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  1. My kids Trampoline is rapidly deteriorating. The mat is the elastic band type (springless) and the bands and snapping. I've searched everywhere and can't find a suitable replacement mat. Hoping to avoid replacing the whole thing as the frame, safety net and pad are all fine. It seems that these elastic band style mats are no longer available: http://www.1800trampoline.com/airzone-14-t...avo-sports.aspx Its suggested to convert it to springs with a kit like this: http://www.1800trampoline.com/14-trampolin...ravosports.aspx To me it would seem easier just to drill holes in the frame and stick the springs in the holes. Anyone attempted a conversion like this before?
  2. Builty

    iphone 4s vs galaxy s2

    The iPhone 4S seems plagued with issues right now: - poor battery life (even after 5.0.1 update which was supposed to fix it) - periodic signal drop outs - yellow screens - overheating Android FTW.
  3. Yes thats just for Victoria. NSW is similar. WA is much less controlled.
  4. Toys that have the appearance of an operable firearm now require permission from the Police to own/use/carry/sell. http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=31899 http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=31901 Red tips mean nothing anymore.
  5. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    Quite a few of those guns in that document are toys that would have been on sale at my local Market recently (and probably still are.) One of them is a Playstation light gun. Some are small scale (eg the Thommy) which are stated in the other document as being classed as toys. The Pulse rifle on the right is a one off custom laser tag gun from the USA. Surely the 80mm optical assembly on top is a bit of a give away? Which non-fictional operable firearm does a Pulse Rifle imitate? I don't think the Media will get involved unless they can beat it up into some kind of terrorist spin or similar like this incident: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/schoo...0-1225836933825 (the ironic thing about that incident is that Anna Bligh's children are regular participants and the guy that runs it is now experiencing the busiest time he has ever had.)
  6. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    Never could spell that damned word. By the way, imitation pistols have been Prohibited weapons for some time. The law change is only to move imitation longarms out of Controlled weapons and into Prohibited weapons.
  7. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    No doubt. I'd imagine that someone robbed with a syringe would be pretty upset too, as would the dude robbed by a knife. If Wiki is to be believed at least robberies involving knives are 3 times as common as those involving firearms (the real type.) So do we ban syringes and knives too? Make the profession of being a Butcher illegal too? Outlaw the sport of Baseball because Baseball bats are also used to bash people? Ban the stubby due to glassing incidents? Where does it stop? How about making the punishment for armed robbery, with whatever object, more severe? Its the action thats the problem more than the object. Ban whatever object you like, the crims will just move on to whatever other object is at hand.
  8. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    The Department of Justice have stated that pointing an imitation firearm at someone can cause them "psycological harm."
  9. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    There may be some possibilities there, but it doesn't help with some tricky cases eg: - customer gear from Interstate is returned to a Victorian office for repair. You can't paint the customer's gear - manufacturing gear locally for export to the rest of the world. Customers don't want some fluoro paint job that isn't applicable in their Country Also consider that if "boxy shaped" skirmish gear is excempt from the laws as has been stated, you may have this situation: - Skirmish operator A, with boxy shaped guns but painted black - Skirmish operator B, with more realistic imitation guns but painted fluoro orange Little Johnny wants to do Skirmish for this 16th birthday with his mates, who is he going to choose? Orange guns that prevent you from hiding in the bush and make you look some kind of clown, or the boxy but black guns? Its the kind of thing that could easily destroy a business.
  10. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    OK what I should have said is that the Vic Police and the politicians have been trying to get this law through for a few years now. Its claimed to be part of an Australia wide crack down on imitations. Its planned to avoid the situation where you can legally buy a fake gun in QLD, cross the border to NSW and be charged with a serious firearms offence. Except that similar attempts to introduce laws in QLD recently failed miserably... Fight it if you feel the need, but know that the chances of the law being reversed would appear to be exceptional small, IMHO. Refer here: http://www.police.vic.gov.au/retrievemedia...p;status=active Obvious toys (small scale, transparent plastic etc) are excempt. More realistic ones are affected.
  11. Builty

    Victoria's new imitation firearm laws

    I work in the Laser Skirmish industry, and we are caught up in it all. We've been assured by Justice and the Police that there will be some special handling for Skirmish, but currently we are waiting on what that is and right now are in limbo, unable to use our equipment. I posted here just for community awareness. There is no point in trying to fight it.
  12. As of July 1st 2011, new laws have come into effect in Victoria. Imitation firearms have now become classed as prohibited weapons. http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=31899 Possession, use, carrying, sale or manufacture now requires a Governor in Council exemption fom the department of Justice, or a Chief Commissioner approval from the Police. A listing of the Governor in Council exemptions has been published in the latest Goverment Gazette here: http://www.gazette.vic.gov.au/gazette/Gaze.../GG2011G026.pdf More Police info in on how they make the assessment here: http://www.police.vic.gov.au/retrievemedia...p;status=active If anyone is in possession of imitation, now is the time to surrender it to the Police or to make an application for Chief Commissioner approval. The Police have said that they will exercise discretion until December 2011 for anyone who is actively seeking to legalise their ownership (ie you have applied for approval, or are driving to a Police station to surrender them etc.) An imitation firearm is defined as an object which a "reasonable person" could mistake as an operable firearm, but does not actually fire any projectile.
  13. Thanks for the tip here. I'd been struggling for months to get a reliable wireless connection to my workshop PC (trying various adaptors, antennas, dual band N router etc) but nothing worked. Scored a pair of Dlink Powerline HD adaptors today, within minutes its running beautifully, fast and stable. Very happy. Not cheap, but shits over wireless in my application.
  14. Builty

    windows 7,which one ?

    Pro has an updated version of Microsoft Virtual PC integrated into it. You can download a Virtual Machine image of a licensed WinXP SP3 install, which can then be used to run old incompatible apps and hardware (USB capture is supported.) Its also handy for developers who need a clean OS to test application installers.
  15. So we have the Do Not Call Register, which has worked a treat at stopping those asswipe call centre people from ringing right in the middle of dinner time and offering some useless crap. What we need now is a Do Not Knock register, which you can sign up for that prevents similar dipshits from knocking on your house door (Optus, Origin, Foxtel, I'm talking about you.) Damned annoying those people, lets get it so you can opt out and rid yourself of them once and for all.