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    As a run around, hiking/travel camera, it's fantastic. Only thing I could ask for more is weather sealing. I can understand peoples need for choices of lense etc. but honestly, this thing performs just as well, if not better than any zoom lense equivalent I've used, especially at 1.8. The back dial is prob my biggest gripe with construction, everything is brilliantly made, solid feeling...except that thing, it just feels cheap. Ahhhh, I can't really think of much else, so here's a transcript of a friend asking question on FB: Hey dan how do you go with this camera? I'm tossing between this one and x100t Like · Reply · 31 March at 21:20 Dan Cook It ended up coming down to price in the end. I got the lx100 on a really good deal. Love the all manual controls, and the general feel. Images are sharp enough across the range. The x100t is a fixed prime camera, with essentially the same design...but being fixed to me is way too limited, especially when you can get a very similar camera in the lx100 for cheaper, and has a zoom. Better off saving and getting an XT1 I reckon, if you want primes, large sensor etc. I'll be getting that later on, for it's weather proof ness Like · Reply · 1 April at 06:30 i'm toying between lx100 and x100t. I already have nex-6. i think XT1 is out of my budget So you still find the zoom range limited? Like · Reply · 1 April at 09:59 Dan Cook The lx100 has a decent zoom, havnt had any real problems yet. I don't really do super zoom photography so yea. The x100t has no zoom, it's a static 35mm prime lense. Like · Reply · 1 April at 10:14 yup no zoom. trading that for speed and sensors Like · Reply · 1 April at 10:48 Dan Cook Mmmm, at the widest the lx100 does 1.8, so does really well in low light, and is fast. However, the dial on top only goes to 1 second for Tv, so you need to use the dial on the back for 2 second exposures etc. I find it annoying... For the sensor, unless you're doing epically large prints, the 12 micro 3/4 on the lx100 is fine. Like · Reply · 1 April at 11:00 Dan Cook Also, example of 1.7 @ widest zoom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/r3min/16422252368/ Feel free to add me on there mate, if you've got any more immediate questions, just lemme know (Or if you're friends from anyone in PAC, I'll know you're from atomic :) )
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    Recommend me a VPN

    NordVPN has been really good to me, their on website pop up chat support thing is really really good, they're gotten back to me within a minute every time I've used it.
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    ordinal's photos

    Bought a new camera, took photos...yay stuff Coffee Temp by r3min, on Flickr Prison by r3min, on Flickr
  4. Choice is rather easy TBH: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-geforce-gtx-bundle EDIT: I picked up this recently myself - https://www.ple.com.au/ViewItem.aspx?InventoryItemId=616413 Was on sale for $499 though Double EDIT: The brand doesn't matter too much really, they all use the same reference board, it's just what they do via factory overclocking + software afterwards.
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    Networking a new house

    Pfft Chig... :P He always has issues with anything remotely residential...something to do with non standards and multicast, who knows. I use this: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/cat-40_TL-SG2216.html and have no problems. Ubiquiti make some great products as well, but I've only ever used the Toughswitches.
  6. ordinal481

    Experience with Vividwireless 4G in Perth?

    Their support is typical lvl 1 support...and not much else. Like dodo, if you know what you're doing, they're great to use until there's an actual problem. They over subscribe, so your mileage will vary with the location you're in. There is also massive amounts of QoS filtering happening, in general, browsing is fine, try anything else like streaming, gaming etc, it all falls in a pile. To get past this, VPN's work an absolute treat, I found when I was using it, that I could get better bandwidth than a lot of ADSL 2+ connections I've had, easily upwards of 20mbit. Also found that the bandwidth would quickly fade throughout the month, so they're clearly only purchasing a certain level of 'premium' bandwidth from Optus.
  7. It's a relatively good cert to have. Has a fair amount of crossover with CEH (ECCouncil) and CISSP type certs. To answer Director's original question, it won't get you a job, but will certainly help lead to it. This and Security+ cert will look pretty good on a resume. Also, if you're planning on doing the Master of Information Systems Security (at CSU) it's a really good thing to have...as it completes an elective, saving ~2g. By the looks of the webinar, its very 'general', and WILL NOT fully prepare you for the exam, self study will be required. (And there is no decent practice exams, I've looked) For an idea, they did a CISSP starter course too: http://www.itmasters.edu.au/free-short-cou...cissp-security/ Which also adds credit to the Masters btw (he CISSP cert). I'm currently signed up and studying at Deacon Uni for the Bachelor of IT, Majoring in Security course, so happy to answer questions via PM if anyone is looking/doing a similar path. As an added bonus, the Coursea courses available atm (Crypto, Malware etc), will really really really (!!!) help with giving a precursor to the above Uni course.