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  1. freck

    My happy new job

    Wow. Congrats to you sir...
  2. freck

    Droning around Africa

    I concur. Keep it coming...
  3. freck

    What do you wear 24/7

    My crabs...
  4. freck

    So, I have turned to the dark side.

    For me it was snow skiing. Took it up again roughly 10 years ago after not having skied for the 13 years previous. Now, despite being pretty average at it, I obsess about it and try ensure that I go at least once a season. I'm also about to start gaming again after close to two years off. BF3 and work pressures made me lose interest, but I'm waiting for some parts to arrive today so I can build a new rig this weekend and get back into the swing of things. I think it watching a cousin play Diablo III that reignited my interest... :-)
  5. freck

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    I haven't heard of the fuck you and your current residence distillery. What age would you recommend for the first time taster? :-P
  6. freck

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    **bump** As some folks in here already know, I've moved to Edinburgh temporarily, and so far I'm lovin' the Ardberg 10, though admittedly I'm spending more time turps-nudging cask conditioned ales than I am whiskeys. What else should I try while I'm here? Feel free to live your whiskey dreams vicariously through me. Hoping to do some distillery tours through Speyside over the next month or so as well...
  7. freck

    Apollo 11 engines found on ocean floor

    This thread needs more political angst and indignant outrage. :-P But yeah, that's some cool shit...
  8. freck

    PC tech & Authority on iPad

    Fiddlesticks. Ah well, thanks for getting back to me...
  9. freck

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    Last night I tried Michter's US #1 Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey. It was duuurty, but goood duuurty...
  10. freck

    PC tech & Authority on iPad

    Pretty self explanatory really. I'm a Zinio subscriber and get the mags on my iPad via the Zinio iPad app, but TBH, I'd rather use the more native iPad functionality to read the mag. Is there anyway to do this without paying more dosh? Is there a way to get the app to recognise my existing subscription?
  11. freck

    What of Atomic?

    It's not how you fall down that matters. It's how you get back up. I bought a Zinio subscription a month or two ago, and frankly, I look forward to seeing how the Phoenix evolves...
  12. freck

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    I've tried both Sap. They're both special and distinctly different. More different than I certainly expected from a simple difference of age. That being said I preferred the 12 to the 15. I've not heard that but it makes sense. UV light definitely screws with beer, hence the prevalence of brown bottles...
  13. freck

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    Hey, some good Japanese representation so far. What do you think of them? Ooh, sorry for the late response. TBH, despite my initial scepticism about Japanese whiskeys, I soon found that they apply the same obsession and dedication to mastery to whiskey distilling that they do to anything they undertake. And the results show. I'll now take a Japanese whiskey over a scotch any day of the week, although I'm still partial to a Glenmorangie now and then. Try the Yoiichi 12 if you haven't already. It has this beautiful smokiness in there. Yummeh. Hong Kong & Macau have a few decent whiskey bars now. Drop me a PM next time you're around this way and point them out to you. Also, MOD Pub in Taipei is awesome...
  14. freck

    Returning to our roots....

    Beerathons = Good times...
  15. freck

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    I guess for me it would introducing chaos.lady to the mag, and then six months later her introducing me to the forums...