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  1. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    A most satisfying way to start the new year.
  2. GTAV6

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    I wouldn't sweat it, C|sco - the fact that most of those folk were able to actually do something for someone else was good enough. I can guarantee you that none of them ever expected anything in return.
  3. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Nothing like adding a little odour to the colour...
  4. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Nice selection, Ben! All the new names were heroes in action already, but good to have it acknowledged publicly. Cybes especially - he's one of those guys that should have had the hero tag long ago, instead of me...
  5. GTAV6

    So - who's around these days?

    Just like me...
  6. GTAV6

    Did something just happen?

    Indeed. Except that there is not enough green.
  7. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    Part 2 is up.
  8. GTAV6

    What a year!!

    We're all still here for you, Chris.
  9. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    And yet so fascinating it only felt like half as long...
  10. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    Excellent! Is anyone following the Retropower Mk1 Escort build for Gordon Murray on YouTube? Not anywhere near kind of bonkers fabrication that the BOM are guys are performing on Binky, but still impressive, nonetheless.
  11. GTAV6

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Wow... C|sco !!! Nice to see you're still around - I've often wondered where you were and how you were getting on.
  12. GTAV6

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Thanks guys. I had a feeling I wasn't recalling correctly. Of course, now it's going to annoy me, wondering who it was in the back of my mind. Whomever it was, they were often hilariously outspoken - and frequently reprimanded for it. I really do miss the old at0mic and the host of unique characters that used to inhabit it...
  13. GTAV6

    Where does everybody live these days?

    So far, only three of us are from outside of Oz - and at least one is an ex-pat Aussie. As for me, I'm very much a minority here these days, being in NZ. Hey, those few who can remember 15-16 years ago, wasn't Wormstrangler a Kiwi? (I have a feeling that might not be correct. I'm afraid my poor elderly mind is somewhat hazy when it comes to vital information like that...)
  14. GTAV6

    I quit Facebook

    You would make a terrible politician...
  15. If it helps, Chris, there's at least one person thinking of you over on this side of the Tasman... me (for what it's worth). Focus on breathing - at the end of the day, everything else is just noise :o)