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  1. Uninstall driver, reboot, format now successful. Cannot say for sure if it was the driver or simply reboot. To original poster - did you have such a driver installed also? I know it's a long time since anyone wrote anything on this thread, but I can confirm this. I had the same problem as the postee of this thread. I also had the ext2fsd-drivers installed. I uninstalled it and then tried formatting it again. Successfull! My initial problem was that my Linux distro(OpenSuSE 12.3), did not want to partition/delete one of two discs containing an older SuSE distro(SuSE 11.3). I was logged in as $USER, opened YAST as usual by giving root-password. I could delete and repartition on one disc, but not the other. But I have a feeling that one has to be logged in as root to do some jobs in SuSE, and not just do a sudo or su.