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  1. It can't be that hard to get a decent design into a working retail product can it??? Now we're getting it there with the 'extended' netbook idea. And about time too... Very nice and I want one...to start with.... Please Mr BenQ. :-) Go here for the BenQ advertisement. Very humorous it is too, in an off beat way. ;-p http://www.benq.com/microsites/lookingreat/BenQ_nScreen.htm Gizmodo oz, http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2009/05/benq_nsc...your_nanna.html cnet oz, http://www.cnet.com.au/benq-nscreen-i91-339296442.htm
  2. pekkahead

    Antivirus for Vista x64 plz.

    Comodo firewall and av. Free and paid versions available here, http://www.comodo.com/
  3. Form your own opinions, but this is for the man himself. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8084481.stm Thank you very much for all the joy you have given us al mate. :-) R.I.P David
  4. Sad but true.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8082365.stm ---------------------- I'm of the old school, the new crowd don't buzz me nearly as much as the old school does. A rhetorical question... But, who takes over from her as the queen of the blues??? ----------------------- R.I.P Koko. :-( also here, http://www.kokotaylor.com/news.html
  5. pekkahead

    BenQ nScreen - $899 oz bux

    You didn't like the price of that Asus <Actually, nor did I, but hey.> . Now this one's $400 cheaper. And you're 'STILL' not impressed O_O Yep! That's right it's...."FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER", got a faster processor, looks better and probably tastes better too m8.... Unfortunately, no one has as yet created a benchie for the taste test, so we'll pass on that one ;-p And the best you can do is compare the Sempie against a later cpu than what's in that Asus machine... Tant, really m8!!! :-) edit, Spukkin Fellin Erras
  6. pekkahead

    Are we living in the last days?

    - Are we living in the last days? - Days/time = duration. It does not signify the end of Human life per se' And if we are... Does it really matter???
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    PC RPG Mods

    Kung Fu Hung-Su, re: artistpavels Stalker mod.... I didn't even know about that mod, what a stunner O_O Thank you very much for the link. I greatly appreciate it. :-) edit >------------------ Further to the above, I've got it and I've patched it, and it's absolutely full of WIN101!! This is a terrific mod. An absolutely stunning treatment of the Stalker game. It turns it into an almost, new game. Fabulous stuff here guys. If GSC had brought Stalker out like this, they would have owned the world. :-)
  8. pekkahead

    New Stalker Cleasr Sky patch v1.5.09 29 Apr 09

    They say it has increased game stability too... So with that in mind, and as I haven't played this game for over 11months or finished it. I thought I would give it a go. It was installed and patched about 2pm today, and I played for just over 6 hrs straight. In that time I never had a crash, ctd, lockup or anything like what used to happen. So it's a winner for me. :-) edit.... But it still head shots the vid card something chronic.... ;-p
  9. pekkahead

    Crazy fun times at the goodna bus station...

    So you just pulled away?? Is that it..... ;-p
  10. pekkahead

    Using a 64-bit OS? Tell us here!

    Windows 7 RC <x64>. Simply so that I can get ahead with the learning curve that's required when I get the new OS. And for a RC, the OS works really well too.
  11. pekkahead

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

    Check this out, it's translated to <a form of> English. So it's quaint to read. But check the pictures. There's sure some Stalker love flowing along nicely in those pix. :-) I just hope you can explore more areas in this release than you could in the others. http://translate.google.es/translate?u=htt...es&ie=UTF-8 Edit... I forgot the link...DOH!!! ;-p Oh yeah... And found this, 210mb. Taken by a 3rd party, shot from the side of an lcd. It's a little rough around the edges, but it gives an idea of what it's like. http://static.ogl.ru/video/00/00/42/40/sta...09_gameplay.avi
  12. Easily portable as all hell, plus a screen size oft 15.4", I'd like to have one. Plu, add an external dvd and be cooking really well. here's the link... http://techgage.com/article/asus_eeetop_pc...touchscreen_pc/ Read and enjoy. ;-p
  13. pekkahead

    What games are W7 compatible?

    Kung Fu Hung-Su, How did you get Gothic 3 to run?. All I get is black screen, even when compatability mode is set to XP (sp3). I've patched it to the latest/last<?> company patch, plus the community patch 1.70 and the community update patch1.71. Thanks. :)
  14. pekkahead

    What games are W7 compatible?

