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    What of Atomic?

    It's an unusual thing, when the objects that have always been in the room go missing. Atomic was the start of a journey for me, as a comp.sci undergraduate, over a decade ago now. Atomic was the little interesting thing that would keep me company, in my backpack, as I careered through the tech-life, to where I've ended up now. I've reached the base-camp of a summit now. The text on my little interesting thing has become blurry and hard to make out. I'll need something new and fresh, for the next leg of the climb. It's been an amazing decade and a bit. This isn't the end. Only by and in name, is it an end at all. My gratitude to the founding forefathers, the originators and the bearers of the Atomic torch, as they have come and gone, like so many incarnations of Doctor Who. I'll see you all soon, in a different form and a different place. z
  2. zebra

    Issue 141 Feedback

    Shit yeah.
  3. zebra

    Intel Xeon E5 2650 Question.

    Hi. Provided the board supports it, you do not NEED ECC DIMM's with a Xeon E5 26xx series CPU. It can use normal non ECC RAM. z
  4. So in a sense, not worth the paper it's printed on? Figures! z
  5. ...and, unfortunately, lest not the forget... http://acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_1685 -_-. Unfortunate legislation, I guess. z
  6. zebra

    Working in IT, Do you ?

    ...and most definitely nothing wrong with those guys! Often easier to hire and get a job for them, than the really hyper-specialised guys. z
  7. zebra

    Working in IT, Do you ?

    Hi Michael. I'm one of those guys that lurks in the background of Atomic. I see everything, but I don't post much. My job just gets in the way. Too much to do. To that end, you've probably NFI who I am and have never seen me post. Anyway... IT is weird, at best. I guess I've been in the IT game for about 7 years now. Not that long, I suppose. I've got a background in information systems and software engineering (degree) and then an honours degree in computer science in a weird/obscure field known as HCI. I was a assistant admin/UNIX kid to begin with as a graduate. Went on to do the sysadmin thing, then the helpdesk thing, then the architecture thing - now I'm a boss of IT. Also ended up a consultant for very highly specialised storage, high performance computing and life-sciences problems. The big iron stuff. I guess I'm a mix of things comprised of: * Dark UNIX overlord. * Firmware hacker. * Assembler kid. * High end storage expert (flash arrays/solid state NAND flash product engineering, HSM). * Performance analyst. * Kernel guy. * Hater of social networking. You won't find me on the FailBook or the Twitterz. Chat clients? No. IRC. Yes. "INTERNET FRIENDS?!". Leave me alone. You've entered the territory of those that help to BUILD the world you play in. We keep an eye on it from the background while everyone else has fun. Someone has to do it, right? I get to fly around the world here and there, presenting at conferences. Vendors ask me questions/get me in to help them with things fairly regularly. I help design and steer some of the products you all use today and take for gospel. Oh...and I write for Atomic in my spare time. Can't say it's always that interesting to me however, these days. IT is only one little thing. Might need something else to take up my time, one of these days. As to how I got my "big break"? Well. I'm not sure I've had a big break. I just do what I do. There has never been a point in time where anything changed so dramatically that I've had a "big break", to my mind. Maybe it'll happen one of these days and I'll start making millions of coins per year, but I doubt it. It's just not what I care about, nor am I aiming for. I'm just happy to find the answers to bigger problems. Generic IT is pretty boring to me. It's got to have a far greater purpose. Running up servers to power enterprises is kind of snooze material/stuff I don't want to go back to. It's got to solve something big. Something societal. Something humane. That's the stuff that matters. That's what we'll all need to care about, when we stop naval-gazing. Just turned 30. Am sure I have a hell of a ride ahead of me still. Just don't know where or what yet. That frustrates me, at times! I guess that about covers me. z
  8. Hi. All a matter of perspective and if you care about write quality. It's generally widely considered that the Pioneer BD technology is a little more advanced than LiteOn IT's. Not so much the case these days with DVD drives - but eh, who the hell wants a DVD burner in this day and age? BD or it's not worth it, imho ;). z
  9. zebra

    Its Been Fun

    I'll see you around town mate ;). Take it easy. z
  10. zebra

    Head to Head Request for Future Issue

    Are you sure? When I reviewed both the STX and the Xense, the STX came out on top. Hai. What numbers did you use to compare the two/how did you compare them? z
  11. zebra

    Solar Cells and Comms technology

    Explain yourself. z
  12. zebra

    Solar Cells and Comms technology

    a) Upgrade to a proper internet connection, if available. No, ADSL is not a proper internet connection. Try HFC or FTTP if available. One is significantly more appropriately shielded than a copper wire technology from 120 years ago. The other has no vulnerability to EMF/DC or AC interference at all. b) Move house. c) Run some serious conduit around your current copper wire rig and isolate your router in a faraday cage. d) I'm very dubious as to the nature of the claim that solar panels actively cause significant interference in such scenarios. DC power doesn't exhibit such behaviour, typically. z PS: Facetious comments may or may not be a part of this post.
  13. zebra

    The horse has bolted

    These be fighting words! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebroid Freakshow. z
  14. zebra

    The horse has bolted

    The horse has not bolted. I'm right here... >_>... <_<... z