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    Simple SSD NAS setup

    OK, so I might be beating down the wrong path with SSDs. I'd spent a long time working on storage systems in days gone by. Figured that the latest would be the greatest. Might keep it simple for now and get a 4 bay "something" with a few mechanical drives. At least I will be able to do a rebuild should one die. Thanks for all of your opinions and insights, I really appreciate them. Cheers Fobbitty
  2. fobbitty

    Simple SSD NAS setup

    Just received an email from Synology regarding the DS416Sliim. Apparently only the units driven by Intel or Annapurna CPUs support TRIM. This cuts out the DS416Slim, but allegedly the DS416 will cut the mustard. Cheers fobbitty
  3. fobbitty

    Simple SSD NAS setup

    Thanks for the link Tick! Very helpful. MS. The basic job for this unit is to hold EVERYTHING that I currently have on DropBox (I've got Scottish blood in me!). It will be referenced from time to time, but not accessed constantly. Last time I relied on spinning platters, they failed me greatly. Sure, warranty replaced them, but much data was lost. Figured non-spinning things would be better for me :-) Cheers Fobbitty
  4. fobbitty

    Simple SSD NAS setup

    Thanks for the info people! Now just have to find a NAS unit that supports TRIM. Not a spec that's usually listed :( Cheers Fobbitty
  5. fobbitty

    Simple SSD NAS setup

    Thanks guys! Speed isn't the issue, I am chasing minimal moving bits. Also only require a quarter to a half terabyte mirrored in this instance. Fobbitty
  6. Greetings fellow Humanoids! It's been some time since I've dealt with any of the 'new' tech, so I need some input. I need an inexpensive NAS unit that will work with solid state drives, and give me at least RAID mirroring. I realise there's a lot of options available, but I would value your opinions on what NAS box, best SSDs etc. Many thanks, fobbitty
  7. fobbitty

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    OK, So a big hello to everyone that knows me! And a big hello to all the others :-) Many moons ago (about 10 years) had a complete breakdown. Can't remember any of the highlights prior to then. Unsure if selective, or prescription induced. Never truly recovered. Had the chance to pull the pin from work with an early retirement package. Left the smokey shores of Townsville and returned to my home town of Charters Towers. Spent 14 months in 'retirement' until some silly bugger gave me a job. And here I am, again.
  8. fobbitty

    It's alive...

    OK, so I've already been enlightened regarding the 'slushy' many moons ago. Fair enough. What concerns me the most is that when I clicked on Noddy's link, the ad banner at the top was for a Recipe Ideas site. That kinda put me off my food for a bit.
  9. fobbitty

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Do you want me to have an orgasm?!?
  10. fobbitty

    Access to account?

    Thank you muchly kind Sir!
  11. fobbitty

    Access to account?

    Hi Chaos! I'm having the same issue as ADO, can I shoot you a PM with my old particulars? Cheers fobbitty
  12. fobbitty

    My Jerky Journal

    Call me a heathen but, I've been known to get the tougher cuts (goat shoulder etc) and marinade in a slow cooker on 'keep warm'. Then do the slice 'n' dry trick. Also, good source of gear, ideas and knowledge: www.butcherathome.com.au BTW, Hi everyone! only been two years or so :)
  13. fobbitty

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    One of these: The run-in was a hoot, but managed to snap a carrier on the last tank of fuel :)
  14. Sceptre - mine's an XL so it didn't come with cruise control. Did have a recall where the bonnet latch could fracture, relying on the safety latch which could also fracture. Apparently only happened once in Australia :)
  15. OK, my three and a half cents: Most of the new turbo common rail turbos are grunty and reasonably cheap to run. Ford Ranger - I bought a s/h 2007 model this time last year. Got bitten because a few months later Ford dropped the on road price of the current model (newer model coming out this year). 33k on the road for an XL dual cab is in my mind a great price, 39k if your penis needs to be stroked by a shiny XLT badge. I love mine. A hair under 30 mpg city and highway driving. Ratios are great for offroad/farm use (drop in first, foot off the gas and it steadily plods along). Added bonus, physical transfer lever in the cabin. Not a push button job. Nissan Navara D40 - Bought two for work. Comfy, drives like a car. Awesome for towing on the highway (we tow big boats and a 3.5 tonne water tank for field work) always has plenty of power in reserve for big hills. Very dirty - Appears they come factory installed with blocked injectors. Clutch comes from a car - Lost them twice from each vehicle (Nissan refuse to honour warranty on 'wear and tear' items). $3200 for the Nissan one (with a 6000km life), $1600 for an aftermarket heavy duty job. Solved the problem. Electronic 4WD selector - Decides to disable 4WD selection every few months so for bush work definitely NOT reliable. Electronics in general do weird costly stuff. Gearbox is great for highway use but a nightmare if you're trying to crawl along a bush track at 5kph. Put it in first and it NEEDS to run at 40kph. If you want a Navara, get a second hand D22. Less electronic failpoints and a halfway decent gearbox. Toyota Hilux - This guy is living on the glory of the previous 'tougher' models. When searching for the work vehicles, I test drove one. Was NOT allowed to take it from the bitumen (immediately told the salesman he'd lost the deal because of that). Way too expensive for something now made in Taiwan/Korea etal. We used to accept the price difference on a Toyota because we knew it was made in Japan. Biggest disappointment was the build quality. After returning to the depot with the demo, I was chatting to the salesman and rested my butt on the front driver guard near the headlight assembly. When I stood back up, the guard popped out of it's mounts, the plastic strip between the headlights and bumper completely sprung out onto the footpath and the salesman shat himself. Holden Colorado - Never experienced this one on road. A mate bought the current model and brought it out bush on our most recent stint. Took it for a blat around the flats, and then through the old cattle trails. More comfortable than the Ranger on rough tracks. Gearbox seemed to be alright but I'd have to have another go (on and off road) if I were considering buying one. Waiting on the next round of test drives for our replacement vehicles. If you're interested in the Ranger on a price basis, they may come down a bit more when the new model is released so you may be able to afford an newer one with less Ks. Edit - Forgot the good old Triton. Used one last winter out around Winton. Slow to wind up when towing and even harder to stop! Nearly met my demise on that trip. Awkward driving position, tends to tire you out pretty quick. If I leaned towards a Triton, I'd go for the previous shaped model. Bit gutless but tough as old boots. One of our guys has a tendency to destroy work vehicles yet he made it through the interior and back (in the previous model) .without a drama. Cheers