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    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Clear Sky

    Yeah those forums, that bug report thread is a sad case. Yesterday arvo it was 16 pages and not a very happy place or a real nice read either :( My earlier post has vanished, so I'm not going to hammer the lurid details again. But suffice to say, it's a bloody shame, it really is. Now I'm mainly playing SSoC modded with the Priboi Story, but I'm still running with SCS as I really enjoy the approach that they have put on it. And I'm almost a rabid dog of a fan for that world environment, it's bloody lovely....that's what keeps me going, that bloody environment ;p
  2. pekkahead

    Totaly Radical Change V3.

    Who thought of this silliness, this contrasty scheme O_O And yeah, darker grey WOULD help the eye sight of the forum users...ENORMOUSLY! The same grey as the surround of this what ever it's called, that you write into... I really love the dark theme, but oohhboyy to the contrast ratio ><