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  1. Waltish

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    I remember this clip ... Hilarious vid with a serious groove once it gets rolling hehe
  2. Waltish

    What a joke

    Why would he be shifty, I heard he is a law and order kind of guy. Trump wants all of it released, but has no say at all about what is or is not released in the Mueller report. That aside, the real thing about the end of the Mueller Trump Hunt, is that Trumps love of declassification gets free reign. Much to the chagrin of many who/whom will soon be brought into the light.
  3. Waltish

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Didn't Trent from nine inch nails play a big part in the music for this track.
  4. Waltish

    Terror attack in NZ

    I found what this lady had to say about the perp to be interesting. She strikes me as being intelligent and articulate. Been subbed to her for a while now.
  5. Waltish

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Remember it now that I have heard it, sad that he suicided.
  6. Waltish

    What a joke

    Published 20.03 every one that knows, knows the joke is that, the joke is on the jokers.
  7. Waltish

    What a joke

    I love pasta so have been eating the various pulse and legume based noodles made by San Remo , can get them at Woolies , Coles etc. They are yummy
  8. Waltish

    What a joke

    I am old about 62 so metabolism was comatose , can cause problems if old farts push it too hard, anyway I have slowly been working towards the objective for 8 months. I have had many fuck it stuff my face with potato chips or eat all the chocolate fail days. It's cool though fail days are permitted, as you go along they get further apart, and make you feel crappier after. Results depend on what you see as success. Am losing body fat am gaining muscle, something easily measureabl .... Am three holes smaller on my belt am wearing shirts I used to pop buttons on. Bought a mountain bike recently ,do a 14k round trip to the men's shed 3 days a week don't set any speed records hehe. Not recommending it folks need do what works for them. I decided that the regenerative benefits of the fasting were right for an oldie that needed to eat a whole lot less anyway. Cheers twinair
  9. Waltish

    What a joke

    Straight from the tap. Just don't indulge in sugar water, fucked over fruit squashings or corrupted cow juice, it's not really milk anymore. Since there seems to be a fascination with what I consume, I am doing an intermittent fasting regimen that is slowly getting more stringent over time. At the moment I don't eat anything before 1 pm I do have sugarless black coffee and tapwater. Am aiming to achieve an 18 hour fast and a 6 hour feed window. Most of the time lunch is four free range eggs cooked in butter soft yolks nothing else just the eggs till dinner. Not going to go full Paeleo but am cutting out more carbs and adding protein and fats over time.
  10. Waltish

    What a joke

    Bro chilax all is well, I haven't posted any hashtags at all, let alone forgotten to post any __________________________ The patriots are in control WWG1WGA
  11. Waltish

    What a joke

    Also not to mention just how far down the river he sold the USA. Only reason he may escape prison time when the storm breaks, is that he has been prepping a bolt hole in his ancestral home Kenya.
  12. Waltish

    What a joke

    Awe look at you, who's a clever boy then oh you are yes you are. That ancient cliche has smited me ....... Hehehe Not really ... Srsly don't you know Kool Aide is for commies, cultural Marxist and other of their woke types. I only drink water ambient temp, coffee fresh ground black no sugar and Jameson's neat or on ice. Forgot to say I do have the occasional Dalwhinnie 15yo at the Mossman Bowls Club.
  13. Waltish

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Been busy come back and don't have any idea what it could be. Even with the clue I don't have a clue
  14. Waltish

    What a joke

    What a load of shit, I haven't shouted at all. Frankly I don't give a flying fuck what you make of it. Just carry on, no need to be afraid, those announcements don't refer to anyone living in Australia. As for the jargon used if you don't get it, it's not meant for you. _________________ Stay strong The storm is nigh WWG1WGA
  15. Waltish

    What a joke

    Sorry I don't think I have called you any names.