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  1. BoonyPC

    NBA 2k11

    Hmm what button are you using to dunk? I usually hold the right trigger(turbo) and press the right stick in whatever direction, dunk everytime, but not sure if it will if you have a shit dunk skill. Haven't played too much Myplayer this time around but last year I know there was both vertical and dunk stats that helped your dunking.
  2. BoonyPC

    NBA 2k11

    Man this is awesome so far, really enjoying it. Can notice a fairly big change from last years version, especially defensively. Just tried the first Jordan challenge v the Celtics. First go got around 47 pts and 4 assist with around 3 minutes to go and gave up. Second go I finished the game with 61 points and 6 assists, damnit!! Goddamn fun though.
  3. BoonyPC

    NBA 2k11

    NBA 2k11 is about to be released on every gaming platform imaginable! Why should you care?!? Motherfucker has been hyped as "the greatest sports game of this generation" It has Its the NBA!! I've played thousands of hours of NBA games since the Live games on the old megadrive. The 2k series broke Lives stranglehold/monopoly on the basketball market back in the DC era and has been kicking its arse since. Sure that review is maybe a bit inflated but it got me pumped for this game. The fact they went out of their way to get Jordan in and give you the chance to play/match/beat some of his great moments is going to be awesome. As is leading Bogut and the Bucks past the fucking Heat. Personally I will probably end up getting this on PC as its much cheaper and easier for me to play when I want(children control the TV in these parts) but the main core of people will most probably be playing on console. PS3 version will have Move and 3D support added which should make it interesting.
  4. BoonyPC

    Farewell index680i

    This is terrible. I haven't really been on here much lately but always remember being dumbfounded by some of his posts in the console section. Poor bloke, R.I.P
  5. BoonyPC

    Baldur's Gate 2?

    Get the 4 in 1 Box set which contains the two vanilla games and their expansions. I got it from EB on sale for $10 a while ago(so I had DVD copies,no more swapping 4 discs on install woohoo) You don't need to play through the first in order to enjoy the second at all. You may miss some stuff but you pick it up pretty quickly really. The 2nd is probably one of my favourite games of all time easily. And as the poster above me said, get Planescape:Torment also, again one of the best games of all time and awesome writing.
  6. BoonyPC

    Brutal Legend Demo Out

    Hmm not sure why it would take that long mate, sent my off around 3 weeks ago and once they got it(like you 4-5 days after I sent it) it took about another 4-5 days to get back to me. Oh...and still waiting for this to arrive from Playasia($59 inc shipping, bargain) Yeah I'm hoping it'll be quicker than that... in all it took 5 business days to reach them, not that bad after I discovered it goes to a distribution centre first, thence to the service centre (hee hee... thence...). The original info you get emailed said '10 business days' after they get it, or 2 weeks, but the email I got to acknowledge they'd received it said '2 to 3 weeks'. Status on the link they provide for you to login and check still says 'Device received' blah blah, not yet shipped back. Did you get a different unit back, do you know? Or did they repair yours and send back the same one? I WANNA PLAY BRUTAL LEGENNNNNNNNNNNNNND... Nah, I got the same one back unfortunately, was hoping for a new one haha
  7. BoonyPC

    Brutal Legend Demo Out

    Hmm not sure why it would take that long mate, sent my off around 3 weeks ago and once they got it(like you 4-5 days after I sent it) it took about another 4-5 days to get back to me. Oh...and still waiting for this to arrive from Playasia($59 inc shipping, bargain)
  8. BoonyPC

    FIFA 10

    Think I might actually get this one.....just waiting for the old 360 to be returned from RROD repairs :/ Haven't bought a football game since Pro Evo 5, really havent needed one with the pathetic attempts at updating Pro Evo since then, although FIFA certainly has come A LONG LONG way.
  9. BoonyPC

    Get a brand new console for cheap!

    I remember back in '96 or '97 my local Big W getting a shitload of 32X and Sega cd attachments for the megadrive and selling them for $5 each. Not sure if this happened everywhere, but picked up one for VF anyway haha... Hmmm this thread just enspired me to check out Ebay and see if I could pick up some cheap DC games again....I did see MvC2 is selling for $200 now?? One game I actually kept on it. Would have liked to have kept RE:CV, Shenmue, JSR and grandia 2 also :(
  10. BoonyPC

    Earliest frustration you remember playing a game?

    Actually trying to get games to work on my c64. 5mins of waiting for the tape to load only for nothing. Games that didnt not even work that I had spent all my birthday money on such as Robocop. Finally working out I could get Double Dragon to load if I played one of the games I had on cartridge for 10 minutes beforehand was extremely satisfying.
  11. BoonyPC

    Article suggestion

    Great idea....interested in something for SF2/IV myself.
  12. BoonyPC

    Just tried my hand at a gameplay video

    Nice vid...sorta boring watching you run around, but nice mount. Kinda makes me want to play again...sorta miss my DE SK :( Really enjoyed PvP also, much more fun than Wow IMO, more chances to be a prick, especially fun sharing a few plat from a gold farmer
  13. BoonyPC

    PCI/PCI-E TV Tuner Card Roundup.

    Sounds like a good idea. Very interested in getting one in my next upgrade to keep the wife happy when we have conflicting shows on tele :P
  14. BoonyPC

    World of Warcraft, MMO Dominance?

    As already said if the population begins to fall they will merge servers and cut resources so those left playing can still enjoy it, as done in many other MMORPGs....plus the fact that, well it isn't going to have a dramatic number of players quit any time soon really and even if they had half their population go it would still be the most popular MMORPG by far?? WOW will be around for ages yet, god EQ and UO are still going aren't they?
  15. BoonyPC

    Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing...2

    They have always been a popular undergroundish band, good stuff, wish it wasnt Demon Cleaner though, can see it being a little boring. This is probably the one console game I am looking forward to this year. I was just curious, i've been listening to Kyuss for years after a friend put me onto them back oh gees as far back as high school. When you bring them up to anyone as a band you like though, noone has ever heard of them. It definitely shouldn't have been Demon Cleaner, if i had to pick a song it woulda been Hurricane. Probably would have picked Thumb or N.O. myself, great songs :)