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    Logitech MOMO on special @ DSE - $50

    Yep, Dick Smith Electronics. $50 oz bux will get you a set, if they still have 'em ;-p Got mine yesterday.... Now all I need is a racing sim to plug it into. Varooom, Varooom... ;-p edit*/I an unable to find a link on the dse home site for this. So I guess it may only be an individual in store special. :-( But for the curious, this is what it looks like... http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/p...20&cl=us,en
  2. pekkahead

    Logitech MOMO on special @ DSE - $50

    A mate got mine for me from dse @ 4720
  3. pekkahead

    3drealms shut down?

    Thirteen years and another 5 mil. That has to be the best quote of the millenia.
  4. Don't forget that guns were created solely for the purpose of killing people. Not for sport shooting or hunting etc, these thing came after that.
  5. I don't know about this "....if.....", concept. Maybe it's just Telstra, but it's already happening.. O_O About a week back I hit 4 links that came up as blank pages, and in the top left hand corner was....'Unacceptable content'. Gob smacked me completely....sigh.
  6. pekkahead

    PC RPG Mods

    Cybes, Just drop it into your data folder, and if you're using FOMM, activate it through that. Otherwise activate it when you start the game. The only oddity I have with it, is that the trees look just a little too lush for the post apoc environment. Too many leaves, maybe 50 % less leaves would be better, but other than that ,yeah, it's a really nice mod. It goes really well with the Fellout mod, which gets rid of that standard greenish earth colour for a browner one.
  7. pekkahead

    Fallout 3

    Don't use VAT, learn to shoot straight and keep moving, makes the game more enjoyable.
  8. "Able to play Game of high graphic quality and <lag> etc.." I hope you really don't mean that. Because nearly any 3d game on a lappy will give you the three letter word, easily too. Plus, I'd like to watch hore racing too.... ;-p
  9. pekkahead

    ASUS EeeTop PC ET1602 Touchscreen PC

    lunchy, This little Asus EeeTop, has cool and style written all over it. Some hacked together 'box' with screen and overlay <no matter how good it looks>, just doesn't cut it m8. ;-p
  10. k-lite pack....nice find. I never thought that it would be available for linux. thank you. :-)
  11. pekkahead

    ASUS EeeTop PC ET1602 Touchscreen PC

    Not wrong, especially as the buck has grandly died in the butt lately....
  12. pekkahead

    Post some photos of your room

    KotM, Nice to see a real room for a change, stuff all those ones that look like they're home beautiful wannabes. thanks for the viewing m8. I voted for you... :-)
  13. A FO3 spin off and it's looking like it's a real happening thang.. http://www.shacknews.com/featuredarticle.x?id=1113 release date 2010. Roll on 2010. :-)
  14. pekkahead

    PC RPGs

    How about something relatively easy to come to grips with, plus it's graphically nice to look at <pretty?> Dungeon Siege <gas powered games/microsoft> Don't buy DS , buy the expansion for it called Legends of Arrana<sp> as it contains DS 1 as well. Then get DS 2 and have more fun. DS 2 is a little more involved than DS 1, but it's nothing of the calibre of BG1 or Planescape etc. The DS games aren't 'deep' games, they're just enjoyable, good fun types of RPG's.
  15. Yep, I know... I've been toolin around youtube again...sigh. But on the bright side I found this little pearler. Words just don't cut it... Unfortunately it's only 48 seconds duration... O_O http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyisg9-Mwjw...feature=related Now do it in your flight sim. ;-p
  16. pekkahead

    A Hind, flying only by its tail prop.

    The main rotor has a huge amount of up turn on it, so it's descending, not flying. And I think you mean 'under a strobe light' too. ;-)
  17. pekkahead

    Which game?

    On the PC, I've Only played Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory... I really did enjoy it, especially the stealth aspect of that game. But I have been told that the previous title, Pandora Tomorrow, was a far better game. Never played it so I can't really say any more about it.
  18. pekkahead

    Firefox Theme Suggestions...

