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  1. galdarian

    Corsair Hydro H100i AMD bracket

    I've got a few of the round type however not the square mount for the H100i. Which bits out of the manual do you need? I'll check with a mate of mine if you can tell me the parts you're after.
  2. galdarian

    Blu-Ray on Windows 10

    For those looking for an alternative to AnyDVD / DVDfab for Blu-Ray ripping which is cross platform I would suggest makeMKV It's a pure rip though and most will then want to then throw the output *.MKV into Handbrake to reduce the file size / transcode to MP4. Dedicated BR players have to adhere to DRM to which you may or may not object to.
  3. galdarian

    Excel Multiple TextBoxs

    Several ideas however to give you the best advice I would really have to understand the structure of the data you have on "Prefill_Values". Now, I'm assuming when you say "Text box" you mean a combobox or a listbox which are fairly interchangeable in terms of vba code. One thing you may / may not know about them is you can have multiple columns of data in the list even if they're not shown to the end user. In this way we can add a second column of data to the first combobox / listbox when the userform is initialised. We can also use columns on the "Prefill_Values" sheet to load the first combobox. So for example if you use the first 2 columns ("A:B") to populate the TeamNames and the column of data you need later respectively. Then when the user changes the value of the first combobox you just use the hidden value to (re)load the list of the second and third comboboxes / listboxes. If you then need to highlight something in those lists then you can set the .listindex appropriately. Code below shows you an example. Option Explicit Const M_strREFSHEET As String = "Prefill_Values" Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim rngR As Range Set rngR = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(M_strREFSHEET).Cells(1, 1) Do Me.cbx1.AddItem rngR Me.cbx1.List(Me.cbx1.ListCount - 1, 1) = rngR.Offset(0, 1) 'Use the columns of the combobox or listbox as the value Set rngR = rngR.Offset(1, 0) Loop Until rngR = "" End Sub Private Sub cbx1_Change() Dim rngR As Range 'Use the second column of the combobox to set the range to fill the new list of value in the other listbox / combobox Set rngR = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(M_strREFSHEET).Cells(1, Me.cbx1.List(Me.cbx1.ListIndex, 1)) 'clear the lists first Me.lbx2.Clear Me.lbx3.Clear Do 'Fill the boxes with new values Me.lbx2.AddItem rngR Me.lbx3.AddItem rngR Set rngR = rngR.Offset(1, 0) Loop Until rngR = "" End Sub Now that assumes that I've understood your problem correctly :-s YMMV edit: Tried to fix the highlighting
  4. galdarian

    Excell Pivot Table Source

    Hmmmm, Yeah sure. The quick and dirty way to do that is to wrap a mid string around it like you did above I.e. Return the =strPivotLocation(Sheet2!$A$3) And assuming that formula is in cell A1 put this formula in another cell. =MID(A1,FIND("]",A1)+1,FIND("!",A1)-FIND("]",A1)-1) Alternatively, if you wanted to do all that in VBA then you can delete everything I posted before and replace it with just the following Public Function strPivotLocation(rngRange As Range) As String Dim strTemp As String, intI As Integer, pvtT As PivotTable For Each pvtT In ThisWorkbook.Sheets(rngRange.Parent.Name).PivotTables If (pvtT.TableRange1.Row = rngRange.Row) And (pvtT.TableRange1.Column = rngRange.Column) Then strTemp = pvtT.PivotCache.SourceData intI = InStr(1, strTemp, "]") + 1 strPivotLocation = Mid(strTemp, intI, InStr(1, strTemp, "!") - intI) End If Next pvtT End Function Comparing that to the original solution this is actually significantly simpler as you don't need to convert it to a proper range first and can just work with the text that is returned by PivotCache.SourceData. edit: Formatting and Clarity
  5. galdarian

    Excell Pivot Table Source

    If you're asking is there a formula that can return this information then the simple answer is 'not that I know of'. However with a little VBA it is possible to get at the data you are after. Specifically the property you want is called pivotcache.sourcedata I played around with it a little this afternoon and came up with the following code. If you want to give it a try open up VBA (alt + f11). Insert a new module (You may have to change the name to "Functions"), then copy and paste the code into the new module. You should then be able to use the function strPivotLocation like any other built in Excel formula. The function assumes the range you are entering is the top left of the PivotTable. Lemme, know if you have any trouble. Public Function strPivotLocation(rngRange As Range) As String Dim pvtT As PivotTable For Each pvtT In ThisWorkbook.Sheets(rngRange.Parent.Name).PivotTables If (pvtT.TableRange1.Row = rngRange.Row) And (pvtT.TableRange1.Column = rngRange.Column) Then strPivotLocation = rngR1C1toA1(pvtT.PivotCache.SourceData).Address(external:=True) End If Next pvtT End Function Public Function rngR1C1toA1(strR1C1 As String) As Range Dim intRow As Long, intColumn As Long intColumn = InStr(1, strR1C1, "!") - 1 If intColumn > 0 Then Set rngR1C1toA1 = Worksheets(Left(strR1C1, intColumn)).Range(rngR1C1toA1(Mid(strR1C1, 2 + intColumn)).Address) Else intColumn = InStr(1, strR1C1, ":") - 1 If intColumn > 0 Then Set rngR1C1toA1 = Range(rngR1C1toA1(Left(strR1C1, intColumn)), rngR1C1toA1(Mid(strR1C1, 2 + intColumn))) Else intColumn = InStr(1, strR1C1, "C") 'Return an index which can be used in the next 2 calculations intRow = CLng(Mid(strR1C1, 2, Len(strR1C1) - intColumn)) intColumn = CLng(Mid(strR1C1, intColumn + 1)) Set rngR1C1toA1 = Cells(intRow, intColumn) End If End If End Function
  6. galdarian

