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  1. mozza

    For our fallen brethren

    Very sorry to learn of him passing. Was always a good guy to me.
  2. mozza

    Losing a Parent.

    I don't know what that feels like or how you should feel but I am sorry that you lost your dadl
  3. mozza

    Roll Call!

    Who's this dickhead?
  4. mozza

    Homosexual sex is disgusting

    I'm relieved to see that nothing has changed.
  5. Glad to see you're still at it
  6. mozza

    RIP Darkmatter

  7. mozza

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Definitely interested
  8. mozza

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    That is a god-damn blast from the past. ' Was my first time going out in Sydney too, so it was special. Had a great night.
  9. mozza

    Downloading TV shows?

    just to be clear, what are you suggesting he do, Juggs?
  10. mozza

    Ten Years Ago

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  11. mozza

    Weight loss diary 2012

    Joined fitocracy today as someone told me I have to since i have fixed up the tready. Did 104 crunches followed by trying to do the 12min mile on the tready. Fell 250m short over 12mins :(, avg speed was 6.8km/h but needed to be 8. I like the quests. I get sick of cardio really quick so interval training has always been my kind of thing, I reckon I can work that in to an enjoyable 20-30min cardio session each day plus plenty of body weight exercises to get me started. Good site, makes me feel like I'm rpg'n.
  12. mozza

    Do you love your job?

    Each Monday I just think about how quick it will get to 5pm Friday. Shit job is shit but bills are getting paid until I figure who I am.
  13. mozza

    Starting my own thread.

    Hey Bob, Just wanted to say that whatever you choose to do, hope it all works out the way you want. Hope you chose to be who you want no matter how hard.