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    Family Court sets a precedent

    Piss off TS.... ---------- Yeah it's about time too. Women have been getting a good deal from the judiciary for years. TY for the judge. I just hope that the losers/other fukkers, don't get a support appeal. Shit that would be just so bad. :)
  2. pekkahead

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Oh yeah. I just put my latest acquisition on... Sugarland - Enjoy the ride. mercury records 1765096 Nice stuff/shit...etc Grab a listen
  3. pekkahead

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Experience Hendrix - The Best of the Jimi Hendrix Experience MCAD-11671 Fuck I HATE digitizing!! But hell... viva la Hendrix <3 cu doods ;-p
  4. pekkahead

    The Hunter

    I read through all the thread in the ocau link in the op. Apols m8, but I didn't know this. -------------------- At the bottom of page 9 of that ocau link, the advice is to change from torrent to http<?> I've rewritten it and added it to the op. -------------------- When d/l'ing... The torrent mode slows right off towards the end of the d/l But you can switch from the torrent mode to direct download mode via the emote client Doing this restarts the d/l in http mode. Under 'file' click 'toggle direct download'. --------------------
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    FileFront - Closing down?

    So much for an April Fools day joke , bah. But still, All the Stalker files have gone... So I guess it's the same for the rest of em too. bye, bye files.....
  6. pekkahead

    The Hunter

    It's a free game, but if you pay, it opens up more huntable animals. It's totally a stealth game...crouch and go slow. Presently there isn't any predator types in the game.
  7. pekkahead

    The Hunter

    Yeah, it is quite a, for lack of a better word, pretty world. It has day and night, plus the clouds drift across the sun and darken the scene, quite nice.... But not when you're trying to shoot a dark brown deer against a dark brownish background. I though my vid card was playing up when it darkened. ;-p
  8. If you like gaming on a lappy, then yes, the 512mb would make a difference, and depending upon game settings used, possibly a big difference too. Also about your old lappy, have you tried cleaning the battery connection points, on the lappy as well as on the battery??? I'm guessing that this oddness only happens when powered by batt and not mains.
  9. pekkahead

    Photo's of my bike

    No3 looks like it needs a bit of yellow added to it to take away the bluish tinge. Also, I like No3 for the LED writing and the blurry form behind it.....very emotive. I know it's about the bike n all, but it's also all of the image, not just the section that takes your <the makers> interest. Well done, nice pix m8. :)
  10. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    I don't know when this was released as I only found out about it a few mins ago. And damn it! It's 9.20 not 9.22, that's the beta for next release.... Apols for the error...sigh. --------- As the sub title says... X-plane runs on Linux, Mac and Windoze. Plus, It now almost 70Gb, that's approx 10Gb up from 8.3<?>. Have a read of the 'New Stuff for 9.20', god it's interesting stuff. And if you can, could you please explain, in a few words, what this means 'flow-field visualization'??...ty See piccy...you cannot miss it. It's big and colourful baby...lol ;-p -------------------- OK, Go here to read about the changes... And to go flying on an iPod touch. http://x-plane.com/ Go here for the Demo/update for 9.22... http://x-plane.com/demo.html Go here to purchase it... http://x-plane.com/order.html --------------- community site... http://www.x-plane.org/ enjoy it guys.
  11. I was looking for a Bo 105 for the x-plane flight sim, and I came across this delightful 8 min vid. It's only delightful because I'm not the reporter in the chopper, poor sod. ;-p German language only. Such an amazingly acrobatic little chopper... http://vidslib.com/index.php?view=2951917 */edit...I forgot to include the linko goody. sigh... :-p
  12. pekkahead

    Bo 105...smallish helicopter....amazing vid O-O

    Yeah, it's whack with a capitol "W"... lol But the little mother drops almost vertically and pulls out... O_O -------------- If that had of been me in there, I'd been looking for the barf bag/bags as soon as it started to take off backwards. 'puke'
  13. pekkahead

    Got a cool setup?

    My place... There was a very big...no...BLOODY BIG!! cleanup about 4 weeks ago... So it's relatively a clean house now. Well actually...all the crap was moved from off the floor to somewhere else. ;-) All shots taken with an old Kodak dx6490, hand held and with available light (no flash)....so they're a little soft. http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/dille...oknbackwall.jpg http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/dille...e_was_couch.jpg http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y93/dille...ookndeskNtv.jpg Nuff said??? ;-p
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    FileFront - Closing down?

