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  1. Hey guys - my old computer is still plugging along from like 2010 (value), threw in some new RAM and an SSD drive about 2 years ago. But she started slowing down again and I think it might soon be time to let her go (I just use it for work etc these days). Anyway what parts are salvageable (if any?) - Could I get away with just getting a new MOBO, GPU, CPU and ram and keeping the SSD, PSU, HD and case? Cheers (= CPU: i5- 750 GPU: Powercolor 5770 Mobo: GBP55A-UDR PSU: seasonic PSR550 HD: 500 GB CASE: PK - 56 RAM: G-skill 1600 trident
  2. Hi Guys, Posting this for my girlfriend; She has a macbook pro 13inch which was purchased in 2011 and is approx 3 years old now. She uses it for Uni work and watching movies. Lately microsoft word has been freezing regularly - such as when she attempts to paste things into it. She has update all her software (microsoft word and the mac software) and is just wondering if there is anything she can do to speed it up or is it just coming up to the end of its life? Thanks (= Paul