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  1. CS3 - Bridge although I'm currently trialling the Lightroom BETA. I've been very impressed with the changes to the RAW converter and sharpening algorithms. They have to be seen to be believed. Post crop vignette. Yay :D
  2. SaMADog

    Help my Windows 7 loader keeps rebooting.

    In probably what is now a critical oversight. I assumed that since CPU's released after the E7600 worked I assumed that it too would be compatible. All evidence points to a combination of an OS/MB issue. Is strikingly similar to my issue. It too wasn't resolved.
  3. SaMADog

    Help my Windows 7 loader keeps rebooting.

    Update. I discovered that Windows ran fine with my old CPU installed (an E6300) so after a small amount of procrastination I attempted to swap the CPUs around to my new one (E7600). No luck. The computer refuses to boot and I get the same error as before. Guy Smile: Thanks for the advice. I don't think it's the RAM. After all the other OS's I tried ran perfectly; otherwise Windows 7 RC, Ubuntu would have complained too. I think the issue lies squarely with either the motherboard or the OS.
  4. SaMADog

    Camera Bags for Travelling

    It may be hard to come by one locally but Domke make great camera bags. Their canvas bags are unassuming and have a real rugged look to them I own an F4 for my Leica and they make excellent travel companions. Edit. - Grammar.
  5. SaMADog

    Help my Windows 7 loader keeps rebooting.

    Defective CPU? I swapped out the 7600 for my 6300 and magically it works. This is very puzzling because Ubuntu ran complete fine on this machine. Not only that but the Window RC ran fine just prior to reformatting. For now I guess the problem is 'resolved'. But I'm not sure what to do with the CPU. Is it defective? Probably not, but it doesn't work with windows. Now that Windows is activated; should I try to swap the new CPU back in the hope I may work? Glad I don't do it for a day job.
  6. SaMADog

    Help my Windows 7 loader keeps rebooting.

    It's a completely fresh install. The drive was formatted prior to installing. Booting in safe mode didn't help.
  7. Hi all! Long time lurker here. As my Windows 7 beta ran out I dutifully ran out and purchased a copy of Windows 7 (Home Premium 64bit OEM). I also purchased another another processor an E7600 Intel Core 2 Duo for reasons most people can probably deduce. All my hardware is relatively new, purchased within the last 3 years. Specs as follows;- CPU - Intel 7600 Core 2 Duo MB - Asus P5W DH Deluxe Video - XFX HD4870 Memory - 2X 1GB DDR2 G.Skill HD - WD Raptor 74GB + WD 1TB (WD10EADS) PSU - Antec HE High Efficiency 550 W However upon installation of the initial loader, my I found my computer went into a infinite reboot loop. After booting it reaches the loading screen, a quick blue screen flashes with the error then computer reboots. Concerned that I may have fried something during the CPU replacement I ran memtest which my PC passed. Confused I sought to eliminate unknown variables so I installed a 64bit version of Ubuntu which also completed successfully. I checked the BIOS version for CPU compatibility and there wasn't any issue there either. Am I missing something?
  8. MODS please delete I've moved this to the Windows forum.
  9. SaMADog

    XP hangs after Windows 7 RC install

    Always learning the hard way I am. I feel I just make things hard for myself. In any case after my stalling issue I tried repair installing NOT via the recovery console otherwise known as 'it simply reinstalls your OS within the shell of its existing file structure' and along with it any sort of settings, devalidating installed applications and ANY functionality. I seemed to have caused more problems than I had solved. Repairing Windows XP also invalidated my Windows 7 partition from the boot OS selection. But HEY! At least Recovery Options on Windows 7 are surprisingly detailed and useful.
  10. Windows 7 is amazing but I really need to get back to Windows XP as all my applications for (productive) work are on it. Timeframe;- 1. After downloading Windows 7 RC, I followed Lifehacker's instruction and used Gparted to create a useable partition (16GB) on my primary drive to install Windows 7. 2. After the lengthy process of partitioning I installed Windows 7. 3. Tried unsuccessfully to boot into XP as it just hangs on the introduction screen prior to the login screen. Point of interest. (In Windows 7) Tried to access files on the Windows XP partition. Prompt came up asking whether I wanted access to my document files in my user account. I accepted and explorer appeared to be doing something although I'm clueless to what. 4. Googling, googling, googling 5. Tried performing a repair install of XP. Recovery Console asked for a Admin password which doesn't exist. But wouldn't accept nothing as an input. 6. Asking surperior knowledgable people on Atomicmpc.com.au