    I just found out about it now! ty gee, that's bad... I wonder where all the stuff will reside now?? All my bookmarks... useless..... *sad face.
  15. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    I don't know who the local distributor is... But if you buy it locally, you will pay a lot more for it. Plus 9.22 has just been released and the local would be a lot earlier than that. Get it from the home site for a special offer of US $39 plus freight and handling.. That ought to save you around $60 or more for the whole box and dice setup. ------------ For planes have a look see here.... community site... http://www.x-plane.org/ and here, under aircraft. http://x-plane.com/xworld.html
  16. pekkahead

    The Big Takeover

    And I thought the Stone had lost it years ago. Thanks for the post and link m8. :) After reading all that, I'm left with the feeling that it sure looks like a cancerous blueprint to destroy America. No other nation but itself, is capable of destroying the USA, none at all. :/
  17. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    A couple of years back I saw version 8<something> of this sim for around 120 OZ bux. So a little while back I thought damn it, and I ordered this sim and it's not bad value either. When you consider that you are getting it for 3 Os's, Linux, Mac and Windows It comprises 6 double sided dvd's which include the sim, plus the entire worlds surface for....US $39 Plus US $12.71 freight/postage etc...1 to 6 weeks delivery. All up US $51.71 Now that has to be the best realistic flight sim deal of the decade! :-)
  18. pekkahead

    UK Content reproduced in Atomic

    You can't argue against Logic and Rationale backed up by Plausibility. Oh yeah, and a minute sprinkling of emotional condescension....sigh. Green Room discussions are that way ------> I'm surprised you haven't locked this max..... ;-p
  19. pekkahead

    Best War Movie

    The Long Days dying. I saw this at the drive in 41 years ago, an exceptional movie. So totally different in it's view, possibly the best anti-war movie ever. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063237/ ---------------------------
  20. pekkahead

    PMP Screen Damage can it be fixed?

    As it's very good for removing small and/or light scratches on cd's and dvd's you could try brasso on it. If you use it on cd's and dvd's don't get it on the printed surface, it will remove the print. To clean up after using it, just wash under running water. As it's so fine a medium, it will take a while to clear scratches. It wont remove heavy scratches...just live with them. When you use it, do use a good quality paper towel to do it with. Cheap paper toweling uses harsher materials which may scratch the surface when used. You will know when you need to put more Brasso onto the paper because it will start to drag through lack of liquid. It gets absorbed into the paper. Apply the brasso in a smallish circular fashion, circles about the size of a 5cent to 10cent piece. Happy sanding. ;-p */edit spukkin felling erras.
  21. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    If you buy the full game, the 70Gb is the entire world to fly in. And I believe it's photo realistic scenery too. I think you can still buy a reduced map version, and that's the area they allocate to you according to where you ordered from/live...sorta thing ;-p When I last looked at it for Australia, the area covered, was from Russia down. So I don't think that's too small an area in itself either :) --------------- ms fs isn't a bad little sim to loose some hours tooling around in either. Nor is the open source sim FlightGear. It doesn't have all the eye candy and bling of ms, but the lack of cost is enticing. http://www.flightgear.org/ cheers :-)
  22. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    There's no comparison.... x-plane 'IS' a flight sim. http://x-plane.com/about.html and.... http://www.x-plane.org/ --------- ms fsx is a pretty game about flight simulation. -------------
  23. Hey you rabid Stalker bunnies out there, listen up y'all. I just found out about this on filefront , here... http://stalker.filefront.com/news/STALKER_..._for_free;41712 and it links to the original news breaker here... http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/03/03...eased-for-free/ now go here for the download...all 1.2gb of it. http://gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&...16&offset=0 I hope it runs better than Age of Conan did at release. ;-p check out the screenies in the GSC link. Damn it! Now I have to reinstall S-SoC again and mod it to Priboi 1.1 oh well...
  24. pekkahead

    x-plane - new release 9.22

    Ah, good. Thank you. :-)
  25. pekkahead

    Kogan's New Netbook

    It's about time that some one put an attractive distro onto a lil lappy. And it has a 10.1" screen too :) Plus, the other machine is only forty bucks extra for a bt module, 2gb ram and a 6 cell batt.... So get up the other companies that are ripping you off for those things.. Nice one Kogan. :-)