    Switching to the Master Race

    Arch and Gentoo are the most autistic distros. They're complicated for the sake of being complicated, they pander to the obsessive nature of the people that use them. If you want to use your computer to actually do things, Ubuntu, Mint or Suse are better choices. I agree. The learning curve of Mint / Ubuntu can help you before diving in the deep end of Gentoo / Arch / Rolling your own (LFS) Who cares if it's boring though, it's just there to enable you to run programs. An OS is a means to an end and if the change is for the learnings then 100% I'd be recommending a dual boot. I switched to Xubuntu as my desktop over a year ago and have not looked back. I'm fortunate though because the games I play start with 'D' and end in 'ota2' so don't have to faff about with WINE. I also am Team Green and the Nvidia binary driver is about as stable as the WHQL driver however you do lose the Nvidia Experience. That's a pro or a con depending on who you are. I do miss Shadowplay but OBS works well enough. Keep in mind that you're walking a path that many before you have already tread. Assuming your Googlefu is good your issues are solvable :-)
  7. galdarian

    Leveling in skyrim

    How do you feel about healing spells and shields? Reason being, knowing that you are going to have to take a few lumps to level Armour (Heavy or Light) you're going to want a way to regain that health. My preferred method is to level alchemy & speech in tandem. Regardless of you build potions are useful and you can level this without exploit provided you're willing to run thru the fields and collect all the components you come across and / or travel from alchemist to alchemist buying all components then making potions then selling said potions back to alchemist before moving on. This has the added bonus of also building speech. If that's not to your taste the Stormcloak / Imperial camps can be a good source of levels provided you're willing to put in the time. If you're allowing yourself to level Restoration then you can run into the camp and spam Heal / fast healing. This assumes that you've taken a few mana potions and have / are willing to take a few perks in the restoration tree to make leveling Heavy Armour easier. If you are taking too much damage from the whole camp kill off the minions and just leave the captain. If you're happy to walk away from the keyboard there are ways to automate that a bit if you have a macro capable kb or mouse however considering your earlier comments that may not be to your taste.
  8. galdarian

    Humans are ..... how old?

    I'm sure that I'm not the only person here who is interested in a demonstration of this claim. No it doesn't it has a creation story. Technically it has two creation stories that aren't congruous. Like how God made two lights? One to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night? Just ignoring for a minute that the moon is not a source of light and that you can see it during the day for a significant amount of it's orbit. I'm not going to try to convince you that there isn't a god or that your beliefs are wrong however you can't post unsupported claims and not expect to defend them. If I've followed the conversation correctly this back and forth started because you fail to appreciate the predicitve power of science which delivers the modern comforts of technology. You then try to conflate prophecy with science's predictive power however have yet to demonstrate any of it. Actually, the philosophical argument is over objective morality i.e. There is a baseline as you mention. Any form of subjective morality becomes relativistic and therefore you have an issue defining what you 'ought' to do. That is how do you measure how something is right or wrong against a constantly moving target. FWIW I don't think that it's impossible however the Moral argument for God still stands as reasonable.
  9. galdarian

    Humans are ..... how old?

    Firstly, Kudos Tinbane. Your continued patience and ability to articulate complex concepts for a wider audience is a credit to this community. While most others would ignore trolling of this magnitude your attempt to set the record straight should be considered for POTM. Wow, talk about your confirmation bias. By "oldest extant book" you're referring to the bible which completely ignores other cultures whom had also developed writing. Further to that, at that point in history it would have only been the old testament and perhaps not even all of it. I'm surprised that you haven't noticed that most people on this forum HAVE considered it and came to a different conclusion to yourself.
  10. galdarian

    Mumble - Open Source Ventrilo alternative

    Open source solution FTW FTR: There is a Droid app for Vent however it's not an official app. Have you tested the Mumble droid app yet, because the feedback is not favourable :-(
  11. galdarian

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet

    Vodafone pricing as per ZDnet. Press release on the Voda AU website confirms availability in store Fri 12th and online from Monday. 10GB / mth @ $29 + $26 Device repayment looks like a sweet spot that just pips the other players.
  12. galdarian

    Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right

    Unfortunately free speech allows these people to get together and talk about all sorts of fiction. Fortunately it doesn't give them the right to be taken seriously. I'd like to see them explain the movement of the sun and planets. Actually, check that, perhaps they'd be willing to explain how we've managed to send interplanetary space craft, apparently past, the giant gravity well called the sun.
  13. galdarian

    Civ 5

    Hi All, For those of us in the rest of the world who have to wait a few days for their copies to either arrive or unlock you can now get a hold of the Demo to tie you over. If you already have steam installed then just open up the run dialog box (window key + r) and type steam://install/65900 It clocks in at ~4GB. Enjoy! Linkage to the original post on 2k forum
  14. galdarian

    L4D2 Uncensored?

    I think it actually verifies the current billing address associated with the card. I wonder if you can use a prepaid CC to get around that????
  15. Isn't this a no brainer? In porting Source to openGL for the Mac isn't it rather trivial to then on port it to Linux? I'm interested in seeing how many people will ditch windows in favour of Linux on the hardware survey stats.