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    What was your best year of gaming?

    Hard to go past 1998 - Zelda Ocarina of Time Half-Life Unreal Baldur's Gate Metal Gear Solid Suikoden 2 Fallout 2 Starcraft Resident Evil 2 Some all-time greats there.
  2. Ug Lee

    Syndicate is back!

    Don't get too excited.. http://investor.ea.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=604439 Starbreeze are a good developer, but this is Syndicate in name only. Can't help but feel deflated like when I found out Shadowrun would be a multiplayer FPS.
  3. Ug Lee

    UFC 141: Hulk vs Abomination

    Cerrone had the look of someone who had suffered from a hard weight cut. He got totally owned. Nate surprisingly looked like Nick in that fight, he was that good. Overeem was never going to lose to Lesnar. Overeem v JDS has been overdue for about 2 years now. Finally it's the only logical choice. Oh yeah, Fitch getting KO'd in 12 seconds was the best thing I've seen since Serra KO'd GSP. I love seeing boring fighters get knocked out. Hendricks, like Gustafsson, is on the rise in a big way.
  4. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    Only under the most intense physical conditions can the human body burn up to 10 calories per minute. So over the course of an 8 hour cardio session you're looking at around 4800 calories burned - assuming those 8 hours are all performed at 100% intensity! In reality I can't imagine any human doing that, even the most elite of athlete. The calories burned readouts on the machines in your local gym are out by up to 30% and are not to be taken seriously. Also, the problem you've got is that you're only looking at weight training vs cardio exercise as calories burned during and directly after the workout. What I am talking about is the superior ability of weight training to increase your resting metabolic rate. An elevated RMR means your body is going go burn more fat at rest, let alone post-exercise. So if increased muscle means an increased RMR - how do we stimulate an increase in lean mass in the body? You guessed it!
  5. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    I could argue yours is clear as well. In one post you say to cut certain grains from one's intake, not realising what they can do for the body when consumed at the right time, ie after intense physical activity. There are certain times in our active lives when high-quality high-energy carbohydrates are REALLY beneficial in accelerating the results from exercise. However I do like I lot of what you're saying. 100% disagree with no whey protein intake, though. Well paraphrased. I know it blows your fragile little mind, but some people don't really intend on lifting weights for the rest of their life. So you are advising if a person wishes not to pursue optimum health and quality of life, they're best off doing nothing but cardio exercise and reducing their functional strength whilst increasing their bodyfat percentage? You're right - my mind has been blown. I propose a deal - I'll try to un-blow my fragile little mind, if you agree not to talk about things you clearly have no understanding or formal education about. Maybe just stick to throwing insults around?
  6. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    yeah also agree with Ug Lee, Weights are extremely good beyond building muscle. by tearing your muscle they cause your body to use more energy to repair them so your getting weight loss benefits even when your out of the gym. with cardio you only get the weight loss while your exercising and using your energy sources. Indeed. A weight-loss journey that focuses on cardio and not weights will leave a person looking "skinny fat". Sure, the number on the scales has come down, but the bodyfat percentage is still very high and you still look like a christmas pudding with your shirt off. This is actually some very persistent broscience. You can slightly raise your metabolism by doing this, but it's like 1%. At the cost of spending all your time cooking and calculating and timing and carrying around tupperware containers. Cals in-cals out is the only thing that matters for the vast majority of people, it's only competitive bodybuilders and such who are already very lean and whom respond significantly to slight changes in diet who need to complicate matters. I eat once or twice a day and I'm steadily losing fat and hanging onto most of my strength. In fact I'm going to go up an increment on my squats tomorrow and see how badly it kills me. Good fun. It's not as much broscience as you think. Your anecdotal evidence re: eating twice a day is far more in the realm of broscience than alexdtree's post. Congrats on hanging on to most of your strength - those who are increasing their nutritional intake while exercising correctly are losing fat whilst increasing strength. Have you read much into nutrient timing? Meal frequency is critical for the active person in ensuring their body receives