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  1. Sty.x

    Audio issues ,

    Hey mate , yeah new tower old motherboard for the moment , and the plug was plugged into the correct port on the mother board. i just unplugged it and got another cord to put in for front audio and still got no audio and i changed all settings in the BIOS area If i could load images i would but yeah the new plugs have hdaudio but i didnt plug that or change the BIOS for that
  2. Sty.x

    Audio issues ,

    Hey guys girls , my gripe for today is audio. My ever so smart son (age4) decided to stick a headphone jack in the back of my pc and snapped it in there and then while someone tried to get it out fucked the whole show completlu. SO i got a new tower with front audio and usb's... The usb's work fine but im still getting zero audio out of my front jack. im running windows 7 and i have a asus motherboard not sure on the brand and shit , can someone please help me i need audio. Cheers
  3. Sty.x

    Shutting down my pc

    HEy people out there how ya'll going , I just got Call of Jurez from my brother and loaded the bitch onto my computer , anyway about 15 20mins into game play the game freezes and then shuts down the whole system and comes up with a dirty blue screen. My PC should be able to run this fine and it does up till it chucks its tantrum. So what could be the issue and how do i fix it.
  4. Afternoon people Issue i have tonight is i just reformatted the entire computer and now its all been snapped back together and shit theres no wireless connection. I dont have a network cable and im not able to hook it up to the modem at home. I have a laptop im using but the issue is i need drivers to get it all chimming and i dont know how im going to get those or which onces i need to get from the Asus website. Help please.
  5. Sty.x

    Purchasing a laptop

    Hey there guys and girls just thought i would throw a quick little question out there for the mass's Im looking at buying a laptop for the woman of the house in the next few days and id like to know what your opinions are on whats best. She would mainly use it for net time and movie's/vids and do a little graphic work on it from time to time. My budget is about 550/600 or so and it must have a dvd or blue ray disk drive in it. So any help would be great.. Thanks guys
  6. Ladys and Gents how yo all doing. Anyway i have a Toshiba Portege pink laptop for the miss's anyways had it for a while and just recent mine has had issues charging and iv found out that the computers female charging port is freked. So i went saw a bloke and he told me it would cost me 300 + for that so i told him to hang himself. So i tried pulling the computer apart and couldnt get to the area where i need to go,. so im looking for some help , can anyone help ?? Cheers
  7. Sty.x

    Laptop Issues.

    I live in mildura now so yeah unless your close id be happy to pay ya , but yeah anything over 400 ill just buy a new laptop , but thanks people for trying to give me a quick help , ill see a couple of people up here and see how i go. Cheers. BRock
  8. Hey people reading this,My wifes pink toshiba portege laptop is up the shite at the moment. Im trying to see if these couple of issues thats wrong with it are fixable because i wanna get this fixed and she wants a new laptop which means i spend $$$ .. The screen on the laptop has started to not work every now and then and i have to shut the screen and when i lift it up straight away it comes backand up and it keeps flashing and spazzing out a little. And the second issues i have is the charger port on the back of the laptop i think is screwed because it wont charge unless i put the cord in and move it around till it gets contact.. So if anyone knows if these two issues can get fixed please let me know. Thanks
  9. Yeah sorry , its a pink Toshiba and i got no idea what its running and yeah i thought it might be a heat issue but its been sitting in the cold bedroom all day without being plugged in or turned on, So i thought it might just be dead flat and thats why its being a prick so ill see what its like after its done.
  10. Hey there people my miss's just went shit bat crazy at me cause her stinking ass laptop is being a peice of crap at the moment im the only one whos used it lately. The issue i have with it is that last night i was watching tv shows on it for a while and left it running overnight to charge my phone and download a couple of things and for some reason its turned itself off sometime in the night and what not , anyways i just turned it on before and the screen was all jittert abd static like then the screen goes black and thats all.. What are your opinons on what the problem is.
  11. Hey there people i have a weird issue with the computer at the moment , all day and shit the computer has been 100percent fine and about a hour ago i moved it and the thing took super long to start up ,. So i took the memory stick out and cleaned the motherboard and what not put it back in and its still takes forever to load up.. So what the go is when it finally loads up its super super super laggy like everything is in super slow motion apart from anything ont he internet its all working fine and with good speed. I even tried to load up a movie and that was super slow. So anyhelp would be great please.
  12. Hey guys girls , i got a laptop which only gets used here and there anyways my son pulled it off the couch onto a wooden floor boards and before it had its drop it worked fine and now as soon as i turned it on it froze,. then i put it into safe mode did a system restore to a previous month and yet evertime i turn it on it freezes. What i wanna know is there anyway i fix this problem i carnt be rooted geting a new laptop.
  13. HEy guys i bought a ASUS laptop from ebay for the old lady and anyway after she;s been using it for the past 4 weeks shes ran into a problem i carnt fix. Issue is only 1 of her 3 USB's are working. I checked the device manager and theres a little yellow logo sitting next to 2 of the USB things , Anywho i clicked on properties and it poped up and it tells me "" This device cannot start. (Code 10) "" .. SO some help would be great , thanks peoples.
  14. Sty.x


    Yeah i would reather something which is awesome with all round quality , just lately i have found headphones which lack bass when the treble and background were good and vice versa. Im not looking for cheap shit i want some headphones i can wear to lans aswell on planes and at home. I listen to metal, rock , r&b rap and i want to use them for gaming with games such as call of duty and such. Just a few ideas on what you guys think are a great pair of headphones would be good. Cheers.