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You pervert, sif you want to read about my personal life! :P j/k


I, started reading Atomic when I was in year 11 or 12 of High School. A friend of mine's Dad was buying the mag and my friend started bringing them in to school and subsequently got me hook on it. Been buying it ever since issue 7 (missed out on that awesome cover of 6 ;) )


I'm like the anti Green Room user. Seems like most hang in the Green Room and occasionally go in the other sections, I mainly hang every where but the Green Room! No rank spam here.


I upkeep the Truth about graphic cards power requirements and the Atomic SuperPi Scores stickies, plus I also upkeep the Atomic Forums Menu Extension for Firefox (give it a go and drop me some feedback).


I'm mainly into CPUs and graphics cards, but always keep up with the latest with regards to other PC bits'n'pieces. I like my Sci-Fi, like Stargate SG1 (take that 'The OC' lovers!), SG: Atlantis, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica etc, and enjoy war movies. And am always playing the latest PC games when possible. Consoles are for hippies :O



IRL I'm currently an IT Systems Administrator, though it's more like a mash up of that and help desk support and hardware monkey. Not bad though as I get to deal with a wide spread of things.