastic! Will go ahead and click "Buy"... As always, thanks for the help guys!
  9. Hey all... I've got a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Motherboard, and need to connect 3 monitors (maybe 4 in the future). All monitors have only VGA + DVI connectors... no DisplayPort... Is it possible to get a pair of Gigabyte HD5450's and throw them in this motherboard, and not link them via CrossFire and have them run 3 or 4 screeens independantly?? This is for a Photoshop machine... no games... ever... So its not about the grunt so much as being able to run multiple screens... Any help would be awesome.. cheers Sam
  10. Samson_1

    Internet dropouts - Bigpond

    Thanks for the suggestion guys... and yeh we run digital system here.. so no normal handsets... we also run mobiles for backup. Checked the "Self Healing"... was on but only set to sundays... So shouldnt have been affecting this... have turned it off anyway... When the net goes down, the router's page is still accessable. and the problem occurs across all computers... 3x desktops (2 on cable, 1 wireless) and on 2x wireless laptops.. Same problem... shows as connected to the network, but no internet access is avail. THe OS's we run are Win7 64Bit & 32bit, Win Vista 32 bit, win XP... all the same. There is definately nothing else plugged into the line... and the modem is hooked into a quality UPS, so power should be nice and clean. However after reading that review, i had a look on belkin's site, and there was a new firmware... Updating it as we speak...
  11. Samson_1

    Internet dropouts - Bigpond

    Heres the Status details... ADSL Type Interleave Path Status Show Time Downstream Upstream Data Rate (kbps) 8480 864 Noise Margin (dB) 6.0 8.0 Attenuation (dB) 32.4 20.0 Output power(dbm) 19.9 12.2 Noone in the office has P2P running... They're all 50 or 60 Years old and are always asking me shit like how do i send an email to two people at once, etc (Wheres the "Any" Key??) Shouldnt be heating issue... its in the open in an air conditioned office... plenty of space all around... its also not a super cheap belkin... its one of their better consumer models... Unfortunately i dont have a handset to test the line with... no idea where i would even find one these days! might go hunting around for one... I have noticed if I decide to stream videos it tends to die more frequently while i'm streaming... I would be the only person doing this though... as i said... everyone else only uses the connection for emails and our monthly usage is usually under 12Gigs... (10 of that is prob from me)
  12. Samson_1

    Internet dropouts - Bigpond

    No cable available here... unfortunately... I just find it strange that we didnt have (or maybe didnt notice) this issue with the original modem...
  13. Howdy all, Having a bit of a problem with our internet at work. (Small office. with about 5 computers.) Everyone else here barely knows how to send an email, let alone fix anything, so i'm left handling all the IT stuff... We have all our computers running on wifi... This was proving a problem due to signal not reaching one of the PCs properly. We run all our files off a RAID NAS drive plus off site backup. Because we access everything directly off the NAS, we needed some more speed and a bit better range... So i changed out the crapped out old Netgear (802.11g) modem router for a Belkin (802.11n) unit... within a week or so i started noticing that once a day or so (randomly) our internet would drop out... I'd notice my laptop would show limited connection then a minute later the router's admin page would show no connection... sometimes a restart would help... sometimes just waiting for 5-10 minutes would do it... sometimes nothing would help and i just had to wait for half an hour and it would just come back online. We were due for an upgrade so i upgraded us to a cisco gigabit switch and a brand new belkin play max modem router... managed to get half the office onto Ethernet, the other half we have to start making holes in walls to get them wired. Thinking the belkin modem was just being funny, I figured a brand new unit would fix the problem. No such luck... The new modem is doing the exact same thing... its bizzare... I even brought in my modem from home... it did the same thing... the ADSL2 has its own phone line (god knows why), so its not about having splitters or anything... Could this be bigpond screwing us around? It seems odd that this just started when we changed the modem the first time... But we cant go back to it because it doesnt give us the range or speed that we need.. any suggestions?
  14. Samson_1

    Help with some maths

    I've just drawn this up by hand to a rough scale... I think i need more info.... I've drawn it to two extreames and both have different angles yet adhere to the above data. Just checked... Both angles are to be the same... I think i can do this now
  15. Samson_1

    Help with some maths

    Now i finished year 12 about 8 years ago and for the life of me can not think of any form of maths that can help me work out some angles. Using Sine & Cosine Rules, I cant drum up enough data to work the angles out.. The shape can be split into triangles. But just not enough data... Is there any way to work out these unknowns? If anyone can, an Atomican can. Any help would be really awesome!