as much nutrition as it can get. Reducing meals is like running your car without putting fuel back in. Cals in vs cals out matters more to bodybuilders than the average person looking to lose some weight. Knowing what to do and sticking with it is hard enough for your everyday gym-goer, let alone asking them to factor in their daily caloric intake vs their daily caloric expenditure. For a figure competitor/bodybuilder where every .something of a percent lost in bodyfat means the difference in winning/losing the comp - yes I can see why you are measuring/weighting/counting everything. Terrible advice. You're assuming that everyone who lifts weights does it to be a bodybuilder, and totally disregarding what even a slight increase in muscle mass can do for body composition and overall health - increased immune function, increased functional strength, increased flexibility, improved quality of life as we age. You're also disregarding just how much work goes in to being a "muscle man", even beyond the exercise into the supplement and nutrition approach. tsk tsk The rate at which you ignored what I said is astounding! Are you some kind of superhuman forum reading ignoring man?!? Do you work out your ignoring shit people say muscle for that?!??!? *EDIT* In the off chance it's been missed - I totally agree that muscle building/maintaining exercise is good for you. But it doesn't help much in weight loss if you don't plan on keeping it up. Rather than get too deep into this rabbit hole, just state as clearly as you can what you actually mean here? Don't lift weights if you don't plan on staying in good shape? I think we're both confused by what you're trying to say!
  7. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    Bang. It's rare to know of someone who doesn't work in the health and fitness industry who realises/understands that interval training is the best form of cardio exercise for fat loss. Hell, 90% of health and fitness "professionals" don't even know this. Want to do cardio that will carve fat off your body? a 30 minute HIIT session will do the trick. A few of these per week backing up a structured resistance training program that emphasises progressive overload will guarantee a supremely impressive body transformation. edit - guarantee as long as you're not eating shit of course! ;)
  8. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    (FWIW I get heavier when I lift weights - so lifting weights for weightloss is fail :p) Needs more source, because while the fat loss benefits of cardio are really only felt while doing cardio AND the fat loss does in theory continue beyond a weights workout, around 24 hours, the total burnt in one 24 hour period from 1 hour of running or even cycling versus 1 hour of weight training would still favour running/cycling. Yep, the literature does say fat isn't burnt after all cardio. It also says that the optimal fat burning zone is around 60% of max heart rate. That's true too, but it's misleading because that's the optimal fat burning zone - where more fat is used to as energy as opposed to glycogen in the blood being used. The reality is if I run at 12 km/hr for an hour, buring around 1200-1300 calories, I'm definitely going to burn more overall fat than walking for an hour at 5 km/hr buring about 450-500 cals. ...My opinon is to eat (green + yellow + maybe orange) vegetables (non starchy vegetables) intead of potatoes and pasta. Get the carbs in before 12-2pm. Like breakfast being a bowl of oats or 3-4 weetbix. And maybe 2 slices of wholemeal bread for lunch. Even the CSIRO recommends that. Cardio isn't more effective than weights for weight loss simply because it can't help raise your resting metabolic rate like weights can. The biggest determining factor in a human's metabolic rate is their lean muscle mass. You aren't going to build muscle by running on the treadmill for 100 minutes a day. The optimal fat burning zone stuff is a load of shit too, btw. If you want to do cardio that is aimed directly at fat burning, you need to work at the highest intensity levels you possibly can. You're making the mistake of counting calories burned during a workout. Unless you're going to exercise for around 8 hours a day, you've got no chance of "burning off" the calories consumed by eating. The trick is to raise your resting metabolic rate so that you are always burning calories at a higher rate even when you're not exercising. Terrible advice. You're assuming that everyone who lifts weights does it to be a bodybuilder, and totally disregarding what even a slight increase in muscle mass can do for body composition and overall health - increased immune function, increased functional strength, increased flexibility, improved quality of life as we age. You're also disregarding just how much work goes in to being a "muscle man", even beyond the exercise into the supplement and nutrition approach. tsk tsk Great post my friend. You've hit the nail on the head.
  9. Ug Lee

