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    [Melb] July 6th, Lounge

    I would love to go to this....
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    Excel formula help

    I just got into work so i'll give the suggestions a go... Thank you so much, i hope they work... Edit: Yes, i did want to know how many rows have both conditions true.
  3. Maksym

    Excel formula help

    Dear Atomic, I'm desperate to get some advice to an excel formula problem. I need a simple formula for counting the amount of times two criteria are said in a given range. Countif - has worked for a single criteria, eg. =COUNTIF('Sheet 1'!F:F,"T2") - Counting the words T2 in column F of sheet 1. I want to count Critera A in column F and Criteria B in column G, however, =COUNTIF('Sheet 1'!F:G,"T2"&"Yes") does not work! How do I do it? For example: A B C D 1 T1 Yes X 2 T2 No Y 3 T1 No Z 4 T2 Yes Y T2 & Yes = 1 The only way I've found of doing it is to =CONCATENATE(A1,"-",B1) to give you T1-Yes, and so on. Is there an easier way? Any help would be greatly appreciated!