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  1. ghost in the shell

    I feel lost and trapped

    My opinion, start looking for employment in the field NOW, even if you have to push yourself further to complete the degree while doing both. Part time experience, work experience, unpaid works, whatever you can to put on your resume, people want experience and you don't have it. Consider roles that deal with customers (preferably not hospitality, but it's probably not going to hurt either way)as an entry point. It's not hard to complete a degree in that field (I've done it and I could do it again while half asleep) , but that won't mean anything if your work is mediocre. Often people slack off, get by and have no portfolio at the end of their education to show for it. Hence the current flood of ‘qualified’ graphic designers. In that sense, it can be a difficult career path. It may sound harsh but at this point in time, anything in the digital media/graphic design industry is incredibly difficult to get into.
  2. ghost in the shell

    Clash of the Titans 3D

    As far as trailers go, it was incredibly well cut, and the music suited it perfectly, targeting the ideal male demographic that wants to see shit blown up. I was honestly surprised at how much I almost wanted to go see the movie after watching it. Naturally these types of movies rarely turn out good and I had a strong suspicion this would be the case based on Liam Neeson's hideous 80’s lens flaring armour. I passed off on seeing it until a few friends asked to go. Plot- won’t bother talking about it…. 3d was utterly terrible, completely mong in a lot of key scenes, necks and chins became some sort of mythical creature in themselves as the conversion process struggled to pick up depth in anything beyond strong silhouettes. The key thematic elements in the music were so overused, almost as annoying as Up, I don't need nostalgia references to 15 minutes ago forced down my throat. At least it's taught me not to go see 2d conversions, Michael Bay And James Cameron were right. I knew it was going to be worse than avatar and made for 3d movies, but not that bad.
  3. The follow up: http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2010/...ia-wake-up-call
  4. ghost in the shell

    6 Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    I played the beta a few months back, kind of a risky move having something open for so long, granted it’s necessary, but there's always the latent possibility of people getting bored in that timeframe and moving on, it can be alienating to newer payers but I think it's resulted in some great game play for the genre.
  5. ghost in the shell

    Aliens Vs Predator!

    I started playing the marine campaign and just stopped have 30 minutes, wasn't a fan. Nostalgia got the better of me this time. I'll try the other two later on down the track but for now I think it's going to be a multiplayer with friends only type of game. Regardless of how little I payed for it, I regret the purchase.
  6. ghost in the shell

    Let the Right One In: John Ajvide Lindqvist

    I've been told that elements of the book get lost in translation, much like the film, which probably would have been an amazing movie had it not been for the dodgy subs.. I'm sure they book was given better treatment, but it still leaves me hesitant to read it.
  7. ghost in the shell

    Really interesting clip - Remaking Prodigy - Voodoo People...

    There's no amen break in that particular song.
  8. ghost in the shell

    Fallout: New Vegas

    That's because, "War never changes " is the tag line used in all fallouts since the first one. Pretty much this. No...wait. Not "pretty much". EXACTLY this! It's been the Fallout tag-line since the first game back in 1997. I'm aware. It's also getting pretty tiring.
  9. ghost in the shell

    Fallout: New Vegas

    They just served up the exact same trailer narrative (if you want to call it that) as fallout 3, it's kind of insulting.. "War never changes" ..neither do teasers apparently.
  10. ghost in the shell

    Apple's inevitable tablet

    The hardware looks great, but I couldn't care less for the software. I'd love to see the tablet used as a controller for the pc so I can get a cheap monome/ jazz mutant lemur style device. iBook was probably the most disappointing, everything they could have done with this application based on the hardware was inherently neglected, I'm sure it's going to be refined and independent apps will probably push this concept further but for serious reading I see no reason why an iPad is better than a kindle, especially considering the books look to be more expensive on it. Just to be clear, I'm talking about things like in depth annotations, highlights, the ability to email and share excerpts and notes with friends/peers. The majority of the features they showed on the device that really differentiates it from the smartphone/notebook are ones I'm going to have to pay for after the initial device purchase. I'm just not interested in a hardware platform purely powered by apps from iStores. Some people will be fine with this, and good luck to them. As someone with an iphone and macbook I see no reason to need this product for daily use. Side note: Gotta love the little jab about poor quality displays on netbooks, they might need to take a look at their 13" notebook displays again.
  11. ghost in the shell

    Apple's inevitable tablet

    “This will be the most important thing I’ve ever done” – Steve Jobs, referring to the soon-to-be-launched Apple Tablet. http://www.techcrunch.com/2010/01/24/steve...most-important/ Look at that face, "you know you want it, bitches", the hype just went to another level.
  12. ghost in the shell

    Event Cinemas... Online Price gouging rip off. Booking fee++

    Other cinemas can compete, as you mentioned, and will offer lower prices for movies showing in smaller cinemas in less desirable locations, or by showing movies after their runs in the major chains, and people are free to go to those cheaper cinemas. The majority of newer cinemas operating outside of shopping centures feature larger screens. I say newer because there's always going to be someone just dying to make a comment about heritage listed or independent focused cinemas that are not in direct competition with the larger chains. So to be clear I'm talking about cinemas that run movies at the same time as the major player (cineplex/ bcc).
  13. ghost in the shell

    Event Cinemas... Online Price gouging rip off. Booking fee++

    You need to pay a lot more attention in your economics classes. Rob. He's studying business. He's obviously the next Warren Buffett. I don't understand why you guys think the concept is so farfetched it's already happening in brisbane, Cineplex is significantly cheaper than Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas, most of the times offering better quality screens and sound systems. The only reason Event/BCC still have a market share is purely out of convenience, most of them operate in shopping centers which I'm happy to get away from.
  14. ghost in the shell

    CG Movies

    There is a difference but they go hand in hand. Poor composition can really ruin the illusion of the 3d, especially if the lighting on the live action stuff isn't integrated well with the digital matte. The reason why Avatar was so convincing to me, was in the introduction of the navi, it was designed to transition so fluidly from live action integration to totally CG scenes because the characters had been introduced with weight and real world reference. It reminded me of Ang Lee’s decision to go with a lot of live action environmental destruction for his version of the hulk.
  15. ghost in the shell

    CG Movies

    Edited: Missed a 6 at the end of the video.