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  1. Charonis

    500 Internal Server Error

    I've done a small little fix on the galleries. Let me know if it works for you now.
  2. Charonis

    Disqus halts front page from loading

    Hi orcone, I've just done a small little update to the site to make all those comment counts appear after the rest of the page has loaded. Let me know if you're still having the problem. Cheers.
  3. Charonis

    Website - Competition Server errors?

    Hi Matt, Not exactly sure why the server error popped up, but I just had a look through all the entries and I can confirm that your entry in its entirety has indeed been received. Cheers.
  4. This is the one I bought from eBay. That's pretty much the same board that's inside my PS3 sits just in front of the PSU. That little bit connected via the cable is the wireless antenna (or so it says on the board itself) and the ribbon cable is the one I plugged in to fix the network. The little antenna bit just screws into the back of the chassis of the PS3 and doesn't actually connect into anything so I don't think it'd be that. Sounds like something is fried. I DO remember once when I flicked the power switch I heard an odd electrical-ish kind of sound... so maybe that's what fried the bluetooth... I should be receiving the replacement board either today or tomorrow and if that doesn't fix it... I'm not sure what else I can do :( edit: Although looking at the eBay listing again it says "Bluetooth antenna"... maybe the little wire isn't connected properly to the board if that's the case.... I guess I'll test it all once I get the replacement since I've already paid for it. edit again: Well it looks like I wasted my money buying that replacement board on eBay. After finding this post I managed to fix the syncing issues. Basically I just had to turn the wire and press down on the connection a little and it fixed it. Oh well... at least it was only $30..... Any want a spare bluetooth/wireless board for their PS3?? :) (btw, finally got God oF War III in the mail today and as predicted the instant I actually got to some gameplay the fans went nuts... oh well, will just have to deal with it I guess...)
  5. Man... talk about having issues... After I pulled apart the PS3 the other day I noticed I couldn't connect to my network and my controllers wouldn't sync unless connected via usb. Turns out, I stuffed up when I was putting it back together and hadn't connected the network board back properly; so I took it apart (again!) and reconnected it, and the network started working again. BUT... My controllers/remote still wouldn't sync! Tried absolutely every solution known to the internet and nothing has worked! Of course, I can still play if the controller is wired, but my remote control is pretty much useless now. After trawling through some forums looks like my bluetooth/wifi/network card may be dead so I ordered a replacement one for $30 on ebay. Hopefully that fixes it... All this to "fix" a loud fan and looks like I've ended up doing more damage than good! But you know what... after you mentioned it might be a firmware issue, I'm tending to believe that may just be the case. As I mentioned before, I never really noticed the issue until my second run of Uncharted 2. That game came out in October, and the firmware came out in November or December. That's a BIG coincidence if you ask me....
  6. Ok, I've spent the day pulling it apart again using a combination of this tutorial and due to my PS3 being a slightly different make than the tutorial. After cleaning the old thermal paste off (wasn't crusty or anything but did look a bit sparse-ish) and applying new paste I put it all back together and booted it up. Played a race or two of Wipeout HD and fan didn't come on, all looking good, but sometimes Wipeout didn't ALWAYS turn the fan on (only 90% of the time). So I put in Killzone 2, and lo and behold after playing for about 5 minutes, the fan kicked in to rocket speed! I'm at a loss on what to do next. I've cleaned the dust out, I've applied new thermal paste, my PS3 is elevated about 6 inches from the ground and should have enough space around it. Back when I first got the PS3 I had it slotted under my TV and it barely ever made a sound, unless it was 40-odd degrees outside, and only then did it kick in. I played graphically intensive games like Wipeout and MGS4 and never got a sound out of it. Now I have it outside from the TV stand basically in the middle of my floor and even with the aircon on and during cooler days it STILL goes off (the problem probably first became really noticeable when I was going through my second run of Uncharted 2 and I couldn't play more than a minute or so without the fan going off). I live in Sydney's west, so it's hotter than in the city and I can understand it going off when it's really high ambient temperatures but basically if it's anything over 20 or so, it goes off, and it really shouldn't. Any ideas on what options I have left besides getting a new slim? I'll live with it if I have to, but I just know that when I get God of War III it won't last 10 seconds without going off and it really kills the gaming experience. FYI, 99% of the time it DOESN'T come on when I watch blurays, but comes on very quickly when watching DVDs, and comes on after about 20minutes of streaming video from my PC; so this is pretty much killing everything I do with the PS3.
  7. Mine's the 40GB that came out around the time of MGS4 (bought it from a friend who got it as part of a Sony Bravia promotion). I can't remember if mine had a plastic PSU or not, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see any obvious bolts to take it apart. I might have to pull it apart again and have another go.
  8. I've taken apart my fat PS3 due to excessive noise (i.e. runs at a billion decibels after only a few minutes worth of play) thinking that there may be craploads of dust in there. When I finally took it all apart, there was barely anything in there! I tried taking the fans off from the CPU to check out the thermal paste (was always think it may be that) but it just would NOT come off. I tried using subtle excessive force but it just wouldn't budge. Any ideas/hints? Am I doing something wrong? Saying that however, with the ambient temperature going down it seems to rarely, if ever, sound like it's about to take off, but i'd still like to fix it if possible.
  9. Charonis

    Server error for Wolfenstein competition

    Just sent you a PM nexus_one.
  10. Charonis

    [PS3] Wipeout HD

    Downloaded it this morning before coming into work. Played a couple games and yes.... it's mind-numbingly gorgeous....
  11. Charonis

    Motion Sickness Playing Games?

    Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight is the game you're talking about. But yes, Dark Forces is notorious for instant motion sickness.
  12. Charonis

    All Time All Format Top Ten

    Also in no order.... Metal Gear Solid series (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3) Final Fantasy VII (PS1) Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) Jedi Outcast (PC) Baldur's Gate series (PC) The Last Ninja (C64) TIE Fighter (PC) Wolf 3D (PC) God of War series (PS2, PSP) Mafia (PC)
  13. Mysterious God of Sequinned Hair Ties.

  14. Charonis

    X3 Terran Conflict on the horizon

    I've always been interested in this series, but never given it a go..... Maybe this time...
  15. Charonis

    Atomic Competitions

    I've figured out the problem and the fix will be up shortly. I'll let you all know when it's up though. edit: Ok, should be fixed now.