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  1. C|sco

    Pets and animals

    pic is a few years old but he hasn't changed... my boy at work... am down to one dog (from no less than 3 and up to 6 for the past 5-6yrs) and as much as i miss the ones that have moved on or gone, it's so nice to only have one to worry about!!
  2. C|sco

    The Atomicans Discord

    AD, would love to actually meet you guys and catch up! have shifted in to a place with a bloke i know through dog events, he has 3 of his own... so fingers crossed this place is a bit more of a long-term thing....
  3. C|sco

    The Atomicans Discord

    still in canberra for now, was staying at EPIC (exhibition park in canberra) caravan park when i first got here - found a dog friendly share house, moved in the day before EPIC closed for christmas/summernats, had been here less than a week and the landlord terminated the lease ? so all of us have to be out again by wednesday arvo ? the other housemates managed to find a place that will suit them, but it is not pet friendly ? so the muttley and i are shifting in with a mate...
  4. C|sco

    The Atomicans Discord

    not sure i'd use something like that on my phone.... perhaps when i've moved house (again, fuggit >_< ) and have my laptop set up once more i'll try the browser version....
  5. C|sco

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    all the nights i spent on IRC, back before i even knew what a forum was, or that Atomic had one, and that there was even a magazine.... lol so many memories from my time in melbourne, which only happened because of Atomic... still owe a lot to a lot of people, who i will likely never get the chance to repay... forever grateful, though!
  6. C|sco

    What's on your mind?

    sitting at work on my second last shift before i change jobs again... it's raining - probably not quite hard enough to justify sitting in my car - but sitting in my car i am, because i am not getting wet for the hell of it when i'm only a bit over an hour into my shift... ? ~6hrs to go....
  7. C|sco

    The one that got away

    asexual and aromantic(?) yeah, i don't use dating apps etc, and don't plan on ever looking for anyone.... i'm pissed at myself for letting myself be so into this one >_<
  8. C|sco

    The one that got away

    i'll probably never try again ? it's been a damn long time since i've been in a relationship... and while i've kinda liked a few people since, they were either off limits from the get-go, or if i didn't know and found the courage to ask, said a polite "no thanks".... i've never really been interested in sex so i've never really gone chasing anyone because i just don't expect anyone to stay with me when they find out i really don't want to fuck them (and it's not them, it's me).... but i found someone that i really did like, and was very much attracted to, and would have been willing to try the whole sex thing with.... i saw them nearly every day at work, and it was all smiles and jokes and a good time... i asked if they wanted to hang out one weekend, as friends, seeing as neither of us had much of a life where we were.... we spent an afternoon together and both enjoyed it.... so naturally i try to tee up an another afternoon.... the response was "it's a definite possibility - i'll get back to you".... and all i got was crickets ? i still saw them at work and it was still all smiles for quite a while and i couldn't bring personal shit up at work but when i tried to outside of work i kept getting crickets.... i asked where i stood and got told friends... and i think i made it pretty clear that i would very much like to be friends.... but still crickets ? they were the best thing in my life for almost a year ? we've both since moved away from where we were and i got a message stating not to contact them again :.( so fuck ever giving anyone else the chance to lead me on and make me feel like utter shit ever again - it will be a fucking long time before i ever trust anyone with my feelings again, if ever :.(
  9. C|sco

    Where does everybody live these days?

    have been offered a mobile patrol job, alarm responses with a K9 - should be a hell of a lot more fun than where i ended up in sydney! and you, dude ? i guess i just drifted away, some years ago now.... life has this habit of getting in the way of itself ?
  10. C|sco

    Very unwell family

    shit, have only just seen this ? sorry to hear it ? sometimes all you can do is just to "be there" - sending good thoughts for you and your family!
  11. C|sco

    Where does everybody live these days?

    geez, i don't even know how to answer this poll... when i first stumbled across atomic, i was a kid in townsville... i went from there to melbourne, back to townsville, down to brisbane, townsville again, brisbane again, townsville once more... have been in sydney for a few months since early june, but will be moving to canberra end of next week.... it would be awesome to catch up with some atomicans again! but my schedule has not allowed for this thing called a social life, that i hear others talking about... i will be getting a permanent roster in canberra though, so perhaps a small meet up (there, or in sydney) could be on the cards....?
  12. C|sco

    damn, it's been a while...

    *waves* back....hai everybody.... hai.... i have no idea what my post count was back in the old days lol.... and i don't think the rep system had been implemented before i wandered off.... but yes, AD, i do still have that chainmaille shirt ?
  13. C|sco

    damn, it's been a while...

    yeahhhhhh, it's been a damn long time.... i have Nich to thank for letting me know that my account even still existed, and helping me reset things to re-gain access... i owe a shitload to many atomicans, that i never really got a chance to thank properly for helping me out... i was just socially oblivious back then lol... and i'm pretty sure an update that cause problems with characters in names kinda screwed things up for me at a time that i was already kinda drifting off in another direction, and one day i just didn't come back...
  14. and there are still a lot of names around that i recognise, along with a lot that i don't.... Hai.... *waves*