    I copied my Guild Wars folder over from XPH and had a few probs trying to get the GW.exe to run. But when I chose to run it in 'XP (SP3) compatability mode, it ran first time. No probs so far, and it's been about 20 mins since start time. Quite happy now.... Thank you. :)
  15. pekkahead

    What games are W7 compatible?

    I'm running the 64bit windows 7 RC, and there's 2gigs 667 ram. Stalker modded to 'The Priboi Story' works fine, I still get ctd's, but that's a given with Stalker. When running or walking in game, I can do a quick save, and it hardly affects the game play at all. There's just a blink in the movement, and it's saved. Also in the bar, where the radio is playing, I can take a screen shot, and there's almost no discernible break in the audio stream when doing so. <The first time I took a screenie I saved and exited to check if it 'DID' take the shot, and it had.> It's that quick O_O Under XPP and XPH both of the above stopped game play for a while. ------------------- So it appears that freeing up more ram for the user is really making a difference . :-)
  16. pekkahead

    HTC Touch Pro 2

    Welcome binkie, Where's the linkie? ;-p
  17. pekkahead

    F.E.A.R. is the best game I have ever played.

    If you're going to play Stalker, patch it to 1.0005 as 1.0006 is a multi player patch. It will ctd on you, that's the major gripe about SSoC. Play it through, a couple of times or so, without any mods first. Then mod it with The Priboi Story 1.1 and/or Oblivion Lost 2.2. The Priboi Story is the only major game change mod out there for SSoC. You play a mil officer in Priboi and it's a very good twist to the game too. Plus there's an RPG element to it too. You have to find documents hidden throughout the game...there is a pdf walkthrough if you're that way inclined. ;-p An off shoot of modding SSoC with Priboi, is that it doesn't ctd as much. When I first played Priboi, I played it for 2 or 3 days before I had a ctd....amazed me completely O_O Another good mod for SSoC is Faction Wars. You know it's working, when in Cordon <the start area>, you meet stalkers carrying Nato weaponry and see Duty guys running around too. Be careful who you shoot when using that mod, as it costs you 40k if you want to buy back favour with that particular faction. Have fun. ;-p
  18. pekkahead

    Driving games for my G25.

    I've been looking for a decent driving experience as well. So thank you both very much for saving me from unsatisfying driving games. cheers guys. :-)
  19. pekkahead

    What do you need to do to improve yourself?

    Absolutely nothing... It's only external entities that want me to change, so they can have me fit into their prescribed outlook and thus feel comfortable . farchem!! ;-p
  20. pekkahead

    ASUS EeeTop PC ET1602 Touchscreen PC

    I had a look for some infos yesterday, but I didn't find a great deal. But I just scabbed a link from ocau and found this from it. ---------- It has a nice face, but it's a damn shame about the legs... http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/review/64...p-ae1900-review
  21. Considering the case is solely about business practices.. I think it's about time too. Hit 'em hard and hit 'em in the wallet, then you stand a chance of minimising this type of behaviour. With respect to M$ fines, the majority have been in the US and in the vicinity of US, $25 million. It's continually amazed me that the US judiciary were always being lenient towards M$. For a global corporation of that magnitude, US $25 mill 'IS' just pin money or a little more than that.
  22. Can someone tell me what size the d/l is pls. If it's a double figure d/l, I might have to wait and d/l it at the end of the month and into the new month. thank you. :-) ---------------- edit... Don't worry about it... I'm d/l'ing (the 64bit version) now and it's estimated to take 5.5 hrs... So that's not such a biggie after all. cheers guys. :-) -------------------------- Well I'm up and running, locked and loaded, dammit, this is nice. All I need now is a few drivers and a firewall and I will be one happy puppy. :-) see you doods ;-p
  23. pekkahead

    Pirate Bay Founder Devises DDo$ Attack

    "For what it's worth, I've studied a diploma in law. " So have I, but I think a diploma in Medicine looks better...... ;-p
  24. pekkahead

    The 67 Most Influential Films Ever Made

    yup! I meant that one..... ;-p
  25. pekkahead

    The 67 Most Influential Films Ever Made

    I read all of them, some I sort of disagreed with, but I really couldn't fault them. I would have thought that the George Lucas movie, Dual would have got a place, hell it's original enough. Also it bugged me when I realised that I have seen about 70% of those movies. An extremely enjoyable link. Thank you. :-)