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  1. If it helps, Chris, there's at least one person thinking of you over on this side of the Tasman... me (for what it's worth). Focus on breathing - at the end of the day, everything else is just noise :o)
  2. GTAV6

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Wow... That was not what I was expecting to read :o( I was looking forward to catching up with a name from the past in here and instead get hit with the news that he's gone. 'Condolences' doesn't really cover it, but what else do you say?
  3. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    Already on it, like white on rice.
  4. GTAV6

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    Are you sure we want to go there? Kathleen and her tie caused a bit of a mess in General Chat back in the day :o)
  5. GTAV6

    Roll Call!

    +1 (very...) I find it hard to grasp that there are probably new members here that weren't even born when I first joined!
  6. GTAV6

    Paying for photobucket

    Ditto. And not only that, but I was also totally unable to upload for about two years prior to this. I have no objections to paying for a service - as long as the service is actually provided (reliably) and the costs are reasonable. In this instance, Photobucket have failed on both counts in a spectacularly miserable fashion...
  7. GTAV6

    Well, that's wonderful

    Walking is overrated anyway, Chris, trust me :o) At least your cognitive function isn't wobbly...
  8. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    The pair of them should cease and desist all else so that I don't have to wait so long for my next Binky fix...
  9. GTAV6


    I've just noticed seeing that term recently; is there some difference between 'quadriplegic' and 'tetraplegic', or has the terminology just changed for 'reasons'? (spellcheck apparently prefers 'quad' too ;) Force of habit... "Tetraplegic" (& tetraplegia, etc.), is simply a newer/different terminology that's been around for about 20 years - but it's been really slow gaining traction out in the world. Essentially, it's felt that quadriplegic is considered too definitive. I'm honestly not sure if it's a medically instigated term or merely motivated by political correctness :o) When you say 'quadriplegic', most people immediately envisage someone who can't move their arms and legs, but in reality it covers more than that. My spinal cord is severed at the juncture of C6/7, meaning I still have partial use of my arms, whereas someone with an injury at C4 would have no use of their arms and be on a ventilator as well, and yet we are all 'quads'. People meeting me for the first time always think I am a paraplegic and are stunned to learn that I'm actually a so-called "quadriplegic"... As for the Gabapentin, it was prescribed to try and keep my muscle spasms under control (which it doesn't), and any additional pain relief it might afford is merely a bonus. What I dislike about it is the instant withdrawals if you forget to take it; forget them at dinner time and I'm in for a bad night of extreme restlessness and no sleep :o(
  10. GTAV6


    I live on a combo of Ibuprofen and Gabapentin. The doc assures me that my Brufen dosage is small enough that there should be minimal impact on my kidneys - but their function is checked every so often anyway, as being a tetraplegic means my kidneys are are constantly on the critical list.
  11. GTAV6


    I had to endure physio twice a day, five days a week for six solid and agonising months after I broke my neck, and then sporadically over the last 17 years. Needless to say, physiotherapy doesn't exactly conjure up warm fuzzies for me... One thing I've learned above all else; if you give in to a physio, even by a millimetre, they'll have you doing exercises, stretches and any number of invented-on-the-spot tortures contortions, 24/7 - they invariably fail to grasp the concept that just because physiotherapy is their life, it does not mean that the rest of the populous feels the same way! However, I will cheerfully own the fact that if it wasn't for the highly dedicated team of physios (& occupational therapists), at the Auckland Spinal Unit, I'd still be a mewling wreck confined to a bed, instead of being where I am now :o)
  12. GTAV6

    What car do you drive?

    We have a 2011 Citroën C5 Touring. Despite sipping on the Devil's juice and being a big heavy vehicle, it's blisteringly fast - deceptively so, in that it's not what you'd expect from such a car. Uses virtually no fuel, no matter how hard you drive it (and it's a 3.0 twin turbo), but it eats tires at a prodigious rate... I'd post a picture, but Photobucket seems to be broken :o(
  13. GTAV6

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    I'd own a Countach in a heartbeat - but it'd be a museum piece only as far as I'm concerned, for all the same reasons (and more), that have been mentioned. Actually, I'd have to have at least three to ensure I had all the colours I badly want on a Countach... The Aventador is the first Lambo since the Countach that has truly excited me enough to consider owning (assuming such a fantasy ever eventuated...), although I think the Huracán would actually be more practical, in as much as practicality applies to a supercar :o) There's a guy in the States with a black LP400 mounted on the inside wall of his stairwell...
  14. GTAV6

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    You should be able to feel my envy from where you're sitting, twinair - and I'm in NZ...