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  1. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Because 10 gives them better control of the populous... (and no, I don't believe that's merely a 'tinfoil hat required' statement!) Scrapping it, of course, is forcing everybody who've stubbornly stuck with 7 to finally upgrade. It's another step in the direction MS wanted to go many years ago when they were pushing for an OS that required people to subscribe, rather than purchase. Along that line, I've been, er, unpleasantly surprised (to put it politely - or is that just naivety on my part?), by all the 'standard' things you now have to pay for. It's ridiculous - want to play simple hand of solitaire for a few moments while something loads? Certainly, but unless you pay, MS will regularly bombard it with (very) loud and obnoxious ads for online gambling. Want to hear your 4K movie in Dolby Atmos? That'll be be US$15 please. And how on earth has Xbox become an integral part of Windows' OS, which cannot be removed yet requires money to do anything with it? If I wanted Xbox, I would have bought one! Unless you're very careful, you can't even install 10 without divulging far more personal information that a lot of people would like, or inadvertently allowing a ton of bloatware along for the ride - all of which targets your wallet in some way or another. They call it an "operating" system and they're correct: it performs surgery on everything, most notably your bank account and your personal life. Yes, I realise this is the world we live in now, and all this slightly off-topic ranting is simply me being forcibly dragged into it, kicking and screaming.
  2. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Oh, I hear you, LogicprObe! I hate it with a passion and resisted having it until I absolutely had to. There were only three reasons why I finally went to 10 and all of them were forced on me. Firstly, MS is dropping all support for 7 around about now and secondly, all the latest high-spec hardware (CPUs especially) apparently won't function correctly on 7, if at all. The biggest insult, though, is that MS won't allow 4K playback on anything less than 10 - and that has failed anyway, for reasons unknown (supposedly the GPU, but while Intel says yes it will, Cyberlink says no it won't and they are the ones that have the final word over whether or not you can have 4K playback...).
  3. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Problem is finally solved! The guys that provide all my components ( https://pp.co.nz/ ), found a document from Intel explaining how to convert their NUCs from stereo to the full range of high def audio. Of all things, you install a modified version of Windows Media Player Classic (!!!), which provides access to a ton of audio and video settings that Windows 10 normally locks you out of. For some reason, every sound option on my machine was disabled except for stereo + LFE and enabling Realtek HD disabled the LFE. However, via WMPC, I was able to switch on everything right up to Dolby Atmos! So, just on the off chance it might be helpful to someone else; The modded media player "MPC-HC" is here: https://mpc-hc.org/downloads/ And the 'how to' pdf from Intel: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/boardsandkits/Configure-Surround-Sound.pdf
  4. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Well... pretty much working. Have a call in to see if the CPU supplier can tell me why Intel have restricted audio to 2.1, even over HDMI. It's supposedly pre-installed with Realtek ALC662 5.1 HD audio - but it too will only do 2.1 because of Intel. Although strangely enough, while Shuttle market the XH310V as having 5.1 HD audio, it only has a single stereo jack out the back! I'm beginning to think there's been a bit of a stuff-up by Shuttle between their product marketing and the correlation of the their mainboard and Intel's CPUs. What's puzzling me is that I should be able to pull whatever type of audio I want over HDMI, regardless of the mainboard architecture. And yes, I'm well acquainted with Murphy...
  5. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Hooray! Where's Silhouette, I need some *confetti*! Apologies to Intel and Microsoft for thinking evil thoughts about them* - it turns out my bass problem was an obscure, deeply buried setting in my AVR. For whatever reason, one of the changes Marantz have made between my old NR1403 and my new NR1609 is that merely setting the subwoofer to "on" isn't enough. First, the front speakers have to be set as "small", then an option becomes available to switch the bass from LFE to LFE+Main, which allows the AVR to apply your chosen crossover point to all the audio signals, not just HD. *actually, I am still thinking evil thoughts about them, as none of this solves the 4K problem. Edit... Scratch some of my above comments - it turns out it wasn't the AVR's fault: RealteK was overriding everything I did and restricting the output to 2.1 only. Disabled it and now I have my subs are back on LFE only just like they're supposed to be, without the main audio muddying the sound (Silhouette! More *confetti* needed! However, despite that very minor victory, I still cannot get anything other than stereo! The control panel sound properties insist that my only option is "Intel(R) Display Audio Output 2.1" and nothing else. I am obviously way dumber than even I thought I was! Setting up a new rig shouldn't be this hard... It's supposed to be fun! Sorry for the rant. Any moment now there's going to be the sound of a brand new Shuttle XPC exiting the building via a closed window.
  6. GTAV6

    No LFE except on Blu-Ray?

