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  1. Waltish

    how crap is this government ?

    My favourite tracker of conservative and populist trends, Dr Steve Turley talks about our election.
  2. There are plenty of Q proofs, have to follw the crumbs to see them, the trail of crumbs is a large body of work over a period of time, I am not going to move mountains of data to prove Q to you. Though I will post some Q proofs and explanatories. Here is an easy one for you, I have posted some Q decodes in the what a joke thread, you could prove some of them incorrect. Q has nothing to do with outlandish conspiracy, Q is focused on the reported deep state crimes and the treasonous attemps to thwart Trumps election and the subsequent coup attenpt and also other illegal activities among the alphabet agencies, stuff like Hillary's server shenanigans, including the surrounding machinations to get her off the hook. Adios Amigos off to a place we walked past yesterday that had a sign in the window reading "Fish and Chips and Beer". Right in the mood for some of that.
  3. There is only one Q plenty of fakers and schills tryingto discredit the movement. Will explain Q another time had my eye surgery today and going for dinner now.
  4. I dont take what he says seriously , some do though. Wouldnt bother me if he did legit crush his foes with facts, just was pointing out he is not bringing truth into the light, quite the opposite in fact.
  5. What a joke would be a good place to put it, was waiting for the move to happen to post, but will put this one in here so when/if move it will be in the flow. Recentish Veritas look at selective editing in the media at large.
  6. From 1 year ago From 3 months ago.
  7. Of course like any movement /human push especially if it is a large one, there will be some fringe dwellers and some conspiracy nuts. On the whole I have found that if I filter out the aberations , QAnons tend to be fact based. Jimmy boy selectivly edits and lies to do hit pieces , which as the word gets out and fewer peeps agree to appear on his show, will be a practice of diminishing returns. I am wondering what scumbaggery he will resort to for getting money, when his schtick stops working, and his ratings plummet like the lieing scumbags that are the current crop of US late night so called comedians. Still some hope for Jimmy Fallon never quite went full scumtard so his ratings havent fallen as much as the others at first, but lately he has dropped a lot too.
  8. Jim Jeffries the great speaker of truth. Jimy boy is a decietfull sell out clickbaiting globalist schill.
  9. Waltish

    What a joke

    Know why the globalists hate Putin, its because he kicked, that globalist stinker George Soros out of Russia, and made his organisations illegal. Plus other antiglobalist steps he has taken. Could be a good move to have the other major nuclear power, and fellow antiglobalist on side, also gonna need some powerful helpers to sort China, if/when they feel strong enough to move to endgame.
  10. Waltish

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    I keep thinking Alan Parsons but cant pin a song that matches.
  11. Waltish

    What a joke

    Thank you Kimmo
  12. Waltish

    What a joke

    Thank you chrisg, they said if successfull, long distance would be good forever and I would need glasses for reading and maybe near field
  13. Waltish

    What a joke

    Thanks Cybes, yeh it is a worry but not having a go is worse. They do one eye and if all is well with that one some weeks or so later they do the other.
  14. Waltish

    What a joke

    Thank you filptopia
  15. Waltish

    What a joke

    Wont be posting much if at all for a couple of weeks , i have cateracts, have had for years they are pretty bad and getting worse , have surgery lined up the week after next. Not sure what recovery involves , but am good for a coupl days more posting . Neeways just for fun will post the last three posts from my favorite Q decoder, he talks in the style of a radio host and is entertaining . Enjoy or not his stuff is detail rich and his pace fast, it can be a challeng to keep up.