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    Learning Music by Yourself

    I've been playing piano for most of my life now, and I would *very* strongly recommend you find a good teacher. I play Liszt and Rachmaninoff, but even I fall into bad habits if I self teach for more than about 6 months or so :-)
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    I was going to post content, but then my brain dripped out through my nose and shorted out my keyboard.
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    Oh! The CGI makes it so clear!

    What is this I don't even
  5. Voightkampff

    Games with the best stories

    Some excellent games I think people have missed so far: - Beyond Good and Evil - Heavy Rain - The Longest Journey - Dreamfall - The Dig - Shadow of the Colossus
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    Funniest Comedy Clips

  7. Voightkampff

    Steam Specials Thread

    It looks like an amazing SCHMUP, and the 4 player things is really appealing, assuming there are people to play with... sell me on it. Well, basically it is as you say. An amazing shmup. Great (and weird) story, graphics on par with the best of the neo-geo era, brilliant music, deep gameplay, lots of bonus challenge levels that actually help you become a better player.. It's just generally awesome. Most of all, it just feels right.. It runs that fine line where every time you die you always feel like it was your own fault and that one more try might do the trick. To make a one shot kill bullet hell game where deaths never feel cheap is an incredible achievement. Multiplayer is local only, but that's because it only had a 3-man dev team, and you can't have *any* lag in a bullet hell game. Oh, and sorry for the late reply. It's still on sale, though. $6.69.
  8. Voightkampff

    Steam Specials Thread

    You should all be buying Jamestown right now :-)
  9. Voightkampff

    Travellers cheques vs cash passport vs credit card

    Take ~$200-300 US in a mixture of notes as your backup in SE Asia. Split it up and keep some in different places (backpack, luggage, wallet etc). In places like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam you're likely to be going places where cash is your only option, and in a pinch people will almost always accept US dollars. Ideally you always want to have enough cash on hand that if your wallet gets stolen you have enough backup to get yourself on a bus back to somewhere you can get help. Oh, and get good travel insurance.
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    Which mac is best for Programming for apple apps.

    I reckon App programming might be a bit challenging for Primary/Early High School. See how they go with Hello World, IF statements and loops (in the language of your choice) and move on from there.
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    "Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation

  13. I love Antiques Roadshow so fucking much.
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    Which bank?

    Christ on a bike, has no-one expained interest to this woman?
  15. Voightkampff

    My story

    If you want a more comfortable place to stay, I was here last year, and it's pretty great for $20 a night, private room. It also has the most hilarious pool in the history of hilarious pools. Also, while on the subject of delicious sausage, Chiang Mai has the best green curry ones around. This place had some particularly fine examples.