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    Townsville QLD
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    Music<br />Drumming<br />Hiking<br />Cycling<br />Running<br />Time with kids<br />Repairing or modding random shit<br />Fixing mates' shit<br />Sleeping<br />Growing herbs and tomatoes<br />Hunting<br />Off road and camping<br />Fishing<br />Swimming<br />PC hardware & mods<br />Electronics<br />Beers<br />

About Me

I'm a Fitter machinist by trade, but specialize in military weapons. I've also had experience in commercial diving/saturation systems maintenance.

Very family orientated and am focused on investing time, money and education for my families future.

I love learning and gaining new skills! I have an open mind and like to take the best option possible. I don't like learning the hard way!

I tend to get anxious when all the attention is on me and avoid big groups of people. But can rave on about whatever one on one :)

Love to sit and enjoy the quiet, happily reflecting on the past :)