    I know it isn't black but, Pimpzilla... Accept no less. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1542
  19. I see that it was my misinterpretation of the process that caused my confusion. I took the 38C to be the temp right through the whole process... sigh... ------------------ cheers m8.
  20. pekkahead

    A Fallout 3 MMO....could be.

    I was toolin around the mod sites for Stalker and Fallout 3 stuff when I came upon a link for this little snippet of info. So I immediately clicked it... What else would you do? :) There's not much info about the game... But there's enough....to fuel lustful desires of the wasteland. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/58012 If you click on the picture and then check out the bottom right hand corner of the picture you will see an ad for Nuka Cola. ----------------------------- Damn it! This is too interesting..... http://www.destructoid.com/interplay-s-web...mo-104812.phtml from nov 6 2008. With respect to the actual appearance of an FO 3 MMO. Devious intentions? http://www.mmorpg.com/blogs.cfm?isapi_rewr...cp=1&bhjs=0 ----------------------------- A nice read here, but the comments hold the info http://www.r1ft.com/mmo/fallout-and-interp...months-to-live/ Linked from r1ft above, MW comment has link. This makes for some interesting reading. Masthead are currently working on a post apoc MMO already. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Interplay-an...s-14836944.html pls, pls, pls :) ----------------------------- Is it too much to hope for...? Personally I don't think so. The sparse, post apocalyptic FO3 environment just lends itself to an MMO. Imagine a party of heroes, honkies or hound humpers, rocking out into the wastelands......steel undies all around! ;-p Plus it wouldn't take too much effort to convert those large city blocks into urban sweat hole bases or fight zones. And if they can keep that wonderful FO3 atmosphere... swoon faint. :) To hell with it man..... I'm so there, and with bells and whistles. :)
  21. Ath, very interesting m8. And very exciting and inspirational too. Any more of this, and I could see myself getting a roll film camera. :) But, 38c... Why so hot? ty m8.
  22. pekkahead

    Microsoft Fights Back

    How cool is that? She drives a VeeDub.... To hell with the ad for a $700, 17" HP lappy. Sponsored by M$ I lolled. ;-p
  23. pekkahead

    HELP! Stalker Clear Skies

    Rads and meds and sit it out. Or else get a mod that reduces the severity of the blowouts. go here, and search the archives too. http://stalker.filefront.com/ ---------------------------------- Always make a hard save after you find a new item, weapon, armour...whatever. That way you know exactly what you're getting when/if you reload that save again.
  24. pekkahead

    The Hunter

    Yep! It's free all glorious 400mb of it. And it's relatively new too. For free, all you can hunt is deer, if you pay, then there are other beasties unlocked for your scoping joy. But see if it suits you first...stating the obvious, but hey :) Stealth is the order of the day with this one. Deer are skittish from quite a ways off :/ And, atm, it's single player and walking only. Check out the piccies, it's a lovely world to be in. And take a peek at the vid too :) --------------- When d/l'ing... The torrent mode slows right off towards the end of the d/l But you can switch from the torrent mode to direct download mode via the emote client Doing this restarts the d/l in http<?> mode. Under 'file' click 'toggle direct download'. -------------- So without any further ado... http://www.thehunter.com/pub/ sign up and get into it! Once you have made your acc't and d/l'd the game. From your acc't page and under the heading 'the hunt', click go hunting. At the next page and to play the game, click 'Go Hunting', the cross hairs option. You can set the time of day to hunt, recommended time is 6am. You can also choose the start point. The North Island start point has a lot of hunting towers around the place. So I guess there's more deer up there than down at the southern one. ---------------- It's all linked back to the main site so that scores can be collated, yep, it's a leader board thing. If you don't do a clean kill you will be told off. The premise is real hunting, heart and lung as opposed to head shots. This is hunting not war, they don't shoot back. ---------------- This will help if you find the Hunter site help a bit confusing, http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=765243 have fun. ;-p
  25. pekkahead

    Family Court sets a precedent

    yosemite, Don't worry about the never ending pawn game. People that don't deal with their own probs will always make mileage out of others probs. ces't la vie