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  1. Did this make anyone else laugh? I thought it was great.
  2. Mauzl


    And when played online, you get everything from the above and the ability to show off your creations and chat with random strangers :)
  3. Mauzl

    Civ 5

    I'm a bit miffed we get it three days after the US release. Even though I have this preloaded, I'm tempted to pirate it so I can play it the same day. Sick to death of delays for arbitrary reasons in the Aussie gaming market.
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    If you do sign up and get an account, this is the server I use: Sin gaming Its great!
  5. Depending on the role, it will help you get ignored. A clear, concise 1 pager is often best. More info comes at interview time.
  6. Mauzl

    Vote to support the Greens policy.

    The only short and reasonable path to cutting emissions is nuclear. It is the only one which has any chance of success. Other than the nuclear proliferation arguments, I find none of the rest of the objections to it hold water. Our current main source of power, coal, currently emits more radioactive materials than nuclear plants would.. and nuclear waste is captured and either recycled or stored safely, compared to being pumped into the air. A 1,000 MW coal-burning power plant could have an uncontrolled release of as much as 5.2 metric tons per year of uranium (containing 74 pounds (34 kg) of uranium-235) and 12.8 metric tons per year of thorium.[21] In comparison, a 1,000 MW nuclear plant will generate about 500 pounds of plutonium and 30 short tons of high-level radioactive controlled waste.[22] Just one accident like Chernobyl can release 35 times as much radiation in 10 days as the total radioactive emissions from coal power plants on the entire planet Earth over the course of a century. The Chernobyl accident is estimated to have released 25–50 million curies (1–2 exabecquerels) IAEA estimations) or even 100 million curies (4 EBq) of radioactivity[citation needed], whereas the collective radioactivity resulting from all coal burning worldwide between 1937 and 2040 is estimated to be 2,700,00 curies or 0.101 EBq).[21] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_fuel_p...nmental_impacts
  7. Mauzl

    Mr. Rudd is financially responsible.

    Do you have any logical basis for this? Most pollies with a clue can make tons more in private companies. Why should talented people be politicians? Typical ACA/Today Tonight bogan garbage zzzzz.
  8. Mauzl

    Physical piracy

    Home cooking is killing the restaurant business.
  9. Mauzl

    To ban or not to ban.

    I'm torn. I intensely dislike Islam, but I'm of the mindset that this is another piece of nanny state bullshit creeping in on civil liberties.
  10. Mauzl

    Portal is free

    Seriously, the only people that still make the one button joke are the mentally ill, and the wilfully ignorant. And the only people who don't find it funny are Mac owners, and people without a sense of humor.
  11. Maybe Mac Dude has only been reading stuff by Templeton prize winners. :P
  12. Mauzl

    Building standards?

    Depends where you live. I -think- in Victoria buildings of 3 floors or more require elevators. Good luck making anything happen tho.
  13. Mauzl

    A word of caution

    Mostly. You're missing the issue. The issue is when something is published, and, in some cases, for years, despite peer review, no verification has been done, and miscommunication are made. People place faith in the process, where it is not warranted. Scepticism is a vital, healthy, necessary part of science. Nothing is verified till you personally verify it, experimentally or practically. And thats the foundation of good science. If everything was accepted as gospel then we'd still be wondering why alchemy didn't work.
  14. Mauzl

    How does one clean up powdered chlorine?

    Use your garage as the venue for a West Coast Eagles party. It'll be gone by morning.
  15. Mauzl

    A word of caution

    I fail to see the problem. Peer review is supposed to catch stuff like this. However like everything else in life, its not perfect. Mistakes happen. Then they get caught. Wait, isn't that peer review?