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    Chuck Norris is Red. Html says so!

    arnoldschwarzenegger is awful yellow green... My guess is that they will match the 140 something defined names but if the name is unknown the colour is generated from the word is some way. As I can't find a definition of this in the W3C spec's I guess it's been done in random ways by the different browser makers.
  2. First quick check is to make sure your PC can connect to the FreeNAS box. Are you able to ping FreeNAS from your PC? Is your PC in the same address range, ie does your PC's IP address start with 192.168.1.
  3. This does however make the assumption though that the attacker has a hashed version of your password for the service in question. A long password is only really a defence against somebody cracking your password in a poorly hashed (anything that uses md5, sha1, no salt, few or a single round of hashing) database that has been breached. Using different passwords and two factor (or more) mitigates this quite effectively. Your email account is really your most important account to keep secure (next to a password manager!), other services use it to send password resets etc and a hacked email account can quickly give an attacker access to other services. Another protip for GMail (and many other email services) when you signup to a site append a code or the name of the site to your email account with a +, ie jon.doe+amazon.com@gmail.com. GMail will ignore everything after the + but it also makes your email login unique for every site you use and harder for an attacker to guess. This is also handy if you suddenly start getting spam heaps of extra spam as the email is unique to the site that gave your address away.
  4. You could make a fairly powerful control and monitoring unit using an Arduino to control the pump as well as read data from flow and temp sensors. Control circuitry would be pretty simple, even easier with a PWM controlled pump.
  5. SledgY

    I need some JavaScript help urgently...

    Firefox has a similar tool Ctrl+Shift+Q in Firefox for the network tab. IE I think it's F12. Not sure about Opera.
  6. SledgY

    I need some JavaScript help urgently...

    Errors in the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J on Chrome)? Are there errors in all browsers? If you view source and copy the source into a diff tool (winmerge for example) is the source the same? Are all JS files loading or any JS errors being raised. I assume the actual site is hosted from the web servers root? is there a problem with paths? The version of jQuery you are using is very very old (although that "shouldn't" break things).
  7. SledgY

    CSS containers?

    Agree with Kikz/NukeJockey on the standard of the material, pretty poor quality and missing a lot of important details. Author was even to lazy to properly format examples.
  8. Richard Stallman started the GNU project that provided all the fundamental parts required to create GNU/Linux (userland tools, compiler, editor). The article linked above basically reports that he disagrees with the bringing of DRM encumbered proprietary software to an operating system that was born out of a desire for all users to be free view, edit, modify and learn from the source code. How somebody who has stuck to their principals and undoubtedly provided a huge contribution to human kind through the GNU project can even be remotely compared to somebody who promotes the picketing to funerals and peddling of bigotry is just absurd. Weather you agree with his philosophy or not, the project he started has inspired and provided the platform for many many more, projects which are used by and affect million of people every day. To the op, if you are new to GNU/Linux one of the major projects (Ubuntu/Mint etc) would be a good start, there is a large and active user base and a lot of help and resources available.
  9. Yes, they use a dictionary of words and phrases (and likely commonly used replacements) to game the search for matches. An "impossible" password would require the software to fall back to pure brute force.
  10. A password manager is for more than just long passwords. A manager ensures you use different passwords for each service and non language passwords, both of these things increases the difficulty of cracking the password without using brute force and secondly, limits the scope of a cracked password to only being of use on that service (which would then be rendered useless with the help of a second factor like SMS verification, Google Authenticator or similar). Problem is the other half of the equation, things services should be doing to make cracking harder if their user database is compromised. Use a slow hashing algorithm (like BCrypt) and using multiple rounds (recursively feeding the result the algorithm back in again) to increase CPU/GPU time. Secondly salting user passwords prior to hashing. Unfortunately many sites/services still use MD5 or SHA1 to hash without the additional counter measures or dumb things like limiting password size or accepted characters.
  11. SledgY

    SmartScreen - Dumb?

    I assume you are using the process described here? https://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2012/08...Redirected=true And have an EV Certificate, they are not cheap but might solve the problem. Maybe also include a notice on the download page of potential problems that users might have with Windows 8.
  12. How many of people commenting in this thread actually use Linux as a primary desktop? While some of the criticism is valid (if you are coming from a marketing point of view) some is either plain wrong or misunderstood. This is ignorance pure and simple. Once understood a CLI is a very efficient method of interaction, extremely repeatable and precise. This is the exact reason why I prefer a GUN/Linux distribution for software development. Much of this thread is still missing the point that the Opensource community isn't all about marketing a product it's about solving a problem. Competing projects could be seen as wasting resources (from a Business School MBA point of view) but it's also about finding the best solution to a problem which the developers have identified, solutions often get cross pollinated into the other projects improving things for everybody. To speak to the actual topic and question, I think the scope initial question is wrong, GNU/Linux as a whole will never be for general public usage, what will be is a distribution that does for GNU/Linux what OSX has done for BSD. Android kind of fits this category but it's not really a desktop. My guess is this is the end goal for Canonical with Ubuntu. How much of that was actually for the hardware? ;)
  13. All of this entirely misses the point of what Linux is about. What people who like Linux like about Linux is there isn't one thing, there are options. Distrowatch has hundreds of different options because people who are interested want choice. I would argue that the Linux became mainstream a long time ago, it's in most embedded appliances, phones (via android) and the majority of the servers on the internet. Is the OP really after something like OSX but with a GNU/Linux subsystem rather than BSD? I can see that as an end goal of Ubuntu/Mint. PS. I personally far prefer the experience of a GNU/Linux desktop for most of what I do. I'm a software engineer, GIMP is my graphics tool of choice, I personally find the Photoshop UI is awful (ironically different from the default of every OS it runs native on) vs GIMP/GTK that is at least consistent with other GTK applications. For audio work I prefer to use OSX largely due to the software native to the platform but also because under the hood it's a form of Unix.
  14. SledgY

    Decide on my storage

    Nope but you can put in a recovery LiveCD... Is this server just for data? Why not just use FreeNAS? Lots easier to setup than a general purpose OS.
  15. SledgY

    Random pet names

    Cat: Oblina (from real monsters) Pig(s): Hambo, Wilmer Latest two family dogs have been a theme: Bintang (golden lab) Guinness (black lab)