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    Website copyright?

    If your website is still very similar to the template. Just credit the designer, Flashmint, and add a disclaimer saying that the content is yours. That's all you'll need to do.
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    Mass Effect 2...

    Not even a phonecall?
  3. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    On the topic of Rachni. Was anyone else dissapointed with it's lack of appearance in ME2? All we got was a bit of dialogue.
  4. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    Blew it up out of pure stubbornness and dislike of Cerberus and Charlie Sheen's father.
  5. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    fixT lol. I got pretty good at driving that piece of shit tank. Though you have a point.
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    Mass Effect 2...

    Please play through on insanity and then return to us. Because Insanity is not easy - it's rather unforgiving, especially if your squad goes down and you suddenly find yourself fending off 6+ opponents. Will do. I'm trying out Vanguard on normal first though. But hey, the last boss - the human reaper thing - took me one nuke to destroy it. Spectacular, but a bit too simple. I think it took me just over 25 hours. I did all the sub-missions, loyalty missions (including Zaeed), listened to all the dialogue, and scanned half the universe. In my opinion, ME1 had a lot more to do. I guess that was also because I spent a lot of time in that trying out upgrade/weapon/armor combos. ME2 has barely any of that. Worthless. The consumer just sucks it up and takes it. Its almost as bad as the pricing on books. And books are almost as bad as going to the movies.
  7. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    Fnished the game today and yes it was very short. Awesome story though, really enjoyed the game but not sure if it's worth playing for those who never played ME1. Also the game seemed too easy. Might try Vanguard now.
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    Melbourne under cyberattack - from India!

    Unfortunately, I'd have to agree with you on that one.
  9. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    After playing for a couple more days. I agree with some of the comments here that ME2 is much much much shorter than ME1 and not much of an RPG at all. Not quite dissapointed but not really impressed either. Cheers!
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    Best Mouse?

    Best mouse of all time. So good I bought a 3 pack OEM.
  11. [BeEf] .

    EEP! methinks I win OZ Lotto......

    Please hire a personal finance consultant. Please. It physically hurts me to think a three person family struggles on over $100k a year. Want to trade lives? That was to RadioBirdman.
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    Mass Effect 2...

    Dr. Pepper DLC Items - See Below: http://www.destructoid.com/get-mass-effect...er-162580.phtml
  13. Yeah I'll have a play around with that next time it happens. For some reason it's fine now. But yesterday it wasn't and the day before that it was flickering... hmm...
  14. I've recently installed Windows 7 (64bit) onto my new PC and some for reason the screen flickers once in a while. Well not really flicker, but the screen jumps up and down by about 20px and then shifts back. It occurs randomly - but more often when the computers more active. I'm using a HP LCD Monitor and my graphics card is a XFX 5770 with updated drivers. Anyone else have the same problem?
  15. [BeEf] .

    Mass Effect 2...

    Started playing this game over the weekend (after getting the collectors pre-order for my bday, it was a long wait) and I have no idea how some of you guys did every little thing in under 25 hours? The game seems to be much bigger than ME1. I'm hating the weapons/upgrades management - much preferred it when you could see stats and have an idea of how much was getting improved. Does anyone know if the upgrades affect special edition/preorder armors and weapons?