    Weight loss diary 2012

    Just started reading the first page and this is absolutely the worst advice that could be given, please do not take it seriously. If you want to change your body composition, and you do, weights are absolutely your best friend. Weights are proven to be more effective at stimulating body composition changes. Regarding nutrition, don't waste your time counting calories. Start by making the obvious smart choices and cut the junk. For the record some time ago I started as a 180kg Type-2 Diabetic. Now I'm a 115kg (2m tall) Personal Trainer/Body Transformation Specialist with no sign of Diabetes. Happy to pass on any advice/answer any questions for those in need. Threads like this are of great interest to me since my profession revolves around helping/coaching people to massive lifestyle changes.
  10. Ug Lee

    my first console in years

    Did it come with a feather duster?
  11. Ug Lee


    Been doing that for years now. You don't need a great deal of exercise to get results and justify obscene amounts of time spent with videogames. The right exercise and the right nutrition means that relaxing with some games works FOR you as your body is recovering! Pump iron, ladies. Pump iron.
  12. Ug Lee


    Starting to get that issue myself yesterday and today. Wondering WTF as well...
  13. Ug Lee

    GTAV Trailer

    Once the mod community gets a hold of the PC version it's going to look bananas. Once again I'm going to mention Icenhancer for GTA4 PC.
  14. Ug Lee

    GTAV Trailer

    Higher resolutions, better framerate, custom soundtracks, can use a 360 PC controller or equivalent to play from your couch or bed or comfort zone... Thought this would be extremely obvious to a PC user... yea thanks for pointing out the obvious. except most people don't have a PC capable of playing games at high resolutions and frame rates hooked up to their tv. But you do, and anybody else with a 'gaming' PC built in the past what, 4 years or so. Oh, and we're here talking about you wanting to play the past GTA games, and you somehow preferring them on a console from your couch, and you asking why the PC versions are superior. Emphasis on you. THINK MCFLY, THINK! Good point. Given that the PS2 is 1990s hardware, I find it hard to imagine most people not having a PC that can outperform it. Something else to take into account with PC versions of multi-format games is the 3D support with nvidia. Yeah stereoscopic 3D can look nice on a PS3, but it's miles behind that a decent PC can spit out OMFG
  15. Ug Lee

    Uncharted 3 - PS3

    Picked it up yesterday, very impressive and looks quite good in 3D. Still, it's not the leap that you got from Uncharted to Uncharted 2. This game is Uncharted 2 part 2 which is still a good thing!
  16. Ug Lee

    GTAV Trailer

    Who cares about most people? For those with the capable hardware and playing setup, the PC version of any multi-format game will be the way to go, unless the PC port is botched.
  17. Ug Lee

    GTAV Trailer

    It worked with San Andreas. I hope this character is Tommy Vercetti.
  18. Ug Lee

    GTAV Trailer

    Really hope that's console footage, because then the PC version will be amazing. Playing GTAIV with Icenhancer has raised the bar for open-world visuals.
  19. Ug Lee

    Grand Theft Auto V announced

    Female protagonist.
  20. Ug Lee

    Do not buy Batman: Arkham City on Steam

    I got it for $40 last week. Sucks to be you!
  21. Ug Lee

    Saaaay...has anyone seen jim_doki around?

    That fashion 'guru' on last night's episode reminded me of George McFly.
  22. Ug Lee

    A portrait of an ex-gamer

    Tak let's play SF4. I want to slap you silly with Fei Long.
  23. Ug Lee

    PC games set to outsell consoles

    Saying "I told you so" feels good, even 10 years after you argued the fact. Xbox clearly hasn't killed PC gaming. Two generations running and Xbox can't even establish itself as market leader, wiped out by Sony and Nintendo. http://techgage.com/article/nvidia_talks_pc_gaming_trends/ Digital downloads are the biggest reason PC gaming is coming back, and rightly so. Cheap and on-demand, retail can't compete and even vanilla ports of console games graphically wipe out the console versions, let alone PC-lead games like BF3.
  24. Ug Lee

    NRL Finals

    Terrible game today. The right team won however.
  25. Ug Lee

    Witcher2 on special

    Put about 20 or so hours into this, so far am loving it. Primarily because of the approach to the story and the mature, but not humourless, way it plays out. The combat so far can't be compared favourably with the likes of Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden, but it's good enough. With performance I find the game looks better to my eyes with in-game DOF, and bloom, off. Ubersampling stays off as it didn't appear to be a great leap at all and certainly not worth the performance hit.