    Nich..., I'd imagine the Windows tester thingy is probably outputting a low signal, rather than specifically targeting the LFE channel. I have no way of measuring the frequency it uses. I did come across the suggestion that Intel are supposedly trying to force the world into UHD only, but so far I suspect that might only be yet another urban legend. It wouldn't surprise if something along that line was true, though, even if only partly. As for playback, I tried Windows Media Player, Windows 10's newfangled "Movies & TV" player and PowerDVD 18. Netflix and YouTube in Opera, Chrome and MS Edge. Obviously, only PowerDVD for Blu-Ray. Funny thing is, during mp3 , mp4 or DVD playback, using the Windows test at the same time will still produce the test tone from the sub, but not the base from the music/movie. As best as I can tell, I'm getting a full range signal to the other 5 channels (my speakers only go from 150 - 20 Hz). This whole exercise is going to end in tears, anyway. Having spent a small fortune (for me), on a new supposedly UHD capable PC, a new AVR and UHD monitor, I still cannot play 4K - which was a big part of the reason for the upgrade. It seems that inserting an AVR between the PC and the screen possibly constitutes a break in the DMR security chain and therefore 4K is disallowed! You can do this from a stand alone player, but seemingly not from a PC.
  7. I finally have my new system up and running and it seems Windows 10 and/or the i7-9700 will not send LFE unless from a Blu-Ray. Or at least not via HDMI (my subs are connected to the LFE pre-outs on my AVR). mp3, mp4, CD, DVD (regardless of player software), YouTube, Netflix - all have no LFE. But play a BD and the LFE is present. Test the speakers using Windows' playback device configuration and my subs rumble. So seemingly my new PC will only only include LFE from Blu-Ray content.. I cannot seem to find any reference to this on Google, as most people seem to just be using the audio jacks on the back of their PCs, rather than an AVR. Any guesses? I am obviously way out of my depth here, or else I have unknowingly done something really stupid.
  8. Very likely, Nich... Just a bit sad that it no longer works.
  9. Indeed... in theory. And yet, intriguingly, It was handling it beautifully (over HDMI), with my previous PC - after a little skulduggery with the Intel graphics control panel from 7 years ago. Which is what was so frustrating. I had assumed I'd be able to do the same again, but obviously Intel have wised up and repaired whatever it was that let me get away with it before. Oh well, like I said above, there's a new screen on the way, so it's all kind of moot now anyway.
  10. No, tried that on the assumption the AVR is probably only HDMI v1.4, even though my AVR (a Marantz NR1403), does not restrict the output resolution of its HDMI pass-through, unlike a lot of newer models. Interestingly, even setting a game resolution higher than 1920 x 1080, within the game's own options, makes my monitor go black and spit out the same error message. It must be a Windows 10/newer Intel graphics combination that is refusing high resolutions based on the hardware it detects.
  11. Okay, so I get that my brand new Windows 10 machine is probably detecting HDMI v1.4 cables and a non-4K monitor - but here's the rub... My outgoing seven year old Windows 7 / Intel Core i5-3470 machine happily sent a custom resolution of 2560 x 1440 @ 52Hz to my Dell U2713HM, via my AVR. The new setup required a tiny 3rd party program to create a custom resolution but refuses to allow it to be used, instead returning a Dell error saying the input timing is not supported. Is this just Intel being too clever, or might there be something I'm missing? And yes, I now have HDMI v2.0 cables and a Dell U2718Q on order, but that's an annoying high additional expense I was hoping to avoid for a while.
  12. GTAV6

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Be thinking of you.
  13. GTAV6

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Probably not much consolation at this early stage, but at least in this day and age there is some seriously cool tech available in the prosthetic field (well, that's how I view my wheelchairs, anyway - vastly different circumstances, I know, but it's the closest I can come where encouragement is concerned).
  14. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    They just can't help themselves, can they...
  15. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    The cable release to activate the cable release to open the bonnet cracked me up. Clever, though.