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  1. American Ninja, dad took me when I was 6 years old. And for some unknown reason the second movie he took me to at the cinemas was a French arthouse movie called Au Revoir Les Enfants. I remember thinking where the heck are all the ninjas haha.
  2. Mastah

    Movie recommendations...

    You like psychological stuff? Definitely go see Chris Nolan's Memento (if you haven't).
  3. You'd be amazed at what Amazon ships to Australia these days. I got one of these direct from them: http://www.amazon.com/Mackie-Onyx-820i-Fir...0232&sr=8-5 Even with the $100 UPS international courier charge it still worked out to be around 40% cheaper than getting it locally. Try priceusa.com. They charge 5% of the value of the goods. Got one of these through them: http://www.amazon.com/Marathon-Flight-MA-M...95&sr=1-112
  4. Mastah

    Wii Rage

    Trying to get all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy almost caused me to go on a similar rampage.
  5. Mastah


    Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2, the original VGA version. Wing Commander II (with the voice pak!) I have fond memories of those games.
  6. Mastah

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Not really - Jill Valentine was in MvsC2, so Chris Redfield makes sense :)
  7. Mastah

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    http://au.xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/7092...ment_41910.html MvsC2 was pretty much the only game I play on PS2. Looks like I have to buy an X360 or a PS3. Who else is looking forward to this??
  8. Mastah

    On board audio

    You won't just see sound improvements, but performance improvements as well. I upgraded from onboard to an Asus Xonar DX just last month. Other than getting better nuance in the sound (I'm using a 2.1 THX Logis - can't remember the model number), I'm getting better framerates in games. Before the upgrade, I usually score a 'B' when using the in-game benchmarking tool from Street Fighter IV. After the upgrade, I consistenly scored A's, and the game actually recommended that I upped the graphic settings. If you can afford it, get a soundcard.
  9. Mastah

    Plants versus Zombies

    You forgot Winter Melon. Sorry, I should clarify. Spike Rocks are the only plants which can survive the Gargantuan's hit. You put a Winter Melon up front against a Gargantuan, and a Gargantuan will just flatten it. You put a Spike Rock up front, it will at least get 4-5 hits in before it's killed.
  10. Mastah

    Plants versus Zombies

    Haven't unlocked the gloom-shrooms, but once I realised I could line up sunflowers behind a couple of garlics along the top and bottom, I was kicking zombie arse.The cattails rock pretty hard too. Also, you can get the jump on em by letting your lawnmowers take care of the first few zombies while you rack up the sunflowers. Glooms Shrooms and Cat Tails truly rock. I'm a fan of Spike Rocks myself. Pair them with Tall-Nuts and watch the zombies die. Them being the only plant that can slow down a Gargantuan helps too..
  11. Mastah

    Console Collection

    In chronological order: IBM AT Most memorable game(s): Zaxxon, Space Invaders (in all its EGA glory). NES. SMB, Adventure Island, Double Dragon, Contra, Super Contra Master System. OutRun Original GameBoy Tetris - what else. SNES Street Fighter II, and nothing else. PSX RE1, RE2, Castlevania SotN, FFVIII N64 Zelda OOT, Goldeneye, StarFox64 GameCube REMake, RE4. And have stayed with a PC ever since. Have considered getting a Wii, but the recent Steam sales kind of put me off buying a console.
  12. Mastah

    *** Steam christmas sale is on NOW ***

    Bought Serious Sam HD for 25% off yesterday and today they have it for 50% off :~( But happy with peanut prices for GTA IV, Braid, and World of Goo. Quick question: is there a quick way of checking how big a game is? I only have around 23Gb quota to play with...
  13. Mastah

    2009 - My film year in review

    Yes. Mostly I don't get Michael Mann's choice to shoot on DV. It works on movies like Collateral and Miami Vice, when the 'urban cool' look is justified. But to portray the 1930's? You really need the warmth of 35mm for that.
  14. Mastah

    Iron Man 2 Trailer

    + eleventy billion And I haven't even watched the trailer. Fucken wicked. :D -A- + one And you haven't even mentioned the Black Widow.
  15. I'm glad it's not turning out to be another Abyss. Looks like we have another Aliens on our hands.