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  1. aliali

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    No need to do that. Use longer bolts and put stand off spacers between Vesa mount plate and monitor. Easiest is a bunch of washers or some nuts.
  2. aliali

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Jeez that would put a stain in your pants I reckon.
  3. aliali

    Israel did it.

    Not really chris, I think it is the same sort of psychological issue that we often see in the conservative religious right. People who blather on and on about family values, all the while putting their dicks where they shouldn't.
  4. aliali

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Couldn't watch all of it just too exciting.
  5. aliali

    Project Binky

    More w00ts from me, thanks for the heads up Rybags.
  6. Ah but that's the whole point of a lot of the conservative religious right. Women are not equal and only here to be your baby factory and to do as they are told. It's how these insecure and inadequate men make themselves feel important and significant.
  7. aliali

    The most special people

    Oi! careful who you insult there
  8. aliali

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Oh neat, very neat.
  9. aliali

    Some great reads

    That he does, that he does. Apart from being generally entertaining it's one of the reasons I have read most of his books multiple times as I pick up on things I missed the first time round, but they are not for everyone.
  10. aliali

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Can't see the point really. If all they are going to be used for are bootables like Windows installers and recovery utilities then the larger size is pointless as these sorts of utilities use way less than 8Gb.
  11. aliali

    Multi monitor slide show

    Okey Dokey time for an update after a bit over a year of operation. Have the PC set to turn on at a set time each day via a bios setting (Resume by Alarm). Limitation is that it can only be one time on one day, or one time on all days so the later is used. Problems with this. If the power goes off when the PC is off it won't auto turn on atm. Also have to remember to disable ErP after each bios update. Also need to turn off Windows 10 fast start-up in windows power options because it prevents resume by alarm from working by apparently locking the drive. This has been occasionally been giving me some issues. If there is a power outage when the tvs are on they seem to reset their times back to default which is (oddly) 01/01/2036. Once that happens they fail to pick up the correct time again via the internet. So have the times set manually for the moment to see what happens. Have got this working ok with the Pulse Eight adaptor once I figured out exactly what needs to be on and off on the TV. TV documentation is pretty sketchy on this. Importantly TV fast start must be off for some reason and had to play around quite a bit with the Pulse Eight CEC tray settings to get it going. On too Squallstrife's software. We had been getting a Visual C++ error on some slide shows and it was doing my head in a bit till I decided to check through the images supplied very carefully. For some reason I had "show hidden files and folders on" and low and behold all the problem folders had at least one 0 byte image file starting with ._ Of course this was stuffing up the slide show software. A quick google and apparently they are something to do with MAC OS and as the folder containing the images was copied to the slide show PC these hidden files where also copied. So easy fix for that, don't copy those files over. Still got the issue with the mouse pointer not hiding if the mouse is used at any point. A simple "fix" is to reboot the PC and turn the mouse (it's wireless) off before the PC reboots. Future changes. Apparently the TVs have Wake on Lan, but the manual calls it "Network waking up" and the setting is called "Network standby". Tried this today on one TV using this http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wake_on_lan.html programme but no dice, probably because the TVs are connected to the network via wireless, or I got a setting wrong . When I get time I will try one tv using Ethernet LAN and see if it works. If so then this will remove the time/clock issues with the smaller TVs. If that is successful I will need to run some more Ethernet cables and fit another switch to get the rest of the TVs on to Ethernet so I can dispense with timers and CEC to turn the TVs on. /Edit Ok the WOL feature seems to work via wired LAN on the TV I tried so will need to run a few ethernet cables to a switch and wire them all up, will see how that goes. /Edit 2 Yay it all seems to work using WakeMeonLAN. Using a bat file to run WakemeonLAN with the syntax WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeupmulti mac address1 mac address2 mac address3 mac address4 with a shortcut in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp pointing to the bat file. Fingers crossed this is a more reliable setup.
  12. aliali

    Some great reads

    Another one of my favs, had the paperback for years.
  13. aliali

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Is that from water pooling in the exhaust somewhere?
  14. aliali

    The most special people

    Good that's extremely well deserved. I think you are rather overdoing it a bit on the accolades there Ben, but thanks. And congrats to all the others too.
  15. aliali

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Ok trying to get my head around that thing. After looking through the pics I assume you are going to be welding up your own battery packs for the EBike? I didn't even know domestic spot welders where available so there ya go I learnt something.