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  1. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    The cable release to activate the cable release to open the bonnet cracked me up. Clever, though.
  2. GTAV6

    Anyone seen Cybes lately ?

    (I know this won't count for much, but I'd miss seeing you here if you weren't around as much)
  3. GTAV6

    Is the previous forum archive gone?

    That's a shame.
  4. GTAV6

    I'mmmmmm BACK!

    Now this would have to be some of the better news I have seen around here in a long while!
  5. GTAV6

    The most special people

    at0mic definitely needs more ITT...
  6. GTAV6

    My mother died

    Thinking of you, Chris.
  7. Now that is just downright cruel, robzy! /copy+paste...
  8. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    It just shows how good those two are, that people (myself included!), are happy to watch them doing something as mundane as stripping out an old truck. I really laughed when a particularly stubborn bolt made a loud creaking noise and the comment was "Sounds like your wallet"...
  9. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Bingo! Thanks Fuzz. Oh, and fantastic to see you're still around, too.
  10. GTAV6

    The most special people

    She was alluding to that here a few weeks back. And MacDude - remember his "at0miclock"? He ran it annually for three of four years; very successful, fun and interesting. Goth, HCB and another whose name started with a "Y" (Yarrow, or something like that?) successfully designed and built an electronic kit that enabled you to read your CPU speed as RPM on an aftermarket automotive tachometer.
  11. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Those are some of the ones I very much miss here, too, along with the likes of Goth, HCB, Silhouette, Morris and a heap of others whose names don't immediately spring to mind. I also miss IvanTheTerrible and his daily bad jokes. And kunzie - or the pulling thereof... Of course, one of the bigger holes here that nobody else has ever come close to filling is the one that Virt left, of course. Whatever became of MAEL? The Wallaceys? Can anyone recall who the sometimes controversial at0mican was that pulled that really classy rank spam for his 1k that said "And just like that... he was gone", then vanished completely (although he still posted occasionally under another name for a while) How many here remember the huge fund raising efforts to help Bailey get a new wheelchair? Was that for SirHSV, or is my memory even hazier than I think? ... and so-on and so-on.
  12. GTAV6

    Project Binky

    A most satisfying way to start the new year.
  13. GTAV6

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    I wouldn't sweat it, C|sco - the fact that most of those folk were able to actually do something for someone else was good enough. I can guarantee you that none of them ever expected anything in return.
  14. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Nothing like adding a little odour to the colour...
  15. GTAV6

    The most special people

    Nice selection, Ben! All the new names were heroes in action already, but good to have it acknowledged publicly. Cybes especially - he's one of those guys that should have had the hero tag long ago, instead of me...